Friday, 2 October 2009

An Attempt at an Oscar.

Wow, I am so thrilled with all the amazing feedback I have received on my website update. It truly has been so helpful as I spend so much time working on it that it becomes impossible to see what is actually happening.

A part of me dreaded asking for help partly because I am a horrendously independent soul who makes life so much harder for herself by battling on rather than accepting that not only can others step in but are they are happy to do so, and partly because I felt that there may be suggestions that the overall feel of the site - my baby that I put my heart and soul into - missed by miles. A huge sigh of relief could be heard throughout Cornwall. That just hasn't been the case and you wonderful people have come back with such positive help that I am beaming!

Some of the points raised have already been worked on, some noted for future work - I really need to get back to the sewing for the moment - and one or two have been considered, but I have decided they are more about differences of opinion: a website, as with most things, could be built to look a million different ways. The feel you want for it is quite a personal thing and down to what appeals to the individual - things such as background colours, font choices, images, etc - these all influence the 'vibe' a site gives off and while what you end up with may appeal to some, it will inevitably not be everyone's cup of tea. Fortunately, mine seems to have scored a hit with those who commented - thank you x

I decided right from the start that I could only run this business if it reflected the things that are important to me: my family, the life we live and Cornwall truly are the things which inspire and motivate me every single day. I honestly do bake bread at ridiculous hours of the morning; I really do love having our children around (though appreciate a break like everyone else), play endless games around the kitchen table, cook enormous meals for the varying but mostly large numbers who congregate here; I honestly do sew in the evenings while Dave knits a scarf and drives me insane as he drops yet another stitch. And I really couldn't breathe without the sea and rocks, fields and woodlands that make up Cornwall, a place so entrenched in my soul that I think I would fade away without it.

Ahem, sorry about that extended ramble - I only meant to say that all these things are what lies behind the website and the stitchery that makes up the business. All these things from my dear Davey and our children, the ducks and the hens, the garden and the landscape, they are all what make up me...they are Pipany.

and I can't tell you how much it means that you all get that x

(Oscar speech over, but please feel free to enter the giveaway on the last post by leaving a comment there) x


  1. 'Ah' Pipany I know we've said it before, but all your values are my values (really so many coincidences!!)I loved reading what is so important to you and that it is not only me that holds them so dear and true.

    Have a lovely, lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  2. hi pipany,so glad you were pleased with the comments about your lovely web site,it gives you that lovely warm happy feeling inside when you recieve lovely comments from people whos opinions you treasure! x

  3. You are veritable 'earth mother'. Something that I aspired to be once but never quite made it. I think you have the right attitude and I am sure that as you strive to make others happy you will be happy yourself. Good luck.

  4. It sounds like you are really on the right track with your website Pipany, and with your life! I enjoyed reading this post, and I always find something of interest in your lovely blog xo

  5. Hi Pipany,

    The website looks so nice! good work! I love reading your blog, love hearing how connected you are to your family and the beauty of your Cornwall...I so identify because I feel the same way about my "world" bravo for making all your loves work together...lovely day to you ,

  6. You are truly blessed to live surrounded by such beauty as you have in Cornwall--that it has become part of your soul is reflected in the beauty you create.

  7. It is lovely to read that so many of us have the same values - I just wish I could capture those qualities in my creations in the same way that you do. It is wonderful, that sense of being rooted in a place, and having the opportunity to live your life in a way that is true to yourself - we are very lucky really, aren't we? And I so love seeing your pictures of Cornwall and the sea, it is quite different here and although I find it very beautiful because of my connectedness to it all, there is something very special about your part of the world, and the quality of the light which is so beautiful and unique.

    Pomona x

  8. I love all the things that make you up Pipany. They really are very lovely things.x

  9. Your website is really lovely and I enjoyed browsing the other day very much. I love your work, it captures the very essence of Cornwall and it is evident that you feel passionately about the place, and who can blame you!?!
    It has been very special to me since been a small girl who went there on holidays - Ive never been fortunate enough to live there but my memories are treasured and I know it has a special energy all of its own.

    Well done you!

    Julia xxx

  10. I'm sure I don't speak just for myself when I say it is all those different parts that make up "Pipany" together with the beauty of Cornwall which is what we love!

  11. I understand you totally Pipany - and you are very lucky (which I know you know) to be able to be REALLY living that life. My visit to Cornwall last weekend just emphasized to me how much I love that place too - and all the family connections I have with it, which, although long gone in some ways, just simply run through my heart and soul. I would give anything to live there.

    Keep up the good work - and the baking and the knitting and the stitching!

  12. Well that's what always shines through in your posts - they simply wouldn't ring true if you weren't passionate about what you do and those around you.

  13. I am struggling with my own website but not even finding the time. You are just so talented. If I had just a tiny bit of your talent for design and colour I should be well pleased.
    You do live in a beautiful part of the world but if you lived here I'm sure you could make it look just as beautiful.

  14. Hello Pipany, how do you do, nice to meet you. I am absoloutely wildly in love with Cornwall! We are lucky enough to have a family home near you on the Helford and we try to get there as often as possible. Adored your photos! I am off to catch up on your blog,

    Sarah x

  15. gorgeous bright photos and great speech... not at all gwyneth like!
    your website is looking great too. i believe that by following the things that feel 'right' for us then we find our way... 'Pipany' is such an illustration of this and of who you are and of your life with your gorgeous family... i can so believe that davey is knitting a scarf.. all great men knit (my dad does!)...
    lots of love to you all and continued success with 'Pipany',
    mush love
    ginny xxx

  16. The website is lovely Pipany and you know that I adore your blog, your beautiful photos, your writings, your philosophy and the fact that you are a perfect mother to your children.

  17. Lovely post Pipany, I have said it before, but I think you are truly blessed. Keep doing what you do. Dev x

  18. Lovely post - and photos, especially the light on the water and richly coloured flowers. BFN.

  19. Sigh... that's a lovely post. It makes me want to move to Cornwall - a place which is burrowing it's way right into the centre of my soul too ... xx