Friday, 31 July 2009

Long time passing.

Hmm, not much sign of the sun that shone so brightly when Davey took this picture of me and Isabella almost three years ago is there?.It has been almost two weeks since my last post. The summer holidays caught up with me despite there being no real sunshine to make summer seem present at all. Cornwall has been awash and the light quality has been dark enough to bring late autumn to mind. I have managed to pop into a few blogs and the occasional sight of blue skies and warm light has brought much envy to mind! Ah well, the holiday itself has been good so far with our lovely daughter Lauren's birthday and a meal shared with children, girlfriends and grandparents. More on the pressies next time.

A cocktail party arranged by Lauren and her friend Charlotte on Saturday was fun and brought a summery feel to a grey day. It involved much mixing by Elias of Mojitos and Pina Coladas and Dave's current favourite: Pink Pussycats..need I say more?

There have been bright flowers rescued from the worst of the rain.

As an emergency measure - and just because this is the sort of thing I like to do - I have a Holiday Jar at the ready. This is basically a rather large jar filled with folded pieces of paper containing ideas for things to do. Whenever it feels right I get one of the gang to close their eyes and pick a paper. Whatever is written on it is what we have to do..together...all of us whatever age! We haven't needed to use it more than once so far, but it contains things such as make a kite, buy some more ducks (can't wait), camp in the garden (dreading that one), make a trivet for the campfire & cook a meal on it. The list is long and varied with the first one out being to 'make jam'. They chose strawberry and wrote the strangest of labels.


Appropriately enough for this weather I have had to work on Christmas designs. One of the online places I sell through ( has asked for submissions for their Christmas catalogue and this galvanised me into getting a little organised. I now have three products designed, made and photographed in a rather alternative way which may or may not hit the mark with Noths, but whatever happens there I am more than happy with the effect for my own website. It's amazing how focused this has made me feel and today I am off to see a rather large display of my work in Trebah Gardens which am most excited about.

Sorry about the picture, but I couldn't resist! Well, not much more today, just a sunshiney photo from a long while ago to brighten your day.

Have a happy Friday x


  1. Glad to hear that you are having a good holiday despite the weather!
    The rescued flowers are so pretty;much better than shop bought ones.
    Oh, I love your ideas jar! It is such a good idea and sounds lots of fun too!
    Keep enjoying your holidays x

  2. Love Trebah gardens especially the forest of 'giant rhubarb' down at the bottom and the beach at the bottom. Hmm Christmas...I've got three local fairs booked and that's as far as I've got.

  3. We have a pretty little handmade box with slips of paper in, on which are written ideas for days out, or things to do on days off, much the same as yours in a jar. It too, contains a wide variety of suggestions, all things we don't normally do, so we call it the treat-y box, and dip in whenever we fancy a day out but don't know where to go, or a day doing something and don't know what. It hasn't had to be used that much, mainly because there has always been something to get on with around the house or garden. But one day....

  4. I was going to finally give in and ask you to adopt me - until I read 'camping in the garden' but then I saw your aside and cheered up again. Good luck with the show.

  5. Lovely as always, Pipany.

    That sunshine-filled bouquet really makes such a bright, positive statement.

    Best wishes with the noths catalogue. I very much like the photo with the holly and embroidery. It's spritely and sophisticated ... like you!


  6. How do you do it? Have all these fab ideas for summer holidays I am hugely impressed with the holiday jar (&PFG's Treaty box) and then think about Christmas too....
    Lovely family and lovely blog as always Pip.

  7. Yes, what did happen to the weather? But your delightful posy of garden flowers, magical and delightful, brimming with sunshine all of their own to brighten the dismal day! Thank you. CH xo

  8. I love your holiday jar idea - may use it when the grandchildren are a little older.
    That little bit of holly gave me a scare - eeek!! - too hot to think about Chri_ _ _ _s yet!

  9. Right. Tomorrow we're going to make a holiday jar. What a brilliant idea! Like ChrisH I would like to be adopted by you. Could you manage the two of us from Wales? Those are such gorgeous flowers too. I'm going to pop back and drink in that picture of them again.
    PS: We love Ship, Ship Sailing! So far we've only managed one game (unfinished) because we've been too busy collecting more shells and pebbles. H and R just love it at the moment because it is such a beautiful thing.

  10. Hiya Pipany,

    love the 'ideas' jar. Not much sunshine here either just the odd day - here's hoping though!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog - we seem to have had the worst of both worlds - not that much sunshine and a lot of grey threatening clouds, but hardly any rain - which all the plants need desperately. And its been so windy that taking photos outside has been a nightmare - everything keeps blowing out of focus!

    Pomona x

  12. I love your family photo's and hearing about your world. The jar idea is a beauty, I might try that one myself. Hope you get a bit more sunshine after the rain. I have never been to Cornwall but it looks beautiful, how lucky you are to live near the sea. Bye for now xo

  13. That posy you have pictured here is exquisite Pipany. Just lovely. So many lovely things going on here despite the dubious weather. Jam. Who doesn't smile at jam?

  14. I love the jar idea - you always have such a wonderful way of making me smile!

  15. Those flowers are perfect and I love your holiday jar. Your children are so lucky to have you guiding their lives so cleverly.

  16. Hello Pip, I love your jar of ideas, what a fun idea that is. And your kitchen really looks like a the heart of your home, I can imagine full of chatter and comings and goings. A lovely place to be.
    Bertie x

  17. Magical. That is the word that comes to mind each time I read your blogs. Always makes me smile too. thank you!!! :)

  18. I have always thought since I first opened your blog to view that your photo by the beach with your baby was very endearing. Hope you had a fabulous weekend, Pipany!