Monday, 12 October 2009

Autumn and Winter weekend

Well, that wasn't quite the weekend I thought it would be. A crashing migraine combined with the need to sort paperwork (ugh) and work on the business meant that I was hardly the light and soul of the house. Needless to say, everything I touched also seemed infected with some virus: the computer I am convinced hates me and showed it by going sooo slooowly all weekend that I despaired of ever being able to upload products and the camera batteries died on me...twice. Enough of this woeful tale and on to nicer things.

First up is my Little House Notebook in winter, a covered notebook in A6 size as I find this to be the most convenient to pop into a bag. I use notebooks constantly for sketching things which catch my eye or making a list - ahh, I do love to make a list! The 'winter' by the way, refers to the subject of the design and the tonal range in case anyone is wondering why there is a strawberry in the fabric border (global warming you know).

The notebooks have re-useable covers which I embroidered with a mix of freehand machine and hand embroidery, a style I am becoming slightly obsessed with as it allows me more freedom with my designs while still being able to use hand embroidery for embellishment. I suppose it provides the accent notes against the looser, more ephemeral machine embroidery. Oh I know what I mean, but am so tired today I can't express myself coherently..sorry!

The second design, Little House Notebook - autumn features a warmer tonal range more in keeping with early autumn, hence the name.

I really loved working on these, exploring the seeds and grasses imagery a little further and developing some of the designs in my own notebook.

Other than work this weekend mostly consisted of fires such as these:

trying to photograph a sock in the wrong light and on the wrong foot (i.e. mine, not Dave's much larger one) in bad light - Pomona it is a much nicer colour than this...honest!

and much moaning as my head tried to explode, thus freeing itself from the constraining bands that clutched vice-like around its poor girth. Oh and of course, the weekend also consisted of these:

Little House Notebook in winter

and a Little House Notebook in autumn.

Hope yours was good x


  1. Good morning, Pipany.

    I do hope that your head's ache is gone, gone, gone.

    Your new book cover designs are marvelous. Something about them just made me remember parts of the blue willow china design ... a beautiful design if ever there was a beautiful design.

    Your house trees and flowers and leaves have that charm and elegance and delightful sense of place and time.

    And ... the sock is another winner!


  2. hi pipany,
    i hope things are a bit brighter for you today,you get days when everything just seems to go wrong!
    that fire looks toasty & so do those fab socks!!
    the notebooks are so pretty,make lovely christi presi's.

  3. I hope your head is better now too. Do you get a 'bruise' feeling following a really bad head? I love the notebooks - I always carry one for my lists, notes for writing etc (I wish I could sketch). Nothing quite as lovely as yours though (generally a reporter's notebook. Not glamorous at all.) I must leave a few hints and signposts to your website as a certain festive season approaches!

  4. Do hope your migraine has gone? Love your notebooks and like Frances I was reminded of the Willow Pattern design when I saw them. I like to keep a notebook to hand but wonder if something as lovely as yours would actually get shoved in my bag and used - I would always be waiting till I had something really valuable to write so it might end up still pristine years later and I would be keeping it clean in a plastic bag or something too after all the work which has gone into making it. Seriously though I love them and am sure they will sell like hot cakes for Christmas gifts.

    Jane x

  5. Poor you too...I have a bit of an odd headache, due to bang on head!
    I keep thinking should I go to A&E.
    I love your notebook covers, I have a thing for notebooks anyway.
    Doesn't it drive you mad when the pooter plays up, I have deleted so much off of mine in the hope it will be better behaved, not sure if it worked.
    Have a much better week Pipany.

  6. Oh I've heard migraines are just dreadful - I do hope yours has gone for good. Cosy socks, lovely fires and some snuggling helped I hope. I love a photo of a fire - it's cheering just LOOKING at them isn't it? Mr P is building this evening's one as I type this! Ace.

  7. You poor thing - just like I was last weekend! I am very impressed at how much you achieved anyway - you are obviously made of sterner stuff than me. I think the colours of the sock look quite nice and heathery, really!
    And I absolutely love the notebooks.

    Pomona x

  8. Hope head improving - though it's wonderful how computers join in with such things, isn't it?
    Also wanted to say how lovely the new range is - the notebooks and the tote from the previous post.
    P x

  9. I know what you mean about that unexpected kind of weekend! Mine was a mild food poising.. grr! Lovely notebook covers though - you got more done than me! x

  10. I hope your headache has improved.

    The little house design is totally scrumptious.

    It's lovely to read your blogs and remember my time crafting - your vignettes are just as I remember my little craft business - it's a busy time now on the run up to Christmas.

    And thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Don't you worry about me - my health is not too good but my spirits are Ok (sort of!) I'm now officially 'through the other side'...

  11. 'Oh'Pipany I hope you feel better? Migraines are the pits and leave you so spaced out an lethargic afterwards.

    I love your notebook covers especially the autumn one, but thats just because I luurrrrrve autumn!

    Have a lovely day and hope you perk up soon,

    Nina x

  12. Pipany, The notebook is gorgeous! So pretty. Hopefully you are feeling in a much better place now. The socks and fire must have been a great source of comfort. C x

  13. Really love all your new designs, no wonder you get a migraine now and then, all those ideas buzzing around! Hope you are feeling a bit better now. Enjoy your week. Dev x

  14. I hope you are feeling so much better now Pipany. Love the fire, the sock and the notebook, so much so that I have just ordered the Autumn Cottage one! Look forward to your Christmas range too.

    Jeanne x

  15. Beautiful book covers Pipany and the sock looks sooooo cosy.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Twiggy x