Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Blissful Sunshine on a Blissful Beach.

Hasn't the weather been amazing this week? We have been making the most of it with trips to the beach after school to soak up that delicious feeling of chilly - not icy yet though - water and shifting sands between your toes

Big sister being pulled by little sister into a slightly deeper and very weedy pool.

Nothing beats jumping and splashing and generally getting wet.

or just hanging out

It's enough to bring a smile to the tiredest young lady after a hard day at school.

Then as the air starts to chill it's home to a tea of homemade pasty followed by sticky brownies - both stodgy, both totally yummy - and the warmth of a fire to end the day

and dream of this...

Have fun x


  1. How lovely it all looks. What a beautiful girl you have there too! Just like mummy no doubt?


  2. the colours of the sea are amazing... and Lucy looks so happy... hope school is going well.
    with love
    ginny x

  3. Lovely happy post, and lovely pictures Pipany. Really lovely. x

  4. How lovely

    Gorgeous girls. What wonderful memories you are making with them.

  5. What a gorgeous post, beautiful girls, wonderful blue sea and then home to warm by that blazing fire and wonderful food.

    Joanne x

  6. Your post is lovely, as usual. And your daughters are so pretty. To look that beautiful after a hard day at school is amazing.

    It sounds like you are all enjoying life SO much at the moment, long may it continue.

    Sue xx

  7. Golly it's still warm in Cornwall, we're all wrapped up in woolies now here in East Anglia.

  8. So lovely! Bit too cold here for that though! Quite happy to walk beside the water all wrapped up but not IN it! LOL! C x

  9. What a stunning photo of your daughter!!
    Home made pasties..don't!!I want one!!

  10. I'm in a 'pulling up a chair in front of the fire' mood today - the beach is just making me feel cold!

  11. sounds like heaven!!
    wish i was there! x

  12. It's been absolutely gorgeous here too Pipany and soooooo warm. The kiddies have even been in the sea!!

    Have a lovely evening,

    Nina x

  13. Oh I do wish I lived near the sea, at this time of year with the tourists gone but still lovely weather, I envy you!
    Enjoy it while the sunshine lasts.

  14. It looks so lovely with you - it has been so grey and damp here today I ache all over! I could do with some sea and sunshine.

    Pomona x

  15. Love your beach photos and I love your blissfully cozy fire!

  16. Everything looks lovely. So glad that the weather is wonderful

  17. Gorgeous. Do you have frost yet? We do, just up the road in Dorset. I love this time of year.

  18. What a great way to spend an afternoon!

  19. It has been wonderfull this week hasn't it. I have been making the most of it on the lottie but I'm glad it's a bit cloudy today I need to do some making. I love the notebooks and the socks are ace. What yarn did you use, was it self patterning?


  20. Thanks for this lovely little trip to beach, as ever, Pipany. Your blog really answers a seasidey need for me!

  21. A visit to the beach any season of the year is delightful and refreshes one's soul!
    Beautiful pictures...I am off to the beach to do the same!

    Happy day, Lilly

  22. A lovely way to spend the end of the day after school or work! x

  23. Oh, this makes me homesick! I grew up & spent most of my days on Castle Beach. My parents owned a hotel in Melville Road, then Emslie Road. I miss it :0(
    Thank you for sharing, though x
    You have a lovely blog x