Thursday, 28 May 2009

Half Term Fun.

The week is flying by and has been full of many things: the beach - of course - on one of the few absolutely gorgeous days. A day of eating an absolutely enormous picnic made by Dave, feeding appetites sharpened by running in and out of the sparkling blue sea...

and body-boarding in the gentle ripples.

A day where my Sam decided to join us as he was leaving for Belgium to stay with his sister the next day. He had only been back from New Zealand for a week after a stay of several months, so it was lovely to have him all to ourselves before he disappeared once more. He will probably have the shock of his life if he sees himself here, though he is an incredibly laid back chap and I can't get hold of him to ask anyway!

The wekk has also consisted of frantic cleaning of the house ready for a visit from Ginny of Sweet Myrtle and her lovely girls, and Diana of Pebbledash accompanied by Walter who behaved impeccably (despite being terrified of our two cats!). I cannot show any pictures as we made a pact, though there is a lovely one of us comparing noses which I was tempted to put here! Such a lovely, perfect day of eating and chatting and laughing, where Mr Davey fed us with homemade bread, tortilla, pasta, scones, pasties...oh the list was endless and lunch drifted into dinner. Diana and Ginny brought heaps of goodies too: delicious homemade hoummus (not sure of spelling) and egg mayonnaise and peppers; again, the list was pretty extensive and so we all did it justice, particularly Lucy!

Quick photo of the scarlet poppies in place of us! It truly was a very special day and the first time I had met Ginny who was just as gorgeous as I had thought she would be, arriving with the most beautiful gifts for us all (whereas my plans had all gone completely awry to my utter mortification. It will be rectified girls, I promise!). Lucy has lived in her strawberry tee shirt, even wearing it to a writing workshop the very next day, so thank you Ginny. The children all got on so well and were glimpsed screeching their way up and down the corridor from time to time with great smiles on their pretty faces. Lucy really loved it and Isabella was the quietest I have EVER known her!

Yesterday, Tom showed us one of the shell pictures he has been working on. He wanted to bring out the subtle colours of mussels, the mauves and blues and charcoals with the pearly insides reflecting the shimmer of light. Unfortunately the light was very flat yesterday and so these photos do not do it justice, but he is going to take more on the seashore when the weather improves.

Such a beautiful pattern which highlights the swirls we associate subconciously with the ocean: the swirl of ever-moving currents and waves

of rippling sands moved by the shushing waters dancing on the shore

the swirl at the centre of shells of many colours, shapes and sizes, all having that tactile quality that makes us run a finger over the surface

I think it is beautiful and foresee a new business starting here ...well done Tom x

That's me for today. Have a lovely Thursday x


  1. The shell picture is indeed lovely, so much movement, and the colour is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That's it. I am packing my bag and coming to stay with you. At least until current visitors leave. At yours, the sun always shines, the people are beautiful and everyone wafts around in a haze of gorgeousity. Sigh!

  3. A treat to my eyes as usual, all of it.

  4. Hi Pip, we had such a great day, didn't we? And it looks like the rest of half term has been lovely for you all. Tom's work is really beautiful, hope he's selling it.
    Thanks again for such a fantastic day.
    Diana xxx

  5. The mussel pictures are truly amazing! And the first picture on the beach, if it wasn't for the tankers parked up in the background, I would have thought you were abroad as the sea is so clear and beautiful. Roll on my Cornish holiday! x

  6. Id love to be able to pop to the beach and play around in the rock pools, my idea of heaven, never tire of it.

    Love your Tom's art work too, very creative. My Tom's Grad Art Show starts today in London.

  7. Hiya Pipany,

    We have just come back from a morning at the beach, your pictures look very similar to mine - body boarding and cozies!!

    I love the mussel picture those swirls and colours are gorgeous.

    Anyway, hope all is well?? Half term almost over!

    take care,

    Nina x

  8. Pipany, you are so lucky to meet other bloggers and live close to the sea. I always so enjoy your lovely writing and photos.

  9. Looks like you're having a fab time there in beautiful sunny Cornwall.
    The mussel pictures are really good - this may seem a strange question but does he use just ordinary mussel shells?!

  10. Tom's pictures are just beautiful. I love how they move, they remind me of roof leeks how the swirls all mingle together.
    The last few days of half term is supposed to be warm and sunny but I can't see hand in front of face out here. Oh! wait, a glimmer of sun. Hope it stays that way.


  11. Beautiful beach pictures, Sam is a bit of hunk! tell him I said so.
    I love the shell picture, beautiful. Tom has made the shells look so special, must nicer than how they look clinging to the rocks.
    Can I pack a bag and come too!
    it sounds as though you have all has such a good time together.

  12. hi pip,
    i love tom's work.. beautiful.
    thank you so much for a wonderful day... the girls and i are still chatting about it... and i am glad you liked your gifts.. my absolute pleasure.
    have a lovely weekend.
    Ginny and the girls xxx

  13. Oooh the creative talent has passed on down the genes for sure. what a great picture. Love the movement in it.

    How fab to be in the sea this early in the year.
    Enjoy a sunny weekend Pip.


  14. What a treat of a day that must have been - all the best ingredients - sun, ocean, children, sand, blue sky........

  15. Hi

    There is an award on my blog for you.

    Hannah x

  16. Hasn't the weather been fabulous. So glad you've had a fun week, Toms shell picture is beautiful.
    Twiggy x

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