Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Weekend & an Offer.

The weather has turned cold yet again, dull and windy but not raining so I guess I can't complain and I will be tucked away in my sewing room today where, no doubt, I won't notice whether what is happening outside. I have a clear roof in there and the light quality is amazing, but sometimes I find I emerge at the end of the day with no idea what has been going on in the world outside. I will work away, listen to Radio 4 and think of the weekend that has been with its bluebell walks written of in length in the last post.

I will think of the delicious food consumed in fairly large quanitities such as these stuffed butternut squash full of toasted pecan nuts, chopped salami and cheese with a generous sprinkling of mixed herbs fresh from the garden...mmm.

The birthday pasty made by Dave for a friend with a pasty obsession! A lovely evening of chat and much laughter.

The choosing of a suitable bowl...

to use as a base because Isabella wanted to make nests. Having collected 'dicks' (unfortunate that Isabella doesn't often pronounce the 's'!) and feathers from the duck pen, she then decided that a nest really needs buttercups and proceeded to pick handfuls of them. So pretty, but not long-lasting - tears followed; more tears followed when our papier-mache efforts dried too quickly and all the paper dropped off the bowl! Ah well, you can't win them all. As I can't show a picture of the finished work, I will show a picture of a dress I made many years ago for a niece instead... or not

The second the camera comes out Isabella sees a chance for a game. I'll try again while she is drinking; no, that still doesn't work as she fidgets constantly, this little never-still butterfly-girl. How dated and quaint the huge puff sleeves seem now and yet I rather like to see her wear it, her ringlet curls somehow suiting the style.

Another photo of bluebells I think...

before letting you know that I have decided to put an offer on my website for the Lauren Tote Bags as they were so popular in the feedback from my giveaway. From now until next Tuesday (19th May) anyone who wishes to order a tote bag will be able to do so for the offer price of £20.00 per bag instead of the usual £25 they sell for. I have removed all postage & packing costs from the website, so the total is as stated. Just click on the 'order now' button and the new price will show on the checkout and will apply however many you may choose to order - well, I don't know - you may have a run of birthdays coming up! Anyhoo, I hope it may be of use to some of you who didn't win the main prize.

Well, the sun is now shining brightly and it is a blissfully breezy day, so I will off to my sewing room.

Have a lovely day x


  1. What a lovely, generous offer! I would love to take you up on it but I have just bought a bag for summer from Lisa Stickley, otherwise I would be chewing your hand off! x

  2. I love the look of that butternut squash thing. Please could you give us the recipe/method?

    Isabella's "dicks" made me laugh. I well remember the walk we had with H aged two. She couldn't pronounce her 's' either and (in a very loud voice) said things like: "Daddy's got a very big stick", "I like sticks", and finally, the one which had us lying on the floor crying with laughter: "Daddy's waving his stick around." It's such a shame that they have to grow up! (But in many ways a relief, mentions of "Daddy's dick" are not really appropriate for public places, no matter how innocent!)

  3. I'm not allowed to buy anything, ever, anymore, again....sob. Bluebells are fabulous....

  4. Mmmmm butternut squash - one of my favourites I love the salami and toasted pine nut combination.

    Florrie could never say her 'L's and 'V's so instead of saying 'I Love You' it was always 'I Rub You' and as she chats to 'anyone' what a lovely treat for the tramp in the park!! - runaway quick!

    Have a lovely day Pipany, I wish the weather was as calm her it still blowing a gale.

    take care,

    Nina x

    ps. coincidance number '?' my hubby writes too the beach hut is his retreat along with bunting.

  5. yes, I am lurching from blog to blog today faint with hunger from all the lovely food and, like PM, can I echo a need for the butternut squash thing too, like how long do you cook it for?

  6. It's lovely to be able to put little ones into 'old' dresses. They grow up so quickly and then won't wear anything you want them too. My sister made a dress for my eldest daughter when she was a baby - pale blue with puff sleeves and her name embroidered on the front encircled by an embroidered wreath of little pink roses and yellow and white daisies. Later on she unpicked then name and used it for her own daughter, and eight years later did it again for my youngest.

  7. I've got me hand up for the squash recipe too, please!
    That dress is very sweet, Pipany. My mother kept some of my childhood dresses, and I've kept some of Lillypads - it's fun to look back at them and then see them worn again.

  8. Hi Pip, I've been a very slack commenter round here...sorry! To anyone who's thinking of treating themselves to a Lauren Tote Bag, I say just do it! I have one, and it's wonderful. Lots of room, lots of pockets, lightweight but strong...and great colours/fabrics to choose from too.
    Hope you've had a productive day sewing.
    Love Diana x

  9. Oh I missed your giveaway - such a shame - I spied it, then, as often happens - was called away by the tots. Many congratulations to Mags though. Your Lauren totes are wonderful -what a bargain.

    Mm, that butternut squash has made me ravenous! xxx

  10. My youngest couldn't pronounce his "S" when he was tiny, saying a "L" instead making one of our friend Limon. Simon tried so hard to get him to say the "S" but ended up being called Slimon, not what he had intended at all.

  11. Isabella looks beautiful in that dress we can see enough of her/it to get the idea! She is a poppet.
    Oh how childrens words stick in family folklore over time. We still use 'Mingles' for fingers - from my youngest brother. And both my brothers, now 36 & 38, call me 'Frin' which comes from 'Kafrin' (Katharine) much better than the earlier versions of 'Ratrin' which became for a while 'Ratbin'!
    Lovely photographs as always Pipany.

  12. Thank you for such lovely photos! Bluebells and ferns in the dappled sunlight of a Spring wood, just beautiful!

  13. Little Isabella's dress is adorable! The beach, pretty tote bags, flowers, a sweet little girle, oh my, Pipany, you post the prettiest pictures. Have a lovely day!

  14. Beautiful photos as usual. The butternut squash looks tempting as does your bag offer.x

  15. Another big, ahhhhhh! from me, as I'm feeling fraught with all the work I have to do and it was nice to get away for a minute!

  16. That squash looks divine!!! You've given me some ideas.... xxx

  17. Sorry its been such a long time since my last visit to your blog time has just rushed by so quickly !!
    I am just going to pop off and catch up with your posts !!

    Sara x

    Oh forgot to say ....
    we are now on the countdown to our visit to Cornwall in a few weeks !!