Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Forgotten Giveaway!

Ok, so I admit I forgot - I offered the chance of a giveaway and then completely forgot about it. In my defence I have been busy, very busy, but still 'tis no excuse and I apologise. Better late than never though, so here it is (fanfare, drumroll, etc about now): I shall be giving away one of my Lauren Tote Bags and hopefully, very possibly (if I don't forget that also) one or two other little bits and pieces as well. All you have to do is:

a) Tell me which colourway you would like - Bubbles

or Jazz (really need to do a new shot of this one on a beach as the colour is just lovely, but isn't shown off as well as the others here)

or Blossom

or Almond Blossom

Now on the subject of product images, the one of Almond Blossom was taken on our jolly down to Cape Cornwall - pictures in the last post - and it made for the most gorgeous backdrop. If only there were time enough for travelling the county every time I need to do photos! It shocks me just how long these things normally take and yet this time the light was perfect, I only took one photo and as for that setting...sighs deeply at the memory, especially as today is dull and grey yet again.

Now for the second part of the giveaway (sorry, but I thought you could help with market research). Could you please pop over to my website and have a look at the products, then let me know:

b) which product do you like best? if none, please be kind and lie! It may be the Summer Days Bunting above, or perhaps a Lavender Hush Heart

or a Dreamy Days Doorhanging

or something else entirely...just let me know as it helps with future product development (official sounding isn't it?). So that's it. Just let me know which Tote bag you would like and which product you like the most, and I will draw names out of a hat next Sunday evening 10th May at 7.30pm (because that will be the first chance I get!). I truly don't mind if you have never visited/commented before, have lurked forever in the background or whatever, please feel free to enter anyway. Sorry for the product heavy blog, but that was sort of the point. Here are some more crab pots to cheer youy on your way...

oh and I'm still trying to get the newts...

what do you mean you can't see them!

Ah well...

Bye for now! x


  1. Of course I can see the newt....
    the Jazz or the Blossom are great and I like the Hush hearts and the bunting.
    Thank you for your kind comments. I just had to come and get my dose of Cornwall

  2. I can see the newt too! :)

    All the items are lovely. I think i like the Jazz and the bubbles bags best and the hush hearts are so pretty. xxx

  3. wow those bags are so very beautiful and, in order, my favourites are Jazz, Almond blossom, the circles and then normal blossom, but they are all elegant and pretty. From the website, the bunting has to be a favourite, and the bags. Sadly this says as much about me as you - size and variety. I like the bags because they are beautiful and capacious, the tooth fairy bag because it's so cute and the bunting because of that luscious fabric to letch over! I'm not so good on the smaller things but mainly because I'd lose them, or rather they would get lost in the mess of my house and they deserve a neater way of life. Maybe when the children have left, sob, and I can establish a really pretty spare room. And then move into it and lock the door!

  4. I can't resist such a lovely giveaway and if I was lucky enough to win I think the Jazz bag is my favourite. From your website I rather like your beach bags... but the bunting is rather gorgeous too. (Well in truth it's all rather gorgeous!) ... and I can see the newt!

  5. Oooh....if I were to win it would have to be the Jazz bag....gorgeous! On your web site, which I visit regularly, I love the tea cosy and the bags....oooh the bags, all lovely and tempting.

    Sue xx

  6. I honestly think that my favourite thing that you make is the Lauren bag and if I were lucky enough to win one in Blossom I would be very chuffed! x

  7. Ooohhh a giveaway! I love giveaways, they're so exciting! You're being extremely generous with your giveaway.
    Your website looks fantastic! I love everything on there, so it was hard to choose. I love the ship, ship sailing game, the bunting is gorgeous, and so are the hush heart and sweet dreams heart.
    And of the bags? Well, the Bubbles bag looks gorgeous!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  8. Everything is gorgeous - but then things made by hand with love and attention to detail always are.
    If I was buying I would choose one of the bags (the Jazz one is my particular favourite), followed by the tooth fairy purse and the tea cosies - but then I have a thing about tea cosies - so evocative of visiting aunts and grannies!
    I also like the bunting and as I am a seamstress (I was going to write sewer but thought better of it!)I might make some of this for myself out of all my patchwork scraps.
    The herb sachets would make lovely 'thankyou'gifts.

