Monday, 22 June 2009

Isn't it time?

I have been finding things a little odd here just lately as the weekends have felt so holidayish. Lazy days drift by and then Monday arrives with a shock, everyone rushing off to work or school when the sunshine suggests the beach would be a better idea. Surely it is time to be sitting in the garden with bowls of elderflower icecream to cool us down?

Time to maybe turn a handstand or two?

Or perhaps for those of a less athletic turn (much like myself), it is time to sew in the dappled shade of the Cornish Aromatic apple tree where a gentle breeze shooshes the leaves and plays with light on linen...

Lovely Nina found the time to sew this dear little needlecase just for me and also sent a lovely bar of Green & Black's chocolate which Isabella and I scoffed with greedy haste! Do nip off and look at her blog full of the most beautiful pictures - we lead scarily parallel lives. Thank you so much Nina x

Isn't it time to gather pretty nosegays where lime green and soft cream sit happily with hot pink and deep purple, each posy filling the room with all manner of delicious aromas - some spicy, some sweet and some just... well, just nose-ticklingly beautiful?

And it must be time to while away some moments playing games of cards and mah jong

and, for the record, that was a terrible hand I had there!

Such a beautiful set to play with though.

Lucy insists we find time to spot butterflies & moths so that she can mark them off in her book. This one - a buff ermine we think - crawled out of Isabella's welly boot, much to her disgust.

I can happily find a minute or ten to gaze at this beautiful iris which has flowered by the wildlife pond for the very first time. How excited we were to see it, though the photograph has changed the colour; it is actually the deepest royal purple velvet, so rich and wonderful as it sits by the wildlife pond taking over from the cheery yellow flag iris which now are forming their amazing seedheads.

And, of course, there is always time for a smile

and a kiss

Yes, it's definitely feeling holidayish


  1. So glad I found time to read your blog - it has a calming effect on a busy brain - thanks. You have a lovely outlook on life.

  2. I agree with Twiglet! It's like a mini holiday reading your blog. I always think your family is so wholesome! The top picture of the boat, yacht? looks almost unreal - beautiful! and love the handstand!

  3. I wish I could do handstands like that - even at my best (and youngest) I always ended up in ungainly crumpled heap.

    Your part of the world loooks beautiful.

  4. I love the photo of the iris, especially. Such a gorgeous colour.

  5. I love your blog!! It's so lovely and that needlecase is very pretty - lucky you xx

  6. Ooohhh Hello Pipany I'm sooooo glad you like the needlecase.

    It's starting to feel holidayish here too as this week in town we have lots of people dressed up in costumes to celebrate Dickins Week - ho, hum!!

    take care and that picture of a moth is amazing,

    Nina x

  7. The lovely thing is that you don't have to leave home to feel holidayish - you have your own little holiday spot right there!

  8. Yes indeed it is time to do all those lovely things. I must stop running about the garden desperately trying to put right three weeks of no attention and sit and smell the roses. Timely and beautiful reminder!

  9. Pipany, there is always time to click right here and see how a loving family knows how to enjoy and encourage each other.

    Optimism central, right here in the land of Pipany.

    Cheers! xo

  10. Oh ANOTHER lovely post from Pipanyland. Does the sun always shine in Cornwall??!! Or just chez Pipny&Davey?
    Thank you for having such a lovely life and sharing it with us.

  11. Pipany...your photos of the sea are always breathtaking. Your first one on this post looks like it could be a painting...beautiful!

  12. This has reminded me to sit and be still with my family, to sew or crochet amongst them and not to rush around from job to job. Because really none of those jobs are as important as being together in the sun. Your pictures of happy lazy days really get the joy of togetherness across perfectly.

    Lisa x