Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A Bright Spot.

I thought I had better replace the spider with something more calming, but searching for inspiration on this darkest, wettest of what has been a very dark, wet week is not easy. Isabella and I drove home from the school run past Swanpool beach where the gulls surfed the lazy waves.

Even the sea could not be bothered to put on a show and lacksadaisically swirled about throwing the odd half-hearted ripple our way. An occasional wave revealed its dirty underbelly where on a sunny day it would glisten and shimmer with shades of azure, jade and deepest blue. Not today. Today is a day of lighthouses peeking through the mist, here one minute, gone the next. An ethereal vision of protection from rocky coast. It is in the photograph, but so shrouded that you can only see it by squinting.

Still, the quay next to Isabella's nursery provided some colour even in the gloom.

Off now to the sewing room where new things are waiting to be photographed if only the light would improve. Ah well, plenty of sewing to be done including a little bag requested by a lovely customer who rang me yesterday. She told me of a similar bag I had made roughly a year ago, telling me how loved it is and how the little girl uses it all the time. I love these tales of the things I send out into the world, love hearing where they are, what lives they live. It is what the business is all about for me and makes it all so much more personal.

My favourite has to be the regular reports I get about one of the Babbits I made for a dear little baby boy who travels the world with his parents as part of a circus. What amazing adventures Babbit and T have (haven't asked permission so won't put his name here) and I am lucky enough to be kept up to date. So many ideas for children's stories come out of these tales... little books illustrated with Babbity pictures. Maybe one day, but more importantly for me is the thought that something I stitched is so loved and such a part of a child's life. How lovely is that? Definitely a bright spot on this dull day.

Bye for now x


  1. Thank you for replacing the spider on my sidebar with such a lovely picture.

    Sue xx

  2. 'Oooohhh' that mist - so dramatic and eery.

    Have a lovely day and here's hoping it will become more autumnal with lots of fresh bright days very soon!

    Nina x

  3. thats much more pleasing to the eye than yesterdays post!!
    cornwall looks lovely no matter what the weather. x

  4. Lovely post - I love the sea in all its moods so loved the pics and your evocative text to go with them I could almost smell the seaweed! Adore the little bunnies - what fun that one is travelling the workd with the circus do hope he is a brave bunny and not afraid of elephants etc!


  5. I do really like the photo of the waves turning over beneath the gulls! What does that say about the differences between us?! Although I definitely DON'T like the spider! I enjoyed reading your thoughts about Babbit and T.

  6. That's better than the spider... I couldn't even look yesterday never mind leave a comment!

  7. The Babbits are very endearing! And the mix of fabrics work well. Best wishes. Lesley

  8. Beautiful idea Pipany, Babbity childrens books.
    Gorgeous misty moisty photos.

  9. Lovely. Didn't mind the spider, though.

  10. I love Swanpool - we stayed at Maenporth a few times and used to walk the coastal path to Swanpool on an evening. Thanks for showing me the pictures - I need to get my Cornwall fix at this time of year!! I love thwe way that there is always some boat or other anchored out in the bay. PS we are getting loads of large spiders - more than usual I think.

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