  9. Far too many deliciously inspiring things to choose from Pipany. The Blossom bag gets my vote, it is possibly the scene setting, too beautiful and could it come with the bag?? Perhaps I could personally collect.....
    Then from your website oh where do I start??? The Lauren Bag, Ship Ship Sailing (no wonder you haven't put the instructions on you blog!) so beautifully packaged. Then the tea cosy such a lovely invitation.

    I really would like the life where I had a house full of these kind of bits, that no-one disturbs. Not an ill husband sleeping in my sewing room or a large dog that runs off and hides things (perhaps I shouldn't tell you that) or cats that sleep on inappropriate items (perhaps I shouldn't tell you that either!!)
    Anyway Love it all - which isn't very helpful..... so sorry!
    I too see the newts, and your photograph taking shadow on the lobster pots. As always lovely pics and words.

  10. Hi Pip, just caught up on the last few blogs, I'm homesick for the sea, and holiday-sick for Cornwall. Two years is too long...
    So - these products. Well, I did love Babbit so much, my God-daughter is devoted to hers. But now I admit the 'I'm feeding the hens' door hanging is my favourite item. All that applique and embroidery is very sweet. And little hens too. Aaah.
    And my favourite bag is Almond blossom, should I be lucky enough to be chosen! xx

  11. What a super giveaway Pipany, thank you. I'd love either of the Blossom ones....if I'm lucky enough to win!

  12. to the website. I love the sachets, and the bags, and and and....well, all of them really!

  13. Good day Pipany, a giveaway - count me in!

    For me it would be jazzy - I love all your colourway combinations, but jazzy would look gorgeous drapped over my arm!!

    I love all your products, but for market research if given a choice to buy it would have to be the 'Dreamy Days Doorhanger' as I just adore the little embroidered girl and would aquire it for her - maybe you could incorporate her into other products like your bunting, bag or hearts.

    Anyway, have a lovely, lovely day,

    take care and hope you get to slow down soon!

    Nina x

  14. I could see your newt!

    I have to say I love the jazz bag very pretty. And on your website you are so spoilt for choice. I love the little named door hanger with the little girl but also the garden one is so pretty as is the lavender hearts and the tea cosie....... Ah I think you might get the picture!lol. its just all so pretty. but those above are definately my favourites!


  15. All the things are very pretty but if I had to choose one it would be the doorhanger. If I am lucky enough to win I would love the blossom bag
    Oh and I can see the newt too!
    Yvonne x

  16. Being a bit of a bag lady I like the tote (the bubbles one being my fave) and the beach bags best.
    Now, what I want to know is can you tell what we're like by our choice of bag?

  17. Please enter me for your gorgeous giveaway. If I won, the bag would be just right to use on my holiday on the Lizard again this year, so it would come home for one week! I would chose the cheerful bubbles design. As for my favourite product - it has to be the bunting. I love its jolly cheerfulness and it always makes me think of summer and sunshine.


  18. Almond blossom gets my vote, Pipany, and the 10th of May is my special day so fingers are crossed. Now I'll head over to your website to skew the figures with my oddball from-across-the-pond input.

  19. Okay - I've been and looked at everything, enlarged it all and drooled all over the keyboard. I love the child's beach bag, Lighthouse. Could decorate a whole room around it.

  20. What a generous giveaway! I love everything on your website but if I have to choose it would be the Garden Door Hanging.
    And the bags - well my vote goes to Almond Blossom which is fab!

  21. Fav bag is the Almond blossom , so pretty, and the best product has to be the hush hearts, beautiful and delicate.

  22. I like the Blossom bag best (circles least) and my current fave on your website is the I'm feeding the hens door hanging - the tiny hens are so adorable! I'd have to have an I'm feeding the doves one though!

  23. Almond blossom...almond...blossom..I love the almond blossom. Really, Pipany, they are all beautiful!!!! And, I love your little shop website...I adore the tea cozy the best but I also like your little Lucy pillow and the tooth fairy bag. I think I have told you this before but it is worth repeating...your embroidery is exquisite!!!

  24. ohh oh pick me pick me!!! Love Jazzy bag and adore your bunting but frankly love all stuff on your site anyway so may be biased a bit!!

  25. I love your blog but seldom comment as I don't have a blog of my own. Love the Jazz or bubble bag and the hush hearts are very sweet. I also like the bunting very much.... Fingers crossed :)

  26. Pipany - all your items are lovely - I often pop into your website to look at all those pretty things and I think the tea cosies are perfect. The almond blossom bag is fab and my daughter would love it! Yes - I can see the newts too!! Your blog is a delight - I have never been to Cornwall but am very tempted after seeing all your super photos and your evocative descriptions. thanks lots!!

