Monday, 2 November 2009

A Bit of a Wooly Post.

So, the half term is over, the Christmas countdown begins, but before I rush headlong into the preparations I want to wave goodbye to the loveliest week's break. Hallowe'en was such fun with friends bringing their two little ones over for an afternoon party with Isabella while the rest of the gang were at the cinema. The littlies made pumpkin lanterns and mini pizzas, raced around and generally had a good time. And then the evening came with this motley crew arriving

not to mention the priest which I was so not happy about. Most creepy he looked, even after several cocktails. Games of apple bobbing, cutting the flour cake and so on were played, and another very fun Hallowe'en was over, decorations packed away till next year.

From now on it gets difficult to blog about any projects we have underway for Christmas as I know some of the family and friends dip into my blog on the odd occasion, so I will have to give peeks of what is afoot rather than anything specific (very frustrating really). Dave has been knitting a little gift with the softest, most beautiful wool - Patons Eco Wool Chunky for those interested to know. The colours are gentle yet not insipid and remind me of moorlands in late autumn with dew covered grass, weather softened granite and the sea in the bakground, all washed by the mist...get the idea? Truly lovely and I want to make myself something to snuggle into with it now.

As for me, heady with the success of the socks (and well done to my dear friend Diana who has also completed her first pair..woohoo!) I moved to safer ground and made dave's Mum a pair of fingerless mittens for her Christmas gift. So quick - two evenings - and so snug to wear, but have you tried photographing yourself in mittens? Not the easiest is it?

I am now part way through something else with yet more gorgeous wool. The colour of this one is not really shown very well in the photo, but it is the exact shade of the blue in the Toast catalogue if that is any help. A beautiful blue with hints of grey and teal. Oh how I would love to have most of the clothes in that catalogue and it is a very rare thing to hear me say that...sigh. Anyhoo, knitting with this wool makes me feel I have created a little of that feel for someone. The make is Patons Pompero and is again gorgeous to work with.

So, a bit of a mish-mash today with amazingly unclear photographs which show litte and are innacurate in colour! Ah well, better next time. Hope you had a good week.

Happy Monday x


  1. love all the yarn you have used. can't wait to see the end result

  2. The mittens look so soft and pretty. I wish I could get the hang of knitting and make a pair too! The blue wool is especially gorgeous.x

  3. Those yarns are lovely - so soft and the muted shades are adorable. Just right for this time of year when the brights of summer give way to the mistier shades of autumn.

    Lovely post

    Jane x

  4. Beautiful wooly colours - love those muted tones. So snuggly I'm tempted to pick up my needles again - better finish the cardi I started 2 years ago first....

  5. Gorgeous photos, you all seem very productive, it's lovely!

    Sue xx

  6. Aaaahhh, so comforting, to see all that knitting, makes me think of log fires, and cups of hot chocolate, curled up on the sofa. Aaaaahhhhh!
    Love the colours you've shown, and your wonderful descriptions of them.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  7. Sounds like you had a fab Halloween - the compnay don't look woolie at all rather scary in a nice way! The Fingerless Mittens are just perfect - you are clever.

  8. The colours of the yarns is beautiful Pipany and remind me of the sea.

    Have a lovely, lovely day

    Nina x

    ps. love the Hallowe'en get up!

  9. Hi, Pips. Yes, need to get back to knitting, got waylaid by curtains. We had a lovely half term, too, isn't it awful when it's over and horrid routine intervenes again.

  10. I had just the same problem trying to photograph my new fingerless numbers last night! I want to put the pattern on my blog, but the end result ended up looking like a bandaged disembodied hand (Head Chef's words, not mine!)

    Pomona x

  11. Love those mittens. The yarns are gorgeous.

  12. Pipany, you certainly had some fine characters over at your place for Halloween! I can hear the laughing all the way over here.

    The knitting is beautiful. I rarely see Paton's yarns in New York, but have used them, remember how beautiful their range was. Good to see the quality's still there.

    Best wishes!

  13. There is always a lovely photograph on your blog that inspires or delights me in some way - your opening pic of the boat on the calm estuary is beautiful, as is your description of the colours of your wools...gorgeous, and has me leaping to the sudden decision that I need yet more wool (despite the fact I was an hour in the wool shop on saturday stocking up on sirdar eco wool!)

    Well, I could have a worse habit...!

    Sending love
    Julia xxx

  14. I wish I could do things with my hands!

  15. Hi Pip
    It looks like you had a super Halloween Party!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your concern re my appointment. It was just a routine check and all is well which is good!
    Love Han xxx

  16. Great mittens, they look very cosy.
    Your Halloween celebration looked great, I love a bit of dressing up too!
    Carol x

  17. You will have to do a show and tell after Christmas when all the parcels have been opened! Love the wool.

  18. Love that boat in the top photo!

    Your halloween outfits are great - looks like you had great fun - we had little ones venturing all the way down our lane to our's - with parents watching at a discreet distance - tricking and treating. The first time since we've lived here - it really seems to be getting very popular now!

    Happy knitting! Jeanne x

  19. Wonderful wool colours. Maybe I will give it another go, but then when would I blog?

  20. Looks like great fun despite the creepy preist! LoL xx

  21. Those mittens looks so soft and lovely. The yarns are look amazing, can't wait to see how everything comes out