Friday, 12 June 2009

A little grumpy?

I am a bit of a grumpy Pip this morning. I had promised my self some time out to garden with Isabella today, so naturally it is raining; an endless curtain of fine drizzle mists the garden and scuppers my plans...pooh! I have cleared a whole morning to do what needs doing and, more importantly, what I would like to do and it is raining, after the most beautiful day yesterday where I could do no more than look out the window and plan. No weeding and planting as I sit on the grass under a little apple tree dreaming away the time as Isabella plays with the cats and the hens gently chat ahead of me. Ah well, better think of things to lift my mood. The centre of this peony is a pretty good place to start.

She has the unfortunate name of Shirley Temple, but Raspberry Ripple would be far more appropriate. So creamy and soft, the light swirling the folds into a gentle lemon that deepens as your eye is drawn to the centre where a tiny raspberry pink budlet forms, yet never opens. And the perfume...delicate and evocative as it floats on the evening air, drifting away like a playful butterfly before you can quite catch it. Then there are the gooseberries and the fun of picking them for a lovely meal with a dear uncle and Dave's mum - more of that in a bit.

Thinking of that meal brings to mind the borage scattered all over the garden and now beginning to dot the beds with little blue stars. I used it for one of our favourite summer soups (though not a chilled one as I have to admit to not being a fan of these). Isn't it pretty? I love the way it self-seeds everywhere. Anything like this is such a bonus in the garden and can always be lifted out without much problem while still young, providing endless kitcheny possiblities along the way.

So to the meal - an evening of food and cribbage which we always do when Dave's uncle arrives for his month in Cornwall every year. I made pea & borage soup (quite possibly my favourite soup ever, though I say this with whichever soup I am currently obsessed with)with delicious homemade bread, followed by a lamb casserole and the whole rounded off with a gooseberry and elderflower fool accompanied by tiny scoops of eldeflower ice-cream. I am still working on my recipe for this one as I felt it was a little too sweet, though no-one else seemed to think so. When I am happy with it I'll pop it onto my website under the 'what we are doing' page along with the recipe for elderflower cordial - hurray, it's that time again and the hedgerows are positively lagged in the creamy umbels.

Other things to bring a note of cheer? Just take a look at this beautiful skirt which my lovely, lovely friend bought me from the carboot sale. We are both addicted to such things and are most upset that we can no longer have a day out at the local dump as the idiot council sold it off and now all the left-over goodies are sold abroad...argh!!! I do understand that not everyone's idea of a good day out is a trip to the dump, but you should see the things we both got there - beautiful windows which now adorn Davey's writing room, mirrors, cupboards...the list goes on. So much for the idea of councils supporting recycling. Off high horse, this beautiful skirt which is the most gorgeous mix of flowers and raspberry reds which I just love (though the dullness of the day does it no justice). It swirls beguilingly around my ankles and goes so prettily with my gauzy rose camisole...sigh. I have seriously lived in it since she gave it to me. Thank you Lou x

Note those cute feet to one side? Little sweetie and another thing to be cheerful about. On that note, I will head off as I feel decidedly less grumpy and it is Friday after all. Gardener's World, knitting and wine...what could be better? A little of this over the weekend perhaps....

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. What? Sold the dump??? We loved it there!!Like you we got many a bargain from there.
    Penryn carboot? Yes, I sold many a toy, book, and my 'seconds' pots when I was throwing them! Also, bought loads of interesting stuff from there. Have a good weekend x

  2. Gorgeous skirt and yummy looking gooseberries.

    Have a brilliant weekend.

    Sue xx

  3. Hi Pip,

    I've been a bit grumpy and frustrated with the weather too. The sun is actually shining here at the moment and the forecast is good for the weekend. If it is good I shall envy those Cornish beaches you have.


  4. Pipany, I admire your techniques for banishing the rainy day grump.

    I have a day off myself today, with many plans ... and yes, heavy rain is due to last through the day, clearing before I return to the shop tomorrow!

    I will try to practice some of your teaching, though without your beautiful garden, rosy flowery skirt, or amusing little Isabella.


  5. I'm always so jealous when I see pictures of "your" beach! Hope the weather sorts itself out for you, I've certainly been a grumpus with the weather recently too!

  6. I totally understand what you are of my favourite sources before I moved was the recycling centre at Tavistock. I found lovely vintage garden furniture, a beautiful bureau, F&B paint by the tin (for £1), and much much more....

    Don't feel too grumpy about the weather...I think we will all have to adapt from now's not how it used to be (global warming). At least you have the beautiful Cornish beaches...they are special places whatever the weather.

  7. You have to make gooseberry and elderflower fool! YUM

    Love the skirt, so pretty and feminine.

    I'll send you some of our weather, its warm and calm here, a little overcast, but certainly warm enough for a paddle at the beach.


  8. Yet again all your flowers are out, where mine are just fat buds. Lovely pictures, lovely skirt, lovely little feet peeking into the photograph. (Happy sigh.) Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Comforting meals and an evening of cribbage sound perfect as does knitting, wine and relaxing telly.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    Lisa x

  10. Hi Pipany, lovely blog!
    Warm wishes,


  11. The weather has been pants this week up here too so I can symphasise with you on that one!

    Love the new old skirt. x

  12. Wow, the beach is stunning! I love your raspberry skirt, too. The photos of the peonies - well, I can't get enough of those. Happy weekend!

  13. I'm glad you were able to send the grumpiness packing so that we could see that gorgeous skirt - what a good friend you have!

  14. Fabulous skirt and gorgeous goosgogs. Hope mine haven't all been eaten by the birds by the time I get home again!

  15. Oh you have me drooling, yum,yum. Love, love gooseberries and love, love the sea too!!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.