  27. Two favourites from the website - all of the Lauren Tote bags and all of the Beach bags.

    And yes, the Almond Blossom bag looks really good at Cape Cornwall, with The Brisons in the background, on such a lovely day.

    If I absolutely had to choose one of the bags it would have to be 'Jazz'! Best wishes. Lesley

  28. It's so hard Pipany as I love all your stuff.

    I will say Sweet Dream Hearts and bunting and a blossom bag.

  29. Wow! Decisiona, decisions..........don't make me choose. If I really have to I think I like the almond blossom bag, but then again............

    other things - I do like the door hangings - I'm in the garden. If only it was a bit warmer and drier I would be!

  30. Blossom is just beautiful.
    I can see the newt, thank god! we - the two girls and I have just completed several on-line hearing tests. i think I had an hearing age of 79! not good... eh! eh!
    Carol x

  31. All your things are wonderful, but I particularly love your Lauren bags. If I was lucky enough to win one, I'd love either Blossom, Almond Blossom or Bubbles - or even Jazz. They are all great!

  32. Hi there - In have just recently started 'lurking' and have been really enjoying your beautiful shots of Cornwall. I really must make sure we visit as it looks so beautiful. I love your website and I think my favourites are the lauren bag (probably bubbles first but would be very mood dependent as they are all lovely fabrics!) and the bunting and herb sachets (which look very pretty). I hope your giveaway brings in some useful info. Juliex

  33. Hi Pip, Its very difficult to choose a favourite item from your lovely website but I love the beach bags. Mine hangs on the end of our brass bed and always makes me smile and think of our Cornish holidays and summer coming and our visits to our own beach at Bexhill. I would be delighted to win a bag in almond blossom. Karenx

  34. I love the Tooth Fairy Purse because it inspired me to pick up the embroidery again and try designing one of my own, completely different to yours, but which those who have seen it think is lovely. So thank you for the inspiration. As for the bag... JAZZ please!!!

  35. Yup, another vote for the Jazz bag (though love the others too). My favourite at the moment on your site is the bunting (now just need a shed to go with it!).
    Thanks for your comment on mine and into the draw you go for the LEGO....Crikey, what are we like all these giveaways??!

  36. Hello Pipany,

    I agree with Jude, of course we can see that newt! Your photo is so clear.

    Your products are all lovely, and have that special Pipany quality.

    I am another Jazz fan, and having been over to the website, am having difficulty picking just one favorite. Every item is a winner.

    From reading your posts, and knowing how the sea influences you, I am going to choose the Ship, ship, sailing game. I want to learn the proper rules!


  37. I'll take a chicken, please.

  38. My fantasy shopping bag on contains: Lauren bag in Bubbles; Ship, ship sailing game; the I'm in the garden door hanging; the I'm feeding the chickens door hanging; four metres of bunting (and a whole litter of Babbits).

    Lovely newts! I still haven't tracked ours down. More pond-staring time needed. ;-)

  39. Jazz and ship ship sailing game! The moment I saw the game I knew that would be my favourite thing. It is original and the sort of thing that can be handed down the generations. Alas, my son is too old for such games now but had he been younger I would have snapped one up! Going back to the bags - I really love all of them!

  40. Hi Pipany,
    Your blog is such a pleasure to visit. It gives me that little bit of Cornwall in my own home. Your bags are lovely and my favourite is Jazz. All your products are fab. The game in a bag is intriguing but I guess the bunting is my favourite. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  41. Yes, I can see the newt. I can see the newt!
    I like your Jazz bag and fab bunting. The bunting looks so jolly xxxx

  42. Hi Pip,
    from your website i love the ship sailing game and the tooth fairy purses best... i also love the beach bags with the little extra pouch for collecting shells.( you can see that i am a practical gal and i like to have pretty things which also have a practical use). the tote bag which i prefer is the Jazz print.
    it's amazing that it is just 18 months since you started your business... you have done so well in such a short time and have a really lovely 'handwriting' and feel to all of your range.. all your creations are lovely and so 'pipany'!
    ginny xx

  43. Ooh, me, me, please add me to your entries.
    I love the Almond Blossom bag the best I think and your bunting is extra fantabbydosey Pip.
    Can you throw your gorgeous wooden house into the giveaway too ?
    Laurie xx

  44. I love the feeding the hens door hanging although it was difficult to choose just one thing;0) and if I'm lucky enough to win the blossom bag is my favourite.

