Monday, 5 October 2009

The Weekend.

Such a busy weekend with what looks to be another busy week to follow. Both Dave and I had mountains of work to get through - him more than me poor soul - but we still managed to...pick the gorgeous dahlias grown by Mr Davey.

Such beautiful colours, though I still crave more. My favourite way to grow dahlias is in a glorious riot where the stems wind through each other rather than in regimented rows. Maybe next year we'll grow a huge tangle of them at the allotment.

Out for a walk on Saturday afternoon to find this pretty house tucked away by a river bank - and I do mean right by a river. About six steps away when the tide is high!

Down a winding lane to find this stall tucked into the hedge. We managed to help them out by bringing away a few things.

A huge roast dinner on Sunday broke the workload a little and was a chance to chat with the children. It is something of a ritual here to have the traditional Sunday roast and one which we love very much. I can't think of anything better than sitting around the table with huge bowls of food laid out before me, the family all chatting away, laughing at one of Isabella's appalling jokes and usually trying to match them with one of their own, following it all up with a leisurely ramble somewhere lovely to make room for a tea of scones and cake later on. It seems a shame to me that some people just don't seem to enjoy this sharing of meals with their children or maybe I'm putting an early Monday morning spin on it and conveniently forgetting about the food on the floor, piles of washing up and the fighting over the last yorkshire pudding!

Other than the usual food related moments the weekend consisted of me nipping off to dig the allotment (lor' I'm out of practice!) and picking marigolds by the jug-full. I even brought home some peas which Isabella popped for me. We sowed these very late with a let's see attitude and they've worked really well for us with plenty of sweet peas tucked inside the pretty pods. We also had cabbages, parsnips, garlic and onions to go with the roast, so felt quite pleased with ourselves considering we really have struggled to give the allotment the time it needs.

A little knitting of that blooming sock, a little shared glass or two of the red stuff sitting on the courtyard as the dusk fell and a little more sewing of Christmas stock saw the rest of the weekend finish all too quickly. Today is dull with heavy rain making the ducks dive through the murky waters of their pond with glee, shaking themselves and quacking far too noisily for such a dismal day. Let's hope it changes soon.

Have a lovely Monday x


  1. hi pip,
    have not read your post yet as i should be doing other things(a new workshop tonight!)... but just wanted to pop in and say that the picture of the dahlia is breathtaking... so so gorgoeous .. the colours... the softness.. everything and it has cheered me on a very wet morning..
    wishing you a lovely monday... be in touch soon.
    warmest wishes
    ginny x

  2. I truly love reading your posts, and this one was no exception! Your photos and words always take me on a atmospheric journey into your world. The lovely boats, that little stall, your family roast, the ducks, all so colourful and warm. Hope the rain clears and leaves you with sunny skies xo

  3. Hello Pipany, we too follow the tradition of a Sunday Roast, especially in the colder months. We usually have beef with all the trimmings, and eat so much we think we will pop. The little ones fight to get the biggest Yorkshire puddings, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Enjoy your week.
    Bertie x

  4. What a fabulous stall to just find.
    And I totally agree with you on Sunday roasts. You can't beat them for getting the family and friends around the table, relaxing, eating and talking.

  5. 'Ahhhhhh' Pipany such a wonderful weekend full of all the things I can so relate to and love - apart from all the work that is.

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina x

  6. What an excellent weekend report, Pipany! The Sunday traditional meal, the walk, the flowers and veg, that sock bulletin ... all full of the liveliness that can be found in your home.


  7. what a lovely stall to find tucked away in the hedgerow,what did you bring home with you?
    we too had the works yesterday,roast dinner,syrup pudd with custard,we were fit to burst!!
    it smells lovely when cooking,we were gardening & kept getting this lovely aroma as we worked,but then like you say the dreaded washing up!! x

  8. I wish I could find a little stall like that tucked in the hedgerows, or even make one myself!!

    Sounds like a busy but fun family weekend.

    Sue xx

  9. I would have had that eiderdown....

    What a lovely blog certainly conveys that lovely Cornish climate. Makes me feel altogether warmer today!

  10. Lovely blog, Pipany - the photos are gorgeous. At that stall, I would have snaffled the eiderdown and the twiggy wreath!xx

  11. Once again, envy! You know how I love your Cornish photos.
    I could not have left that eiderdown there! There used to be a little stall like that down at Coombe creek, wonder if that was it?.

  12. It sounds like a wonderful weekend - imagine finding a little stall like that, tucked away with all sorts of delights!
    The flowers are stunning, one of my favourite kinds and the last picture of the water, its made my day!

    Love Julia x

  13. You almost manage to do such a lot I think. There were lots of little stalls like that when we were on holiday in Guernsey - mostly fruit & veg though, but some had home made cards and bits.

  14. Hi Pipany
    We had our first real roast of the autumn this weekend. The lottie had taken up the last few Sundays getting it ready for winter. Glad it's all but done as I think this wet weather is here for a while. Love the dahlia and I'm with you on the natural confusion way of growing, no straight lines in my garden.


  15. Fantastic photos Pip. How I wish I was in Cornwall. I love the tradition of Sunday lunch too but would be lying if I said we always managed it. Beautiful post.


  16. Pipany...just want you to know how much I loved reading about your lovely English weekend. It sounds perfect! Lovely photos too!

  17. Hi Pip, your weekend sounds wonderful. So much going on and time to cook a lovely roast, Sunday would not be the same without the roast!
    That stall looks very interesting.
    How do you manage to post so often, I feel like such a bad blogger sometimes.
    Have a great week Pip,
    Carol x

  18. I am glad that you had a lovely weekend. Those weekend meals together become even more important as they get older - ours seems to have become much smaller and quieter now with our absent boy! Lovely pictures as always.

    Pomona x

  19. Delicious descriptions of your weekend Pipany.
    What a gorgeous quilt I saw on that stall hope it went home with you. Not sure I could have left any of it behind!!