Monday, 29 June 2009

Still tired....yawn.

Yep, still sooo very tired. Trying to motivate myself, but looking around and noticing does leave you open to noticing that your beautiful, gorgeous daughter newly returned from Uni has turned at least one of your rooms into a bombsite and as she is off to the outer reaches of Europe again tonight for a fortnight you are thus left with the bombsite to contemplate. If you are reading this Lauren, dear child of my heart, PLEASE stop being so messy cos I am truly too busy! Oh, and Sam, sweet 19 year son of mine, please stop leaving me to clear up after your food efforts and DON'T EVER leave a block of cheese on the worktop for the cat to eat! We don't call him Fatty for nothing...the cat, not Sam that is. There, moan over and still no motivation. No car today either, so no chance of looking for inspiration along a pretty creek like the one at Cowlands.

No chance of searching for more elderflowers by the banks of Mylor Creek either, so beautiful whether shrouded in mist

or basking in sun.

Golly, what a whinger I am! Instead of moaning I could.... pick these scarlet globes and make something with them. Redcurrant jelly or wine perhaps? Maybe I could make cordial or use them to lie atop a fluffy pavlova?

I could make pea and borage soup for lunch using leaves from these plants (yes, cheating today with pictures from last time's blog!).

I could work on these sort of designs because I have already had aquite a few shops requesting my Christmas wholesale list.. I know, I know

I will definitely be working on an order I have received to supply a shop in the grounds of a beautful local garden called Trebah Gardens. If you ever visit this way you really must go as the views are amazing through enormous tree ferns to the coast beyond and with footpaths winding their way down to a little beach. Truly stunning and the visitor centre has a lovely shop which will very soon be selling my very own pipany range. I am very excited about this.

As it is, I think I had better begin by clearing away the debris from the weekend and then maybe I will feel more like...having a snooze most probably.

Hah, nice idea! promise to be a bit livelier next time...yawn.

Have a good Monday x

P.S. Much love to my dear Davey who starts his new job today in a school only 20 mins away instead of over an hour! Hurray and I love you! x


  1. Could it be the heat making you feel soo yawny and lackadaisical today? I know that I can't take temperatures of over 70 really, so as it was about this not long ago, it can only get worse. At which time I shall retreat to the cool sitting room and... read, snooze... whatever. Enjoy your day.

  2. I too am feeling very tired today, it is the heat. I tried digging in the garden (mad aren't I?). To be honest I have no energy for anything. Roll on winter?

  3. It must be the weather Pipany. I've had a headache and have been soooo lethargic for days now!! I shouldn't complain, but roll on Autumn.

    Good luck Mr Davey - best wishes from Broadstairs,

    Nina x

  4. Well done Mr Davey - sounds like a good move.

    The weather is very warm and oppressive here too - we could do with a good thunder storm to clear the air.

  5. Firstly, good luck to Davey..
    I still think he looks familiar.
    Secondly, I'm so pleased that you will be selling your lovely wares at Trebah.
    You know, I enjoy your blog because I see such familiar views every time I look at your blog.I'm feeling a little sad at the moment so looking at those views is lovely.
    Thanks Pipany

  6. I'd like to blame the weather, but am so with you about plates being left out and mess! I've been trying to motivate myself for days without success.

    Looking forward to our holiday in Cornwall next week.

  7. Thats lovely news about Davey's new job. Hope he settles in well. He hasn't got too long before they break up for summer so he can ease in gently. Trebah is one of my favourite gardens anywhere. Its lovely that they will be selling your lovely designs but how do you keep up with the demand on your own with everything else to do. I think you should be allowed a little tiredness! Have a lovely week. Karenx

  8. Congratulations to Mr. Dave. I'm sure that shortening his commute will make life even better around your place. (Hoping he won't have to use that extra time at the other end of his commute!)

    Rest a bit and enjoy that summer heat. Bask a bit in knowing about those new orders. You have accomplished so much, Pipany.

    The freshness of each of your pictures always gives me such a positive energy. Isn't it odd to be thinking of Christmas products? At the shop we have already seen previews of collections that will be for sale next February.

    Sometimes we have to just stay still for a little while. xo

  9. Glad to hear Mr Davey's got a closer job. Mr PM used to commute one and a half hours and swapped it for a 40 minute commute. Much better.

    Pea and borage soup? Please can I have the recipe? Actually, what about a Pipany recipe book? Or a Pipany book with some Pipany recipes and some blank pages for one's own recipes... with a nice embroidered cover... Just a thought!

    PS: I'm waiting for my first freelance wages and then I'm sending you an order! xx PM

  10. How do you manage to take such pretty photographs. So evocative! You can moan as much as you like because it is most interesting moaning. Good moaning, really! (Now where have I heard that before).

  11. I love Trebah gardens and have been taking grandchildren there for years. Well done to get into their shop!!

  12. The heat makes me tired. Good luck to Mr Davey in his new job.

  13. Think we all just run out of energy now and then Pipany! Just go with the flow and it will come back again in its own good time.
    I love Trebah and what a great place to stock your lovely stuff - just perfect!

  14. Very nice website Pipany! Very impressed indeed!
    Now I'm going to make a little suggestion, forget about everything you could be doing, and watch Wimbledon, or whatever, to have some time for yourself. It sounds to me like you spend a lot of time seeing to other people's needs, and not thinking of your own! It sounds like you need you time! It sounds like you deserve you time!
    I love giving out that sort of advice! I know it's a lot easier said than done!
    Take care Pipany, and get some well deserved rest.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  15. I forgot to say, well done on your new order, fandabidozee!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  16. Hello Pip - have just whizzed through your last three posts and they have given me great joy as ever.

    Mylor Creek holds special memories for me with a special person, not so many years back. Lovely to see a pic. I am hugely jealous of your 'holiday' weekends - I still do not feel I have had any of those yet this year: always visitors, or tasks, or husband working, or ferrying children to parties, or, not much of a holiday feel I'm afraid!

    Your daughter (older one) looks SO like you I think (assuming I have got this right and it IS your daughter!). Love your new haircut and you look so young and fresh with it - certainly can't see the grey hairs and Isabella will keep you young for years to come yet anyway!

    You have time (indeed ENERGY?) for redcurrant jelly, pavlova and cordials??!

    Great news re Trebah (dying to visit those one day - didn't manage it when I was there last) selling your wonderful creations. Well done! and also fab that your equally wonderful Other Half is now so much closer to work.

    Now, go and have a sleep and ignore the mess!

  17. My congratulations to Dave. Great its nearer to home. I get spells like this Pipany. Its just the body telling you to rest up a bit. We must visit Trebah some time. The cup and saucer in the cosy photo is to die for. I just missed a beautiful set of 4 on EBay called Carousel by Royal Stafford.

  18. Don't you just love that word - 'snooze' - not just the doing of it but reading and writing of it too!
    Have already read that you are feeling better but hope you got some snooooozing done toooooo.