Monday, 1 June 2009

Oh, it was lovely!

Wasn't the weather amazing? The last few days of the holiday have just got warmer and warmer with the blustery winds finally dropping here yesterday. Bliss. Dave and the girls made malteser ice cream which was just delicious and not as sickly as it may sound. So nice to come home from a day on the beach to a bowlfull of this...

Lucy and some friends asked to be shown which herbs were edible in the garden and went on a tasting tour, happily scoffing chives, marjorams, oregano, rocket and mints of all kinds. They set up a herb stall outside our gate and bellowed at the world to come and get some for free. The dear souls in the road came and even tried to buy some (though the girls refused, thank goodness). It was so funny and so sweet as we hadn't a clue what they were up to until we heard the booming of Lucy through the living room window.

Obviously we did a lot of this (that's Davey swimming in the background. We all swam a lot in order to stop ourselves dissolving into little puddles in the heat):

and this...

and a fair bit of this...

We have also seen a lot of sealife, everything from anemones, sea slugs (not so cool), fish and crabs, both beautiful spider crabs and yummy brown crabs like this chap.

I also managed - finally - to finish two knitting projects which have been on the go forever it seems. A little lilac jacket for Isabella which is so soft and snuggly, especially when she had made herself absolutely freezing in the chilly sea. (And yes, I was supposed to have finished this an age ago as promised on my blog, but well, you know how it is!). Modelled at home...

and on the beach with one of the dresses I made for her last year.

This is Lucy's which is a different pattern, but fairly similar in overall appearance. She chose the colour (!) about three years ago - lucky I knit loose isn't it?

The dear little soul has lived in it since I finally gave it to her and I must admit to a small smattering of pride as I looked at Isabella in her dress and jacket, Lucy in her cardigan and Mr Davey doing some marking in the shirt I made for him last summer. Very lovely indeed.

So funny to watch Isabella lying on Daddy's back while he worked. I was able to complete lots of hand embroidery whilst watching the waves and had the very virtuous feeling that comes from seeing your workload go down while you are actually having a good time. Even nicer when you arrive home to find another lovely and very large order waiting on your computer. It's the time for beach bags I guess!

So, a lovely holiday of beach trips where my lovely son Tom and his pretty girlfriend Lynne joined us on a couple of occasions (it does make you feel great when older children actually choose to spend time with you on a family beach rather than head off to a surf spot!), where meals at home were relaxed and eaten after glasses of wine in the garden as the heat left the day, where homemade ice cream seemed to last forever and where, hopefully, the whole is a taste of the summer to come.

Have a lovely Monday x


  1. Hello Pip what a lovely time you have had. Sunny here in Sussex but still windy. Its very quiet in the house this morning and I am missing the boys already and have no motivation to do anything useful! Have a lovely day and thank you for posting those happy pictures - they have cheered me up.Karenx

  2. Pipany our weekend looks like it was pretty much identical! How cool is that? Though alas we don't have a Mr Davy to make us Malteser icecream!!

    Have a lovely, lovely week,

    Nina x

    ps. the cardi's are gorgeous and what budding entrepreneurs you have there! xox

  3. I LOVE your pretty and the colours are lovely! x

  4. What a lovely weekend and malteser icecream, yum!

  5. Oh, yummy, ice cream, wine!!
    Cardigans are lovely,so is the scenery.Hope the good weather continues for you.
    Take care

  6. I made that cardigan too!! For my little granddaughter, before realising her mother thought handmade equalled poor people who can't afford designer labels and stuffed everything I had knitted into the back of a cupboard where it appeared on a showing off tour of their new home by my son! He quickly closed the door....and needless to say, I haven't wasted my time knitting for her any more.

  7. Looks absolutely wonderful :: sigh::

  8. What a wonderful post - It makes me wish I was living down there by the beach with you all, relaxing and sharing your food.

  9. Sunny weekend with homemade icecream, playing on the beach, beautiful models in beautiful cardigans, papers being graded, sewing in prep for the arrival of new orders, young herbalists sharing their knowlege. All looks very, very fine in your neighborhood, Pipany! xo

  10. Please could you share the ice-cream recipe? I know Roskilly's make a vesion but it would be nice to be able to eat it all year round.