  45. Have been busy being Grandma and not looked at your blog, so catching up. ALL your work is beautiful, so hard to choose but I think the I'm in the Garden is my fav. product and I love the Almond Blossom bag. I would love to visit Cornwall again this year but I fear the nearest I will get is Lyme Regis. Don't work too hard.

  46. Hello Pip, well I've entered the game! As so many others have said, I think all your things are lovely and I'm a sucker for fabric hearts. However, I think the bags and the bunting are what most catch my eye, you clever thing!
    Patterns? Well, again, all are lovely - and I'd probably make a different decision if I were to see them in the flesh, as it were - but I think I would go for Bubbles or Jazz. Bubbles I think is the most adaptable in terms of going with outfits and things (if you give a damn about that!).
    xx PS: I love stripes too.

  47. Pip, I think Bubbles sums up summer days down the beach with my 2 tiddlers perfectly! I know what you mean about nature reclaiming your garden. Having been busy beavering away making felt lovelies I took the time to take my cup of fruit tea round the garden with me and wow nature's been busy- especially with our triffid wweed the creeping buttercup, which sounds lovely but it'a a thug here sprouting up upsortingly in the middle of my lovely plants and then shooting off and rooting everywhere it touches earth boo hoo. Today though we are giving mother nature a helping hand and the kids and dad are making bee nest boxes. That's the added bonus of having a handy andy hubby here. Will post the results on my blog tonight :D Good luck with the weeding, isn't a weed just a plant in the wrong place anyhow? Well ok I exclude creeping buttercup, hogween and cleavers from that comment!! ClaireX in Wales

  48. Hi Pipany
    There is much lovelines but my faves are the garden door hanger and the jolly bunting!
    My fave tote bag is the blossom one, so pretty.
    Lovely photos.
    Twiggy x

  49. Hello, I visit your site from time to time and love the pictures of Cornwall (sigh! it's hot and humid here in Houston where I live, and I dream of Cornwall..). Your products are very pretty (and practical) and I like the bunting and the lauren bags. Especially the Blossom....

  50. Hi, got to join in here. The bags are all lovely, but I would go for Jazz.
    I got my girls to look at your web site and they said Dreamy Days Door Hanging "because it's pretty, and personalised and could hang on my door" and also the Beach Bags because of the colour and applique and the useful little collecting bag.
    But, it's all gorgeous!

  51. hey you x
    i have always loved your ship game - every time i peep at it i wish that i had little ones to enjoy it!
    must catch up as soon as lambing has finished and i am a normal(ish) person again :)
    love to you all
    t x

  52. Oh no! It's past 7.30...but you haven't posted yet - horay! I am still in with a sneaky chance, no? I am off to look at your shop and make a thorough study and report back in the name of future product development (yes, that does sound very serious indeed!). By which time I will have undoubtedly missed the drawer...but never mind, I shall enjoy the browsing. x

  53. Your website is looking fantastic. I think that I have two favourites - the first is the Beach Bags, which I think have a lovely feel to them and make me instantly think of your blog (for I think the first time I ever visited your blog it was a post where you had just packaged up an order for a shop of things that had a similar seasidey feel to them). The second would be the Lavender & Chamomile sachets - the fabrics you've used are beautiful - and there's something thoughtful and nice about the addition of the chamomile, when I would have expected them to be solely lavender-filled.

    The bags - I have the bottom fabric too - it's lovely isn't it - but I'm yet to make anything with it. I think I like the Jazz bag best.

    I hope that you have a good strategy meeting when you present your findings to the board (there could be tea and biscuits and everything - I love the idea of that)...and that you carry on doing what you're doing, that's obviously working so well. x

  54. I really hope I’m not too late to enter?
    All of you makes are beautiful, but some of my favourites are the door hangings, the bags and the bunting.
    If I am lucky enough too win I love the almond blossom bag!
    Love Lou xxx

  55. Just realized I forgot to post. I love all your designs Pipany. My bag choice is Blossom, Almond Blossom, Jazz and Bubble. Love the door hangings, and I loved the Babbits. In fabrics I think that stripes, spots,vintage florals, denim, linen and calico are always winners. Boats, beach huts, ducks and hens, and freehand embroidery always catch my eye.