Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Beach and the Butterfly.

Finally the sun returned and hasn't it been wonderful? Glorious, gorgeous, beautiful autumnal sunshine...bliss.

A quick much needed trip to the beach with Isabella early this morning swept away the cobwebs as the sea glimmered in the sun with these golden pampas shaking their heads against the blue.

We weren't able to walk far as the tide was fully in, but we stopped off at the quay to see it bathed in a far better light than yesterday's rain-ridden view.

Once home we popped this one surviving squash (plucked a week ago from our allotment) out onto the warmth of the clementine pot where it could bathe in the sunlight, hopefully curing to last until Hallowe'en. Can't think quite what the variety was, but Excelsor rings a bell.

I even managed to be organised enough to pack the camera and tripod before we set off this morning and was able to photograph one of the new items for my children's range. It is called the Butterfly Bag and is made from a beautiful softer-than-soft needlecord Liberty print with a cream lining.

The bag has a panel of hand embroidered flowers and a butterfly stitched to allow the wings to flap (which Isabella is so taken with that I have had to prise it out of her little mitts!). Dare I say Christmas is a-coming and it would make a lovely gift? No? Oh well, thought it was time to start mentioning it!

So, a busy and - for once - productive day here with the threat of rain ruining the fun tomorrow. Off to light the fire ready for an evening of knitting socks (yes, it goes on), drinking a glass of wine and bathing in the warmth of the flames.

Have a lovely evening x


  1. Hi Pip,
    Love the bag, it's so sweet and I'm sure any girl's dream. I can well understand Isabella's need to play with the wings, I think I probably would myself! Sainsburys had loads of xmas stuff in when I went on Tuesday and I have to confess that I am currently working on Christmas stockings!
    Hen xxx

  2. What a beautiful bag - inspired work! I am sure you will find plenty of takers. I want to see your socks! Will you share progress with us? Don't be like me and make one longer than the other!

    Pomona x

  3. Lovely , lovely post - so good to see the sea in the sunshine and those pampas grasses looked lovely too. Hadn't it been a fab day - much needed after yesterday's dismal effort and at this time of year more appreciated as it won't last!

    Love the bag and am sure it will sell like hot cakes - wish I had a little girl to buy one for!

    Jane x

  4. sounds good to me a real fire & a glass (or two) of wine & relax.ahhhh!! x

  5. It is definately time to start thinking about the C word now; like Hen said, Sainsburys have all their stuff out, including loads of Xmas food that goes off well before the day itself!
    The heating is certainly on here too! x

  6. The bag is very sweet and I love the wings! I always enjoy your photo's of boats too. One day I hope to visit your beautiful part of the world. Hope you are having a lovely day xo

  7. The bag is gorgeous Pip, and I love your description.

    Ir was glorious here too yesterday and still no rain today, but very chilly and breezy - almost perfect autumnal weather!

    Have a good one,

    Nina x

  8. the bag is lovely pip and sure to make a lovely gift for someones Christmas!!
    have a lovely weekend... i am off to the Knit and Stitch today for a little pre-Christmas crafty shopping.
    hope the rain stays away for you.
    with love
    ginny x

  9. Love the needlecord on your new bag and the butterfly is beautifull. I managed a short walk down to Swanpool yesterday but I must say I'm glad I had my coat. The air was somewhat nippy but it was worth it for that sunshine.

  10. The bag looks beautifully made Pipany with lots of lovely attention to detail. I like the idea of sitting by the fire, sipping wine and making socks! The weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse here now and I just want to crawl under a blanket!

  11. Pipany, the fluttering butterfly is a great idea. I can just imagine it set in motion by the sea breezes.

    Best wishes for all your many projects!


  12. Lovely bags lovely blog, it must have been a butterfly day, they were in my blog as well.

  13. What a lovely bag Pipany - the slightly darker colours in it make it perfect for autumn. I never tire of your beach pictures. They're such a tonic.

  14. I love your photos of grasses. They are something I always find challenging to photograph. The bag is gorgeous!

  15. Beautiful bag - I love the flapping wings too! Lucky you having a home-grown pumpkin. I must go and have a word with my plants!

  16. A very pretty bag - what little girl doesn't like butterflies! It's good to see the sun is shining for you again... love the pampas grass photo.

    Oh so much to read and catch up on and a rather nice website to visit too!!

    Have a great weekend. Jeanne x

  17. Hi Pipany - I just read your posting at 'welsh hills again' and looking at your blog I can see why you are so busy!
    Anyway I just wanted to say that at the top of your list has to be 'enjoy your children'. Perhaps the other stuff is not so important.
    P.S I love the pampas grass photo-you are luck to live so close to the sea

  18. That bag is completely beautiful - you are so clever Pipany.
    it has been so sunny here. Makes you glad to be alive.