  11. Pip you have such a lovely family you must be so proud of them all.
    The pictures are wonderful, just what family days on the beach are all about.
    I wish I could knit, your projects finished are perfect, Isaballa looks Too Cute for words.
    the beach bag is fab, I am definately a bagaholick.
    I love Cornwall and seeing your posts makes me all the more determined to get there sometime this year to camp, any suggestions!
    We had fun camping this weekend, we took Freddie....!!!em not be doing that for a while he seems to have hit the terrbile threes!
    Have a super week.

  12. sweet cardis... and yum... that malteser icecream is a bit of a tease.. i demand some on my next visit!.... pretty please!
    pleased to hear about the orders too pip.xx

  13. Those photos are sooooo beautiful. I can almost feel the wind and smell the salt air.
    The sweaters you've knit are lovely - lucky girls!
    This post had such a happy feel to it!

  14. What a lovely family and family life you have, you are a very special woman.

    So glad you all had a lovely time together.

    Sue xx

  15. How heavenly it all looks and sounds Pipany. The girls looks lovely in their cardies - Isabella so sweet in that photo, and the one where she is leaning on Dave. Me and my sister used to try to sell things at the end of our drive - trouble is we lived in a cul de sac not a main road.

  16. Love the knitwear and would also love the recipe for maltezer ice cream. Life at the coast looks blissful!

  17. Glorious! And to be able to go in the sea, what a treat! These photos look like the makings of wonderful childhood memories.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  18. Looks like you had a fab weekend down there in beautiful Cornwall. We spent the weekend in Aldeburgh and were virtually blown off the beach. It was nice and sunny though! Your photos are great and I love the knitwear.
    Have a good week.

  19. What a lovely blog, Pip. Two beautiful models in their lovely cardigans! The herb 'selling' sounded such fun for them as did everything else

  20. Hi Pipany
    There is an award waiting for you on my blog
    All best

  21. Oh to swim in the sea! Ages since I've done that in this country, I do love it.

    What pretty girls in their special clothes, and what a clever mum.

    Maltesers ice-creams - hmmm, Woody would love that as they're his favourite chocolate. And I've got a plate just like yours I could stand the bowl on too!

    Hope the sun keeps shining - been a belter of a weekend here too.

  22. Beautiful..Pipany. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday with me! You have gorgeous little girlies!

  23. Looks heavenly Pip, so pleased you all enjoyed the sun and sea.
    twiggy x

  24. Here's to many, many more sunny days!!!! Glorious photos, they are so lovely. What a difference a bit of sunshine makes ...
    You can't beat days by the sea

  25. Your blog is always a treat for the senses. I always feel inspired by your many projects and am in awe of your ability to do so much!

  26. You're doing it again, but I like it! And we've had lovely weather here too - but we don't look quite so photogenic!

  27. Theres an award for you on my blog and a giveaway to enter!!! xx

  28. I met Lucy and her daddy, briefly, after the writing workshop. It was a glorious day and my son had a wonderful time with the "famous author", hope Lucy did too.
    Best wishes, Stephie

  29. All I can say is heavenly. That beach looks magical - what a fabulous day. Glad I found you through Nina (Tabiboo).

    You sure seem to fit a lot into one life and make it sound so calm and easy.


  30. Hi Pip. Your comment has made my day. There is nothing I would like to do more than a new post. Last week, whilst we were on holiday we had the house re-wired. So at the moment I'm still trying to clear dust, tidy up, de-clutter and confront the mega pile of ironing. Oh and go to work. Am getting frustrated about not posting though! have a great weekend.


  31. The last photo is exquisite, they are all just lovely as ever. Beautiful knits and seaside photos. On a beach in Cornwall is the place to be this weather.

  32. Such beautiful girls in their delicious jackets. Well done for finishing them.
    Fabulous pictures as always. Ah sigh ....

  33. Sounds and looks wonderful! Your girls have such pretty frocks, and the cardigans are lovely too - I especially like the detailing on Isabella's. I need to do some more knitting for my girl and boy!

  34. Beautiful photo's ... Oh to live by the sea when the sun is shining.
    It's been fabulous here but the weather is hideous at the moment. Here's hoping for some sun next week ~ we are off to Royal Ascot ! xx