Friday, 23 October 2009

Friday Notes.

Some notes from my morning: sea surging against seaweed and sand, making the sssss sound of this alliteration.

Shadows cast on shingle, pebbles, seaweed, sand, shells

Ropes and reflections.

Such a beautiful morning where boats seem to bask in the warmth of the sun, barely a ripple breaking the soft surface of the river and hardly a breath stirring the leaves on the banks.

And talking of leaves, the acers in our garden are glowing today against the bluest sky.

Fiery and delicate and burnished

Early morning rain drying on a rosy apple

Biscuit and Mustang hiding under the magnolia, patiently waiting for breakfast.

So, that is my Friday so far. the rest of it will consist of finishing this blooming sock, making a cake and cooking, coooking, cooking in between finishing orders...argh! The reason for this list? Well, today is Mr Davey's birthday and I so want to give him the socks as one of his present....maybe.

Happy birthday my Davey; I do love you so xxx

And a happy Friday to you all x


  1. Happy Birthday Davey! What a beautiful gift those socks are, love the colours. I'm still cooing over your Ducks, and their names, so SWEET! And the fact that they're patiently waiting for their breakfast! Have a wonderful party, and a wonderful weekend. (You must have got up early to create this post so early on in the day!)
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind i fi knit)

  2. I live so far from the sea, and boats, so I get my fix through your blog! I always, always enjoy your boat photos, I hope I get to your part of the world one day. Sounded like the perfect dreamy start to a birthday, hope he has a lovely one! Enjoy celebrating together xo

  3. Many happy returns to you Mr. Davey!!
    I'm sure I met you somewhere in Falmouth/Penryn..
    Come on Pip, knit knit knit!!You can do it, we want a photograph!!

  4. Hello
    I'm out from lurk-land to finally make a comment. I love your blog as I live very near to you - I love your pictures as they evoke so much of what is very dear to my heart as it clearly is to you.

    I LOVE that sock yarn - what is it? Did you get it locally or online? Hope you get the sock finished - what a lovely birthday pressie!

    Have some lovely birthday celebrations.
    Jo :)

  5. It's a lovely sock! Have you not been converted to the joys of sock knitting yet? Although I have never tried knitting a man's sock - too big and too boring on the colour front, I had always thought, but yours looks very nice. And happy birthday to Mr Pip!

    Pomona x

  6. Happy Birthday Davey! What a lucky guy to receive such gorgeous socks!

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  7. Happy birthday Mr Davey what a beautiful day to celebrate.

    Have a lovely one and I do hope you finish the socks,

    take care,

    Nina xxxxx

  8. Oh....your pictures are even more stunning than normal today! So beautiful! x

  9. what better way to start a friday pipany?!!!
    wish i was there,had a week from hell & its not over yet!
    Happy Birhtday mr Davey!
    x x

  10. Happy Happy Birthday, Davey, hope you've been spoiled rotten. Did they let you out of school early? Yay for half term!

    Pip - where does the time go? I haven't vanished, just up to my eyes in it. Would love to meet for a coffe and chin wag, it's been too long.

    Happy weekend to you all.

    Love Diana x

  11. What a beautiful Friday, Pipany. I particularly loved the boats on the still water.

  12. Some stunning photos Pippany. Do hope you got the socks finished in time?!


  13. How did the birthday go? did you get the socks finished? Love them. I wonder if a not great knitter like me could turn their hand to sock making? I also love today's pictures particularly. Just beautiful.

  14. Happy Birthday to Davey!
    I love Acers, such beautiful colours and delicate leaf shapes.
    Your pictures are beautiful always. Love the knitting, oh I wish I could knit.
    Carol x

  15. Do wish a belated happy birthday to Dave from me Pipany.

    Your blog and its photos as ever take me to a wonderful place.

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