Friday, 26 June 2009

Noticing, good and bad.

I'm tired. No reason, no big deal, but I am so tired this week. Still, the upside of going a little slower is that you notice things, though truthfully I am one of life's noticers anyway and have always loved to spot treasures to bring home or espy the berries ripening in hedgerows. Still, just now I am finding myself sitting on the bench or strolling around the garden when I should be hanging washing, and noticing all sorts, some good, some not so. Here are a few things I noticed today: roses...

This one is called Ballerina and flowers almost all year.

Typially I have forgotten the name of this one, but it is twining its way through the bay hedge and lighting the darker leaves with its creamy blooms outside Davey's writing room.

This one cimbs through our tangled border in the front garden

Then I notice these three chaps, for chaps they are. They are cuckoo maran chicks which we will be eventually having for the pot. I realise some may find this not to their liking, but it is best to be honest. We have reared and eaten our own ducks and hens in the past, feeling that the main point here is to ensure they have a good, well-cared for life before-hand, which they will. These arrived yesterday and have settled well so far, scratching around and scoffing as much food as they can get their beaks on. The children have no allusions as to their eventual fate and understand that this is part of the way we choose to live; I hope the notion of taking responsibilty will always be with them.

Of course, that does not mean Isabella should take it into her own head to feed the animals without being asked - how many times she has been told! I see even Tiger-Lily is doing her bit.

although it has to be said, Tiger-Lily does enjoy a ride in the doll's pushchair

Hmm, and then I noticed this all over the plum tree...yeuch!

Truly gross.

One of my daughters took this photo of my new haircut (about 6 months overdue I might add) and I notice the silver threads beginning to wend their way through...sigh.

But never mind as I am also noticing this is almost ready to quaff - my very most favourite drink ever....eldeflower champagne.


Have a lovely weekend x


  1. Your about a week ahead of us here on the other side of the coast with red currants and champagne- I am sooooo looking forward to the champagne!

    Love the new haircut though what grey?

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  2. Beautiful photos as usual!

    I do not think that there is anything wrong with raising birds for the pot and people that think that there is something wrong with this are simply ignorant.

    Your birds will have a much better life than the average bird and it is good that your children are learning where their food comes from and the responsibility they have upon the food chain and on a life.

    I cannot get over the fact that some children today do not know that beef comes from a cow and pork from a pig and I have to question how this has happened???

    Have a good weekend xx

  3. I agree with DD on the matter of the chickens and people's tables. Your new ones must feel as if they've landed in heaven.

    I think that it's good to slow down when you feel the need. So often, we are pushed faster and faster- not so much from others but by ourselves. So, take a deep breath, enjoy your bubbly and let the world around swirl.

    Love your haircut and your roses.

  4. Now that's a special cat who likes to go in the doll's pram, I'd go as far as saying it's a lovely scrumptious cute cat!
    Hope the weekend helps to revive your energy?
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  5. Do you know Pip, I hopped over hear when I saw you were tired, wondering if you had finally kicked Tiger-Lily or shouted at one of the kids, but no, there you are still looking full of gorgeiosity and regarding the world with your kind gaze. Now, me, when I'm tired...

  6. Oh believe me Chris, I sometimes truly really do want to kick something!!! x

  7. I empathise with the tiredness. I used to have trouble sleeping, but then I went back to work and now have trouble staying awake! Again everything you have in your garden is so far ahead of mine (even the aphids!) What is your recipe for elderflower champagne? Mine failed last year (yukky vinegary stuff). The flowers are just out now, so it's time for another go...
    PS Love the haircut, such well-behaved chic hair! And I adore the picture of Isabella with the cat and the hens.

  8. what a great cat!
    i am with you on the feeling weary this week and on the grey hair..... i find that i have so little time to worry about it until it is cut and then like you i am a little shocked!
    i used to rely on my dear friend Annie to nag me when i needed to buy the old hair dye - i guess now with no nagging i have left it to go wild in the Highlands!
    hoping that you have a restful weekend - here we have very warm weather and have just sheared the sheep so we are hoping for a relaxing weekend in the veg garden :)
    hugs to you
    t x

  9. Elderflower champagne sounds wonderfully summery! I like the haircut - looks lovely and sleek (most unlike my own bird's nest!).

  10. Wonderful photos and narrative as ever! My garden is full of aphids this year. I've been zapping them successfully with a home-made mixture containing neem oil and Ecover washing up liquid. It doesn't harm beneficial insects or humans. You'd need a magnifying glass to see your greys- if it gets worse, there's always Clairol, or just let it be :)

  11. If slowing down a bit, and taking time to notice all that you've shown us has given you some quiet, restful time Pipany, I am so very glad.

    What you notice is definitely worth careful observation ... except perhaps the silver hair you seem to be able to see. I have had the same for decades, slowly slowly advancing. Strange thing is that many will ask where I have my hair colored and highlighted. I just say it's the gift of time.


  12. Gorgeous haircut Pipany :-)

  13. Pip,there is nothing wrong with slowing down and noticing things. No one ever wished they did more housework or tidying but many say they wished they had paid more attention when their families were growing up. This is something you do at 200%. You most certainly have your priorities right. Have a lovely weekend - jacqui x

  14. Hope you have had a good weekend and you are feeling less tired.