Sunday, 18 October 2009

What We Did.

This weekend we made bread animals

Noticed how beautiful the nasturtiums are, particularly the deeper red ones.

Thought about how overgrown the border in front of the hen pen is, but decided it has an autumnal beauty all its own when viewed through the arching, heavily laden branches of a Cornish Aromatic apple tree. We will let it die down and eventually put it to bed for the long, cold months under a blanket of manure.

We sat on the courtyard with a glass of wine, chatting together and enjoying the sun while Isabella helped me to strip the last of the elderberries into a box for the freezer. Look at the concentration on that face.

We prepared the shallots from the allotment for pickling ready for Christmas feasts of cold meats, cheeses and all types of homemade tangy things!

More gin and vodka was acquired as we decided the cupcoards could do with a few more drinks to keep the chill at bay. Bramble vodkas and sloe gins are now steeping nicely alongside the others.

We also went to Falmouth Oyster Festival and a friend's 4th birthday party; ate a roast dinner, chatted with tom and his girlfriend and had a generally good weekend.

How about you? x


  1. What a lovely weekend you had. I love that marigold photo.

    Jane x

  2. Looks like a lovely, delicious, family weekend! Ours was busy but fun & rewarding. We are enjoying some gorgeous spring sunshine so the garden is the place to be. After a big rain the grass is so green and the chooks are loving it xo

  3. sounds like a lovely weekend pip!
    ours was 'pretty 'groovy'!...we cooked swinging london 60's style.. dressed up as 'dedicated followers of fashion' and hosted a murder mystery dinner for 8. the sherry whirl went down a treat as did the babysham!
    wishing you all a lovely week.
    ginny xx

  4. Your weekend sounds divine! Mine mainly consisted of planting 240 over-wintering onions sets and then making the onion bed chicken proof, so we do get to actually eat them.

    Sue xx

  5. Looks like you had yet another wonderful weekend. I was going to make sloe gin but the supermarket had sold out of their value stuff so it'll have to wait for another day.

  6. It all sounds and looks soooo delicious!! xx

  7. Thank heavens - reminded me I've got to get picking those sloes!!!! What a wonderful weekend :)

  8. Mmmmmm - perfect Pipany plus sloe gin and pickles, what a great combination.

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina x

  9. Another great weekend you've all had Pipany - I would have loved the Falmouth Oyster Festival. Your Cornish Aromatic apple tree is beautiful!

    My order arrived this morning - the Little House Notebook in autumn - its lovely! Thank you muchly. No prob about the other thing - my mind wanders all the time!!

    Have a great day. Jeanne x

  10. what a lovely weekend. Ours was busy and I will post it later.

  11. Oooh what a cosy, homely weekend. Sounds perfect. Weekends at home come into their own at this time of year.

    I love the pictures of the chair with the apples, lovely autumnal shades. Have a lovely week.

  12. Hasn't it been a fantastic autumn? So many fruits, flowers and colours. Another lovely weekend for you in Cornwall I think.

  13. Hello Pipany,

    I always look to you to see what a weekend might be.

    (Spent mine at the shop, helping customers, making staff schedules, and preparing for today's intro of the first month of our holiday style collection. The collection is being well received, so that is a plus!)

    It was rainy and windy in NYC, yet my umbrella braved it and survived.

    I just love those apples ... please do keep that apple tree safe.

    Also love your haircut!

    And, bet that those alcohol-fortified fruit liquids will be delicious. Isn't it great to look forward to future celebrating?