Friday, 1 May 2009

Flamouth harbour.

Whew, I am so tired at the moment. A few nights of not sleeping well and I feel as though I am drugged, dragging my heels through the days with a feeling of not really being a part of it. There is no particular reason behind my current insomnia - no worries of work (though busy) or money (same as ever) or family niggles creeping into my mind in the dark of night (though I do miss Sam and Lauren and think it is high time they stopped galivanting in New Zealand and Belgium respectively and came home!). So, what to do with Isabella who frankly cares little for the needs of her sleepy-eyed mother who so desperately would like to curl up on the sofa and snooze away the day? No, she wants to see yet more boats and so it is down to the harbour we go once more.

It is filling up rapidly as the weeks progress and there is a pleasing mix of old and new, some brightly coloured and glinting in the early sun, others worn through much use, the faded paintwork partly flaking to reveal the base colours.

We sit for a while on the narrow granite steps leading down to the moored tenders (boats used to ferry people to and from their vessels) and watch the sun flashing in the ripples on the almost still surface. The tide is half in, half out and I have slightly lost track of which way it is going. Ebb or flow? It is unusual not to be aware of this in a county so connected to the sea, but I have forgotten for today.

Isabella is fascinated by the algae and barnacles clinging to the sides and as ever wants to poke her fingers into the green. The sliminess makes her shriek before I wipe it away and a seagulls answers her call with one of its own.

We walk on to find the 'lady' nestled away at the bottom of one of the many side alleys. Falmouth town is really on long street with quaint alleyways leading off it down to the sea and this ship's figurehead sits between a chandlers and a sailmakers keeping watch over the ancient building that perch either side. Unfortunately we noticed some idiots had daubed green paint onto her face - why?!!!

I love these ramshackle buildings which seem so precarious in their wibbly-wobbly way. They have stood for hundreds of years though and will no doubt long outlast me.

The light looks cold in these pictures, but there was a little sun for a change. It has been so cold and wet in Cornwall over this last week, though the late afternoons have changed into beautiful spring sunshine. Hopefully the Bank Holiday weekend will improve and my mood along with it - I do wish I weren't so affected by the this nonedescript weather, but I am and lack of sleep isn't helping. Ah well, there is always the thought of a roaring fire to cheer the days, nicely helped along by a glass of red wine...evenings only I hasten to add!

Happy May Day x


  1. Happy May day Pip from a grim, wet and windy Pembrokeshire. Fabulous photographs, such pretty boats. I'm sitting here cuddling a Skinny Cow hot choc in one hand and the woodburner in the other. Fingers crossed for a sunny bank holiday weekend. As for the insomnia - I prescribe more wine!!!

  2. Happy May Day too Pipany! Lovely pictures of the harbour and Falmouth.

    I think children have a tendancy to suck the energy right out of you some days and I know how hard it is to keep going when your exhausted and tired.

    Hope you settle you insomnia soon - maybe more wine, a lavender bath and massage!

    Have a lovely, lovely weekend,

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. Happy May Day from a lovely sunny Suffolk. Hope the sun shines for you this weekend! Lovely photos of the habour. I have stumbled across your blog and boy am I glad I did! I look forward to coming back often and reading about wonderful Cornwall. I hope you don't mind but I have added you to my (very new) blog roll. Please stop by and say hello.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Hope you get some sleep and sunshine this weekend Pipany.

  5. Lovely outing, Pipany. I hope your Isabella was tired enough afterwards to let her Mama have a rest!

  6. Oh dear,I hope you are feeling better very soon, it's hard work with the little ones when you're not feeling on top form. Thanks for the trip around my favourite place, I love that alley way and of course the Bosun's Locker, nice coat of new paint....

  7. Lots of folk have been tired this week, it might be the change in the season.
    I love Falmouth, you are so lucky living there and near the sea.
    Have a good restful weekend

  8. For someone who's not sleeping and isn't too keen on the damp weather you've written a very jolly blog, as ever - I really enjoyed the harbour photos.

  9. Happy May Day back to you, Pipany. Hoping you find that restful sleep soon.

    I loved seeing Falmouth up close. Thank you and Isabella for taking us along with you.


  10. Lovely pics of Falmouth and the watery depths. It's been very wet and cold over here (did it pass you by?)
    Hope your energy returns for the weekend, too.
    See you soooon!
    Diana xxx

  11. They are talking of sun so I hope you will soon be sleeping again. Lovely pictures of corners of Falmouth, thank you and Isabella for taking us there.

  12. When I feel like that (or feel like anything really) being able to potter around for a while with a camera makes me forget briefly how tired I am.

    Of these photos, I specially like the first one of the steps leading down to the water and the alley with the cafe.

    Did you go in?


  13. Hello Pipany, Happy May Day to you. Such beautiful photos of Flamouth, I'm yearning to breath some sea air. I hope you have a lovely weekend, and some well deserved sleep.
    Bertie x

  14. Thank you for the photo's of Falmouth bringing back memories of many visits over the years. Love the Maritime Museum basement with the sea through the glass and lots of lovely little independent shops. The St. Mawes Ferry is my favourite trip, lucky you living there all the time.

  15. Lovely thoughts & Pix as always Pip, hope sleep will come to you soonest.

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