Saturday, 2 May 2009

First day.

First day of the Bank Holiday weekend dawns bright and shiny, so of to the beach we head...only to find a mist lurking on the horizon. It drifted in and out for much of the day, mostly making its ephemeral way up the river which runs through Falmouth from the coast, but not really affecting those of us playing on the beach as it hovered just far enough away. We spent the time skimming stones...

Watching the young gulls negotiate the breeze

Being chased by waves

We spent most of the day in glorious sun before the mist finally wound in across the shore making it a little chilly to stay.

We came home full of sea air and tired, but rested. A quick scan of the garden in the quiet of the early eve reveals the aquilegia are opening their purple bonnets, the colour picked up by the bluebells scattered along the hedge wall and suiting my calm mood.

Such pretty flowers aren't they?

As are the lilac gathered in this jug, possibly the last for this year as the huge abundance of flowers are just beginning to go over after filling the house and garden with that sensual perfume for almost a month now.

Lemony does her best impression of a stork

All is peaceful and I think I will light the campfire and quietly sit with a glass of wine , watching the flames as the day drifts away into dusk - my favourite of times - and let my mind also drift quietly over the day that has been.

Hoping for more of the same about you?

Bye for now x


  1. I am a little ashamed to say that I envy you today. My day has been the same as any other. I did some essential shopping and then slept a couple of hours away in a veil of lethargy. The sun has been shining but my mood has not matched it. Thank you for sharing the beach photos. I so long to go to the beach or escape to somewhere inspiring. I think I may watch the sun go down tonight with a glass of wine and think of you doing the same.x

  2. Hi Pip, Funnily enough I have just been admiring our aquilegia they are one of my favourite flowers and they pop up in places I know I haven't planted them. We seem to have a beautiful pink one too. We haven't been on the beach today as there was necessary gardening to do but the forecast is good so hopefully we may make it there tomorrow. Have a lovely long sunny weekend. Karenx

  3. Our purple aquilegia has just popped its head out too!
    Your beach photos are great with the sun glinting on the water.
    We have been dog-sitting today so lots of walks in the lovely sunshine, but not much else!
    I hope you enjoyed your sundowner glass of wine, a pefect way to end the day. Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

  4. must be a day for aquilegia as I noticed mine have just started to open today. What a lovely day Pip, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. Lovely lovely post Pip. My day was considerably more frantic but I loved sharing yours.

  6. I have enjoyed your day too.
    Lilac and Aguilegia are favourites of mine as well.
    We enjoyed an evening in the garden, food, wine, candle light and a warm fire to sit by, it was so peaceful and though, our clothes did stink in the morning, thank god for express wash!
    Carol x

  7. What a delicious day - I love the idea of lighting a campfire at the end of the day - such an exciting yet simple thing to do xx

  8. Hello Pipany,

    Aquilegia ... my UK gardening friends have them in their garden, and we always loved their slightly from-another-planet beauty.

    I very much love your notion of a weekend report ... I feel relaxed even over here in New York.

    Looking at Isabella on the beach, it is difficult to imagine she's the same cutie held on your hip in another photo.

    Her older sister is so pretty in her spring dress!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. xo

  9. Mmmmmmm deep breath!

    I have just come out of my trance Pipany, your weekend looks heavenly. Wish we had lilacs in our garden - I may have to take a little stroll to the park later and see if I can borrow a couple of branches!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

    take care,

    Nina x