Sunday, 19 April 2009

Catching up.

I have been a poor blogger this holiday. Indeed, I have barely managed to even read many blogs, so a catch up is well overdue. The rest of our holiday was certainly not full of the sunshine so apparent in my previous post (that'll teach me to bask won't it?), but we found plenty to do in the wet, dull, damp weather that mostly followed. Here's a taster: first up, jugs full of lilac - gorgeously scented, delicately flowered, just so beautiful lilac - picked from the one by our front gate and filling the house with their seductive perfume.

Walks where magnolias bend and twist their branches over old walls and cottage gardens.

A favourite walk through the old gunpowder works where waterfalls tumble through the broken wheels and houses of a long ago place.

Where wellies are the order of the day as streams and rivulets need exploring.

Dainty grasses flower in the shade.

Woodland and water

Thee eerieness of a quarry, all gloom and still water suggesting dead things in its murky depths. The Lord of the Rings was the main topic of conversation here.

More tumble-down shacks with water crashing through and a lot of fun had by all.

Home to make pasta for the first time ever

to be eaten with a sauce of spinach, cashew nuts, olive oil and cheese (tell them its pesto and even our confirmed greens loather eats the lot!). Yum. so much fun that we foresee a whole summer of homemade pasta coated with sauces made from our allotment produce.

Will have to post about the newts, new hens and dandelion wine another day. For now we are off to the beach for the final day of the holiday. The sun is shining and we hope for more of this:

Have a good Sunday x


  1. Some people say lilac in the house is unlucky, but I don't think so. My parents always brought it in - white and mauve - and they had a long happy marriage. The homemade pasta with topping looks so nice I wanted to jump into your blog and try some!

    When you do your catching up please do try to come to my dove blog and have a go at naming the baby. Maybe your children might like to suggest some names too? (open to all!)

    Thanks for another lovely blog Pipany.

  2. Cool pictures Pipany. Looks like you had a fab Easter break, shame about the weather!

    The only lilac close to us is next doors and I'm not brave enough to scale over the wall and pinch some I'm also too nice to do that sort of thing - I should of put that first!

    Back to the grindstone of routine, housework and school run tomorrow,

    enjoy the last remaining hours,

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. That pasta looks wonderful, yummy, and your pictures are as wonderful as ever.

    Sue xx

  4. Such a wonderful post. You write so beautifully. I am liking the look of your pasta very much and feel the urge to make some myself! I can't wait to hear about your hens and all your other news! Have a lovely week to come.

  5. Lovely blog full of delicious moments.
    I envy you your lilac - mine has no flowers at all this year and very sparse in previous years. I think it will have to go.

    That walk looks spectacular - lucky you! and the coast as well.

    We had a pasta maker once but I gave it to a favorite niece who was doing a cookery course. I wonder if she still uses it?

  6. Geoff makes the bread in this house,hence he had a pasta maker for his birthday...fantastic fun!love the perfume from lilac.Haven't seen any here!

  7. Pipany, I always look forward to seeing what you all have been up to during the weekend.

    The walk seems so full of fun.

    Lilac is still a ways off from bloom time here. There is a beautiful and fragrant part of Central Park called lilac walk. I will try to keep an eye on it and post a picture or two for you when its time arrives.

    I love the idea of the freshly made pasta, and your way of convincing the skeptics of the delicious dish.

    One final thought... I look at that photo on the side of your posts of you with Isabella held firmly on your hip, and think ... how quickly that baby is becoming a little girl.

    Also want to say how beautiful are all of your wonderful children. And you. And Dave ... handsome!


  8. That pasta looks yummy - homemade pasta is something I've never tried.
    Pip, you make 'catch up' quite exotic - loved it!

  9. Homemade pasta... I'm very impressed! I bet it was delicious.

  10. Hi pipany, I agree with Simone you do write so beautifully as well as taking gorgeous pictures.
    It looks like you had a lovely Easter holiday!
    Have a lovely week…love Lou xxx

  11. That pasta looks scrummy - time to get my machine out of the pantry I think.

  12. Hiya Pip, you have succeeded in making me a)able to SMELL that divine lilac b)desperate to explore those watery ruins and c) rather hungry!!!


  13. Just been catching up on all your lovely posts, so gorgeous. What lucky children you have.
    Our lilac isn't in flower yet!

  14. Kennal Vale, I'd recognise it anywhere! It's magical isn't it? Love the photos.

  15. I always feel that lilac is a very 'vintage' flower and love it. Don't often get big bushes up here so they are all the more special for that.