Wednesday, 21 October 2009

An Unseasonal Wednesday!

I'm in a bad mood.

And why a bad mood, you ask? Because my free morning has been spent faffing with the website, photography, copy writing and not one tiny teensy bit of sewing.

It is sunny, but the light is harsh outside. Not good for product photographs.

My sewing room glass roof is covered in ash leaves from the shedding tree nearby, thus there is no light in there to speak of - usually this room is perfect; now I feel as though I am in Hobbit-land (or whatever it's called)!

My whingeing will now cease as I take myself off for another try. It will happen and I will manage to get my Christmas section finished before Christmas is over...she says hopefully. Let's have a photo of one of last year's Christmas puddings - well, I did say it was an unseasonal wednesday.

Hope your day is going well x


  1. Oh dear Pipany we all have days like that I hope your mood lifts and if not a little chocolate indulgence might do the trick, well it's a good excuse!

    I'm really, really tired this week and I think it's the dark mornings that have all of a sudden crept in.

    Hope your day gets better?

    Nina xx

    ps. it's called The Shire. Nxx

  2. hi pipany,
    its miserable here,drizzly rain & dull,dosent inspire you much & like you i have so much to do!!
    so i shouldnt be blogging really!!
    hope your day improves,as they say 'keep smiling'. x

  3. It's tipping down here so the light is even worse! And in this cottage it will now be pretty dark until next spring! But your work looks lovely, and my butterfly bag is heavenly, so someone, somewhere loves you! And I agree with Nina, take a strong dose of Green & Blacks and get that serotonin going.

    Pomona x

  4. up to my knees in fabric scraps as i am tidying the studio... i may even find a hobit under the piles! i also need to photgraph the space..the light in here is pretty bad and today it is very dull... i emphathise!
    hope your day improves... lovely holly and berries,
    warmest wishes dear pip!
    ginny x

  5. Boo hiss regarding the rubbish weather and hence poor light; I have photos that I want to do too! x

  6. And blogging too! I've wasted pretty much all of the day apart from one very useful meeting in which I have found work for the next three months. Yippee.

  7. Hey Pipany...hope your mood is better today. Like Nina said...try some chocolate...but only really good expensive chocolate!!!!! By the way, I find your embroidery designs to always be charming and quite exquisite!

  8. Look at that holly! Gorgeous!

    As for the mood. I sometimes find it is just best to give in and not fight it. It occasionally gets it over and done with faster!

  9. Oh dear Pipany - it sounds as if you have SAD syndrome already.

    But those photos are delightful.
    You are very clever and I know what you mean about getting the light just right.
    (Sometimes I used to have to lay my things on white paper or with a white sheet in the background to lighten the shot.)

    Take care
    warm wishes

  10. I hope your mood has lifted. I seem to spend most of my days faffing and not actually getting anything done! The embroidery looks beautiful as does the pud! x

  11. I know all about that sort of bad mood! If only computers would do the work themselves! x

  12. Hello Pipany,

    Yes, mood do have their swings. The more rest that I get, the better my mood.

    Today, I was up and out to a meeting not long before sun up. Not thrilled about that. Good news ... I did come home a bit earlier than usual, and had a quick nap.

    My mood's much better now. I do love your holly.


  13. Hopefully by today your mood has lifted - it's certainly a lot brighter here today, the sun is just breaking through a light mist.

    The holly & ivy in your Christmas piece is looking good!

    Jeanne x

  14. I'd be quite pleased if I had a day off sewing! Hope you feel brighter today!