Monday, 15 June 2009

A weekend of gardening.

Wasn't it a beautiful weekend? We had sun, some cloud, a little rain (very little) and spent the entire weekend in the garden with the children. Even managed to get to the allotment where things are growing frantically. Take a little tour with me. A view toward the house with the yellow loosestrife's pretty spires. These flowers are great for cutting as they last so well, although they do drop tiny stars all over the table. I have to say this never worries me.

Hmm, forgot to move the space hoppers for this one. Makes a change from the hoover which appears in most of my indoor photographs I suppose.

Mustamg and Biscuit taking it easy. We lost our Aylesbury, Lemony, though have no idea why. Just found her dead in the pen one morning without a single mark on her. She is buried now under the Ballerina rose. Unfortunately, a couple of days later poor Maple, our feisty Kahki Campbell x Indian Runner, was taken by a fox - well, we assume it was a fox though no blood, feathers or sign of any attack could be found. Poor girl was sitting on a nest of eggs, but it is a real mystery as not even the straw had been moved. We need to replace them as Mustang is wearing poor Biscuit out as she is the only female now. Still, all was peaceful when I took this picture.

The redcurrants are beginning to ripen. I will need to watch them as the children and the birds both love them so. I think they are one of my favourites with their tiny globes of the brightest scarlet. We are lucky enough to have more at the allotment along with lots of blackcurant bushes.

The girls have been going into the garden from the moment they get up in the morning. Today Isabella had her breakfast sitting on the bench Tom made for us years ago. It has sat under the cherry tree in the duck pen, but we decided to bring it out so that we could use it more. A little overdue for a clean up I think.

The beautiful creamy rose clambering through the bay hedge outside Dave's writing room...

A self-seeded icelandic poppy opens the first of dozens of buds

Doesn't everyone wear pyjamas and wellies for gardening?

In front of the hen pen...

By the wildlife pond...

All so very pretty and just brimful of birdsong and newts and dainty floating butterflies. I love it. Well, that's it for today. Hope you had a lovely weekend too x


  1. Lovely, Pipany...I could almost smell your rose.

  2. Looks blissful and space hopers are never wrong!

  3. My ducks dissappeared overnight the same as yours, they were sitting on a huge clutch and nothing touched, no sign of a struggle, no feathers, 5 lovely little Silver Appleyard Bant. ducks just gone. I thought it was human intervention and had the police involved, of course never saw them again,really upsetting. Your garden looks wonderful.

  4. It looks like the perfect garden Pipany.

  5. What a shame about your ducks. Your garden looks lovely, and gardening in pyjamas and wellies is the only way to go!!

    Sue xx

  6. I definitely wear PJs for gardening!

    Sorry to hear about the ducks, its so sad when you lose animals and can't find them to know what happened.

    The redcurrants look delicious and reminded me of one of my fave lunches, redcurrant jelly, heaped on a baguette stuffed with Camembert that's been heated through til runny. Delish!


  7. Wonderful, Pipany, thank you

  8. Delicious pictures Pipany.
    & yes pajamas and wellies are perfect gardening attire - didn't you know? Am contemplating weraing my Pj's to a birthday party we have been invited to as I can't find an appropriate dress!

  9. Poor little ducks. Strange that they died a few days apart for no apparant reason. Your garden looks splendid - like a beautiful nature reserve. x

  10. What a lovely garden - and such a well-dressed gardener too. Lucky you!
    We are missing one of your lady ducks but I hope she is in the woods sitting on a clutch of eggs - this happened several years ago. Will have to wait and see.

  11. Gosh, Isabella's growing up so fast - it only seems yesterday that she was a dot! Poor ducks!

  12. I don't think I can read your blog any more. "The redcurrants are beginning to ripen". It's as if you're on a different warmer planet! Luckily I think I can overcome my jealousy. Sympathy over the ducks. Once the fox found ours, s/he took the lot. I was heartbroken. I get too fond of ducks. Isabella's quite right. One must always garden in pyjamas and wellies. That's what I wear to water the hanging basket in the mornings!

  13. Sorry to hear that you lost some of your ducks.
    I am waiting for out redcurrants to ripen. There are loads of them this year and the birds defintely are not having them! x

  14. Some lovely colours in your photos Pipany,and sweet little Isabella sitting on the table!

  15. Lovely as ever Pip, but like Mags I feel I live on a different planet, you are so ahead of us.

  16. Such sad news about your ducks, please let us know when you get some more. I hope Biscuit isnt getting pestered too much by Mustang, i know how my rabbit 'Grunty' feels when his brother pesters him for some 'brotherly love' - it cant be too pleasant!

    Aqeela xx

  17. Absolutely Pip, pj's and wellies are a must have for any garden inspection!!

    Lovely pictures,

    Nina x