Friday, 27 November 2009


I am SO excited! Tonight I am going to the ballet with my bestest friend, Miss Looby Lou...hurrah! We are off to see the St Petersburg Ballet Theatre perform Giselle and for someone who rarely goes out this is a major cause for excitement. Add to that the sheer beauty, grace and the wonderful ethereal quality of the dance and you can tell I am just about bursting at the very thought!

Be still my beating heart. So how can I fill my hours till then? I could chop some more wood to replace the somewhat damp wood I chopped yesterday.

I could knit some more of this crazy coloured ball of wool which I am making some socks for myself with...yes, I know I said never again, but dave bought the wool and I wanted some socks and my feet are only little (size 4 to be precise).

Mind you, I'm not sure I like the effect so very much. bit like an explosion in a paint facory isn't it? I was hoping for nice neat rows of bright colour as a bit of variation to my usual soft tonal range, but typically it is too random for that. Hey ho, a change is as good and all that.

I could curl up with a slice of the cake I baked yesterday - carrot but with loads of orange zest, chopped walnuts and cinammon this time as I didn't have enough lemons for lemon cake due to the grog Dave had made - and read this wonderful, always inspirational magazine given by the sweetest of ladies. It will be posted off for dear Lauren after as it is her very favourite magazine and is really intended for her.

I will have to work on making one of these for an order to be posted today.

Or I could take a leaf out of Tiger Lily's book and snuggle down under the quilt for a snooze in a pool of warm sunlight. Hmm, yes I agree: fat chance, eh?

Ah well, no doubt plenty will fill my time until the curtain rises....aaahhhh.

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. Oh how wonderful Pipany, I love the ballet, I hope you enjoy every single moment of it.
    Bertie x

  2. have a fabulous time pip... lucky you!
    ginny xxx

  3. Have a wonderful time Pipany and a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  4. How wonderful to be on your way to see Giselle! I also absolutely love ballet.

    Also quite like all those projects you've got underway. And Selvedge, too.

    Please do write us a dance review. xo

  5. How lucky you are, I haven't been to the Ballet in years and Giselle is such a lovely one. Look forward to hearing about it next week x

  6. Have a fabulous time. Look forward to the report!

  7. I love the ballet. Have agreat time.


  8. Have a magical time pipany! x

  9. I love going to the ballet - have a wonderful time Pipany!

    Jeanne x

  10. I have never been to a ballet but would love to go one day. Oh the beauty and the drama!!! x

  11. How was the ballet Pipany ? I am sooo envious. I hope you had a wonderful magical time x

  12. I hope you had a fabulous time, Pipany! I love the ballet and saw the St Petersburg ballet in St P's two years ago - magical!

  13. How was the ballet? I hope you had a wonderful time. Love that colourful wool and the socks are looking fab already. It's funny seeing you getting all wintry while over here we prepare for bush fires and scorching days. Love that pussy cat xo

  14. Hi, Pipany! the favorite ballet! Gosh, I've not been to the ballet in ages, come to think! You will love it... Do get dressed up and have a splash time! Your knitting in progress is lovely...that stripey wool is wonderful. Happy Weekend :o)

  15. Good Sunday morning Pipany: I do hope you enjoyed Giselle. What a lovely evening it must have been.
    Your activities look surprisingly similar to mine these days crafting my lavender sachets, stoking the woodfire after luging wood for it. I miss though the lovely moggy and some children about the house! Happy lead up to Christmas.
    Janet in chilly coastal
    Nova Scotia, Canada

  16. Yay! I'd be excited too! How was it? I love the little "in the garden" pillow.

  17. Sounds brill, I love the ballet, always leaves me wondering 'what if...?'
    I am trying to be brave enough to try knitting some fingerless mitts on three needles, but it all sounds so complicated what with the not having to twist it and all that. I'm bound to twist it. But instead of being all Eeyoreish I should just have a go - I mean, what's the worst that could happen?!
    Lovely blog as usual, Pip. xx