Monday, 27 April 2009

Random thoughts.

Isabella and I have returned from a trip into Falmouth where the rain poured down one moment leaving beautiful spring sunshine in its wake the next. The harbour, filling up rapidly with boats of every description ready for the summer season, glistened in the full tide, the fields on the banks opposite seeming impossibly emerald thanks to a weekend of frequent, heavy showers and the sea itself freshly oiled as the gentle breeze ruffled the surface. I didn't have my camera with me for once, but the picture below gives some idea of how it looked as Isabella gaily trotted from quay to quay in order to spot her best boat.

The weekend pace was gentle with the usual pot of coffee in bed starting the day. A trip to the allotment to inspect the plants Isabella and I had planted out on Friday: hundreds of brussel sprouts, purple sprouting broccoli, cabbages and spinach plants all raised from seed by Dave; so many indeed it took us almost three hours to plant! The first broad beans are covered in flower and looking good and my little helper and I grazed along on green & red cut-and-come again lettuces, tips of onion leaves and scrumptious rocket which I just adore. A lovely morning together before heading for home where Isabella settled for a nap, full of fresh air and fresh food, while I taught a lesson and worked on orders till she woke.

Indeed, working on orders is in full flow as I seem to have had quite an influx just lately. A few new wholesale orders have been placed and my own website seems to be doing well too, so cutting out has been the main task of the day, a job I loathe unless I am on a run. This makes me feel so much more organised then when I cut a bit, sew a little, stop and start. The orders have been for a mix of items including some of these beach bags...

Sweet Dreams hearts...

Bright and Breezy Bunting

and Lauren Tote bags...

amongst others (all of which are available here). A lovely mixture to work on, though unfortunately my sewing room looks rather bomb-like which brings me to a need to bask in this gorgeous studio featured in Vanessa's beautiful blog, 'Do You Mind If I Knit?'. I love this blog for its stunning photos and the way Vanessa writes so beautifully about a wide range of things. Her home is just lovely, her knitting wonderful, and she is defintitely firmly on my list of bloggers I hope to meet, but ohhh that studio..... sigh...

Ah well, I can dream can't I? And I am lucky to have a sewing room at all, especially one made just for me by my lovely Mr Davey - just need to hoover up the threads, tidy up the fabrics, clear the floor....hmm. Off to catch me a ladybird now as one just flitted by the window.

Have a lovely Monday x


  1. And what a gorgeous little ladybird she is as well!! Love the pictures.

    Sue xx

  2. Would love to know if Marion Howard Spring's house and garden The White Cottage is still near the station in Falmouth. The studio is to die for,just what I dream about, all my stuff in one place.And what a lovely blog.I don't have a room for myself for the first time, and it's so frustrating, having to put everything away. The recession has put my plans on hold. Pipany, you are luring me back to visit Cornwall. Love little ladybirds dress.

  3. Ah Pip.....your allotment sounds wonderful. We haven't even BOUGHT our broad bean seeds yet. Oh dear. Suspect may be too late. We have a few onions and that's about it - oh and buckets of rhubarb.

  4. Pipany, glad to hear about all your orders. I agree that the cutting out part was never my favorite part of any sewing project ... but so necessary!

    The allotment surely seems to be well underway. It's grand that you have so many gardeners in the family.

    And ... little Miss Ladybug is adorable in her polkadots.


  5. Thanks for the Cornish 'fix' Pip. The sea looks gloriously blue and calm.

    Still have my broad beans under a fleece tunnel...lucky you!!

  6. Hi Pipany, your pictures are lovely it looks like you had a grand weekend!

    My hubby is cursing as his peas have been decimated at the allotment and tabbie pulled out two sweet pepper seedlings from there pots at the weekend.

    The tote bag looks gorgeous I love the choice in colours - great for the beach.

    I had a little look at the link you included - I want that workroom too, it's not fair!! The colours and 'oh' how tidy. Then again if I did have a space like that I wouldn't be able to keep it neat. Within hours fabric would be tossed on the floor and thread stuck everywhere - it's good to dream though!!

    Have a lovely week,

    take care,

    Nina x

  7. Wow, your allotment is coming along quickly!
    I think I'll spare myself a visit to the very organized studio you mention, and spend a little longer looking at the lovely photos on this post........random thoughts are often the most interesting.

  8. I love the tote bag. It looks like it is sitting on my beach not yours! I like the photos of the harbour surrounded by green grassy hills, so very English.

  9. The colour of that sea! I must have a quick peep at your website now I think.

  10. Gosh you are way ahead of us on the allotment. Love Isabella's dress too.

  11. I do like life better when it is a nice gentle pace. I really ought to be getting on with my allotment, I am so very behind.
    I wish I could just pop to the beach, your pictures are always so inviting.
    Love the bag.
    Carol x

  12. I know how you feel about a messy workroom, mine is due for a major blitz next week before we open up again for the season!
    The rain here has brought out the green too, so vibrant, but then so are all the weeds! Not enough hours in the day at the moment!!

  13. She is a poppet.
    Astonished at the size of your plants! Heavens I know I hjave boringly said this before but you are so far ahead of us re the growing season. I find it fascinating just how far apart we are season wise on such a relatively small island.
    Lovely blog agin Pipany and I am so pleased you are getting lots of orders in these trying times.

  14. Hello Pipany,
    Just been catching up with all your doing down in sunny Cornwall, also been having a browse through your website which is looking great, I wonder are you still using Moonfruit and would you recommend them for a beginner?

  15. Pipany, I really enjoy seeing your photos and creations. You are so very lucky to live by the sea...I can't even would be such a dream come true.