Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I'm Back!

Well, I expect that's made all the difference to your day? No? Oh well. The exhaustion has finally gone and some, just a little you understand, energy has returned, making me realise in contrast just how wiped I truly was. Bug? Hormones? No idea, but much better now, thanks heavens. Probably whatever it was was chased away by all the lovely good wishes from blogland, so thank you dear people one and all x So, in the meantime this is what I have been up to: visiting the allotment and picking redcurrants...


This delicious box of teeny carrots, lettuce leaves and broad beans. I don't like to thin carrots until they are large enough to use as sweet flavourings for salads or casseroles or even just to snack on. Such a skinflint that I can't bear the idea of wasting them if pulled earlier. I do the same with the parsnips, though they truly are weeny as I find they can't be left so long before they cause the ones you want to keep to distort. Such a strong taste though that even these barely visible thinnings add a real warmth to summery one-pot meals.

Did I mention broad beans?

Collecting shells

Sewing orders. Lots of orders - lots of sewing!

Eating pesto from gorgeous fresh basil

Chasing the last of the elderflowers - Nina, I have decided there is never enough elderflower cordial or champers in the world!

and being given this pretty stone by Isabella who raced in from the garden yelling, "I found a heart for you Mummy!" No wonder the tiredness left.

Other than this, there's been a little Wimbledon (thank you for the reminder Vanessa), peppermint foot rubs from dear Mr Davey (everyone really should have a Dave I think), sipping wine and much sitting in the cool of an evening garden. All rather lovely really.

Have a happy day x


  1. Well, lovely to see you back again and blogging with lovely photos. I have a small collection of heart shaped stones found over the years, plus one that looks like a three legged sheep! And I am lucky in that I have my own version of your Mr Davey!

  2. glad you are feeling so much better pip... i went through a tired spell a few weeks ago and a friend is experiencing one just now too... i think it is our bodies way of making us slow down and recharge.
    gorgeous fresh 'pickings'... you have reminded me that i need to pick the rest of the blackcurrants today as rod wants to make some jam tonight! aren't we lucky with our men?!!
    lots of love ginny xxx

  3. Such yummy fruit and veg. I love collecting shells and stones. I have some beautiful coloured stones I collected in Corfu. I could look at them for ever. I have a few heart shaped ones. I did lose a black sharks tooth which I treasured.Glad you've got your zipp back. Think I will make some more Elderflower Champ, as I love it so much.

  4. Sheesh! What a busy bunny you've been! Seriously, I'm glad you're back to full strength - must be all the elderflower cordial and champagne!

  5. Pleased to hear that you are feeling better. There is a bug going round like that as I had to a couple of weeks ago...just feel really tired for no apparent reason. Your vegetables are looking super! x

  6. Pipany, do you know the song that has the lyric,

    "I'm back! Back in the New York Groove!"

    repeat, repeat, and so forth.

    It's a very upbeat tune, and when I read your blog, I was thinking,

    "She's back! Back in the Pipany Groove!"

    Glad to see the spirit in you words and photos. That allotment is amazing. The sewing wonderful. The solid little heart a wonder.

    And we can surely tell that Dave is a wonder. Could you please set up a tutorial on how one could locate her own Dave?


  7. Cant understand why you arent even more tired, with all that going on!
    There is so much from the garden right now. I finished the last picking, hopefully, of Broad beans today. The fruit is all picked, except for a few blackcurrants turning black.
    Glad you are feeling more yourself.

  8. It all sounds blissful... especially the foot rub and wine! I'm with you on being mean about thinning vegetables.

  9. It's good to read that you're feeling yourself again, Pipany. That heart in your little one's hand must have done the trick!

  10. Fabulous produce, would love those currants! What a sweet little pebble and indeed a sweet little girl you have there.
    Hen x

  11. so glad you are feeling better x
    perfect treasure from your sweet girl too :)
    hugs to you all
    t x

  12. Lovely photos of such delicious summer tastes. I have eaten fresh stewed blackcurrants, hot over Cornish clotted cream ice-cream - but didn't take a photo!!! Also spent quite some time removing the little fibrous 'bits', messy though well worth it - divine dessert.

  13. So pleased you are feeling more energetic now. I love the little heartstone. One of my gdds is always collecting stones, there are many by the river here and I have to keep all she gives me of course.

  14. So pleased you are feeling better now. Could you pls lend me Mr D I really need some TLC jst now!

  15. Glad your feeling better :)

  16. I completely and utterly agree!! Though one bottle (of champers that is) did go 'bang' in the larder the other day and all other the hubby 'ooooppps' that'll teach him to keep inspecting his handiwork!

    take care and I'm glad your feeling better. I'm still trying to shake off this weather headache!

    Nina x

  17. ps. sorry that was suppose to say 'all over' the hubby!

    N x

  18. Lots of lovely produce and peppermint foot rub sounds good to me! x

  19. Relaxed already! I too have a marvellous DH. I think we are very lucky...

    Louise x

  20. Hurrah! I'm glad to hear you're feeling so much better. Perhaps it's all the goodies in the berries and the lovely stuff from the allotment. Inspired by you the other day I also made elderflower champagne. Bubbling away nicely now... I hope it doesn't explode this year!!

  21. Ah a little chubby hand with a heart stone in it - truly you are blessed! Lovely photos - gorgeous elderflower blossom - so creamy.

  22. Oh that heart! I'm a collector of pebble hearts from the beach, so I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur! And that heart is about a perfect a specimen as they come, I know how hard it is to find such perfect specimens!
    So glad your energy is starting to return, just looking at all that astounding produce makes me want to leap out of my chair with joy! It's all so perfect and delicious looking.
    Glad you enjoyed the tennis, though the stress of it could have set you back in regaining your energy!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)