Monday, 23 November 2009

A Bit of Food and Chat.

Goodness, wasn't that a stormy weekend? We had the works: rain, winds and sunshine too. Today is yet another wet day with skies so dark that the photos I took from Pendennis Point this morning have a strange quality, almost like paintings captured behind the glass of a frame rather than that of a lens.

I quite like the effect, though the murkiness of this one showing the need for St
Anthony's Lighthouse to gleam dully through the sheet rain gives some idea of how wild it is out there.

Despite the weather the weekend was busy with friends visiting and endless cups of tea being served. Isabella anounced she wanted to make a cake and we chose carrot as there seemed to be rather a copious amount of the orangey roots lurking about. She weighed and grated and mixed so well, I am beginning to think this little three year old has a natural knack for cooking, though maybe I am leaping ahead somewhat.

Her apron is so worn out now that an idea for a Christmas present of a cookery set consisting of cutters, tiny wooden spoon and measuring spoons - she loves using these - all wrapped together in a brand new apron, made by her Mama of course, came to mind. I made both Lucy and Isabella's original aprons about two or three Christmasses ago and am so pleased they have almost disintegrated from overuse!

In the meantime, Mr Davey made the Christmas Pudding on stir-up Sunday. We both like to do this and so take it in turns; this year was Dave's and he worked to his own recipe for a gorgeous, rich and boozily moist Figgy Pudding made with our own figs preserved in sugar earlier this year.

We phoned all the children who weren't here so that they could make their wishes while we phoned (though we are still trying to get hold of one of the seven!).

Golly, this is a food-heavy post (just for a change), but food is something very important to us as a family. The chance to cook together or chat around the table is something Dave and I really enjoy, always eating with the children unless there really is something that stops it. I hope this will pass on to the youngest three the nurturing side of sharing food and they will have the same fond memories of these mealtimes that the older children have, often coming out with funny stories of things that happened long, long ago now at meals which have long passed into the realms of time. I know it sounds cliched to say, but surely that is what it's all about, this often hard, often exhausting and frequently worrying thing of being a parent? Well, that's what I think anyway, though don't quote me when tiredness turns me into a screeching harridan of course! Note those shadows under my bleary eyes in the picture below...says it all I think, don't you!

On that note I must be off to work and stop frittering the time away. Bit tired and unfocused, but sure it will all come together int he end. I will leave you with a final boat picture

or two and an apology for my haphazard rambling of today.

Have a good Monday x


  1. I love a bit of food and a chat. I was thinking about making a carrot cake for next weekend and your picture of carrot cake has spurred me on to want to make it even more! The Christmas pud sounds absolutely wonderful with the addition of home grown figs too! x

  2. What a lovely baking weekend you have had, it's the only thing to do really when the weather turns this yucky!!

    The warmth of the kitchen and the lovely smells coming from the oven, it's what family life should be about.

    Sue xx

  3. I think eating together as a family is such an important thing. Tyrant that I am, I have always insisted that all eating is done at a table with a plate - and I get very cross with the Head Chef when I see him standing up eating his breakfast muesli, and tell him it can't possibly do him any good at all! We put the kitchen in the biggest room in the house, and we have a big table, and sofa, so it really is the centre of everything - I think the children then learn to cook and appreciate food by seeing it produced in front of them, rather than by someone shut away sweating in a little galley. The kitchen also the warmest room, which must help, too!

    Oh dear, bit of a Monday rant there - you can tell I am at work and should be doing something else!

    Pomona x

  4. Hiya Pipany,

    I'm ever so slowly trying to catch up - it looks liek you had a wonderful foody weekend with carror cake and Christmas Pud, you are so very good.

    Hope the girls feel better and the weather improved?? I've just had to race outside and put an umbrella over the washing - I'm not holding out much hope that it will stay put!

    Have a lovely day and hope you get some rest soon. Cucumber slices or cold camomile teabags straight from the fridge are good for tired eyes.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  5. Just catching up with some posts I missed (work is getting in the way of blogging at the moment!)

    You are so right Pipany about eating together as a family - we always sat down for meals at the table and discussed our day when we were children but sadly it seems to be a thing of the past now for a lot of families. Time is such a valuable commodity.

    Weather is awful here too and one of our lovely hurdle fences fell down and almost blew away in the strong winds!

    Lovely cakes and photos - as always its a visual feast visiting your blog.

    Jeanne x

  6. I love the photo of Isabella baking and think she will love her present of a new apron and cooking utensils. What a sweet idea. I have to thank you for the picture of St Anthony Head lighthouse. I sit on the beach during our holiday and count how many seconds the light flashes and then count how many seconds until it's visible again. I call it 'my lighthouse' and your picture today has made me feel quite emotional. Hopefully, I'll be on my beach next August once again, counting the flashes.


  7. For an american who enjoys reading your blog. Would you mind doing a post explaining the Christmas pudding stirup and wishes with maybe a recipe?

  8. Your photos are so evocative Pipany I can almost smell the sea and seaweed and again feel the warmth and smell the cooking of that cake! Lovely post as alwasy. I hope your daughter continues to enjoy cooking mine used to love helping in the kitchen and inventing recipes when she was a little girl but seems to exist on soup now!! I live in hope that she will come back to some wholesome home cooking one day.

    Jane x

  9. That carrot cake looks totally moreish!!!!!!!!! x

  10. Hello Pipany, I do love the way you talk about your family, and your ways and traditions, it's so heart warming. You look great by the way, and for a Mum of seven Amazing!
    Bertie x

  11. Lovely, as ever - felt like I was sat at your table, eating that yummy looking cake and drinking tea. Boy! Those girls are growing up - you have a wonderful family, Pip, and I know those memories you are making will be treasured.xx

  12. Love the picture of the wild sea & st anthonys lighthouse,wish i was there in my waterproofs getting rosey cheeks!! x

  13. I love your ramblings and come to your blog today knowing however inhospitable it is outside your kitchen will be warm and welcoming. You can't imagine how i wish I lived nearer so I could pop in for tea and cakes!

  14. Wow what fantastically dramatic photos - one day I'll make it to Cornwall in winter to watch the waves pound in.

    I did make it to church for choir for Stir up sunday (which I discovered yesterday is all about a prayer and not spoons and wishes - crikey did I feel a prune!). No one here likes chritmas pud though so we sort of missed that bit out - your family's celebration sounds lovely.

    Hope this week isn't quite so wild for you.

  15. Lovely post as usual and great photos. I would love to see the stormy sea.

  16. Oooh yes there's nothing like apron/spoon/bowl set as a GREAT pressie for little girls who like to bake. I did a couple last year ( I don't know how you manage to get so much done! xx

  17. Certainly looks wild down there. I love going out in that when there's a cosy home to get back to - and the cake, of course!!

    Kate x

  18. It would be a good idea for you to sell little girl's aprons with a few small wooden spoons/spatulas or whatever. I'm sure they'd go down a 'treat'.

  19. Hello, Pipany! Many thanks for the support comments and thoughts you left for me at my blog--truly appreciated! I recall having been here once before, but that was a while ago... Very glad to find again you and your beautiful place here in blogland. A baking weekend... I had one of those last weekend--such fun! :o)

  20. hi Pip,
    without out a doubt you are inspiring all your children... you inspire me too!
    i love that Isabella's apron has worn out from use... i suspect she will be making the full Christmas dinner by the time she is 10 (or maybe even before that?!)
    you are an incredible family and i feel so blessed to have met you and been welcomed into your home for chats and the sharing of a meal (actually 2)... scrumptious!
    wishing you a calm and happy week,
    warmest wishes
    ginny xxx