Tuesday, 10 November 2009

River Mist.

I do hope you are not yet bored by my obsession with Penryn River and the way the light varies so creating new palettes of colour, new visions of the boats moored against the banks? Today the early mist hovered giving shrouded views in much the same manner as that of a lady's face through a veil.

Blurred edges where banks meet water, trees meet sea for this is a tidal river fed by the waters flowing into the River Fal from the ocean beyond.

Delicate patterns like ink dropped into water, the velvety droplets left to disperse with the current

Soft; shrouded; hidden; veiled ... evocative imagery of something concealed and therefore also something to be revealed. Layers to uncover as in the best gothic tales

and yet no ripples show on this calm surface.

Just tranquility.

I hope your day is tranquil too x


  1. All breathe in - and aaah! I can almost taste that wonderful fresh air. What stunning photographs, so atmospheric! Enjoy your day.


  2. Hello Pipany, quite simply beautiful.
    Bertie x

  3. As Kate says "stunning photos". I can almost feel the dampness and smell the air! If ever you tire of sewing you could take up photography as a way to make a living. Cards using your photos would seel I am sure!


  4. You have such wonderful light down in Cornwall, even at this time of year - no wonder you continue to take photos of such beautiful scenes.

    Pomona x

  5. I can never get bored with Penryn River or Cornwall! Lovely photos Pipany - I really like the one where the ripples in the water look as if they've been drawn by some unseen hand - beautiful!

    Jeanne x

  6. Beautiful, beautiful pictures and wonderful words Pipnay.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  7. Just beautiful these photos and the descriptions too.

  8. Pipany, please do continue to take that camera along with you when you go to the riverside. You are so kind to share those calming views with us.

    Your writing just completes the atmosphere. xo

  9. Gorgeous photos and very evocative words too, just lovely!

    Sue xx

  10. A really poetic post today Pipany. Beautiful pictures to.

  11. I love your pictures of the river and never get bored of them!
    The rivers of South Devon and South Cornwall are, to me, one of the most beautiful sights in the world and remind me of home! x

  12. Love your photos. Penrhyn - must look that up. It seems a big river.

  13. Hi pipany,
    How can you get bored of these lovely pictures,keep them coming!!x

  14. I love the reflection one, I love looking at your photos.

  15. stunning images pip,
    i am afraid that my day has not been tranquil today... more like frantic and i am still working now at this late hour... things will calm down a little next week... just a few more days to work through then i am looking forward to some traquil time too.
    you do live in an amazingly beautiful part of the world.
    warmest wishes
    ginny x

  16. Lovely words and pictures Pipany! Alas I just know that my day is not going to be tranquil, so I shall just have to keep popping back here for a dose of calm! xx