Saturday, 4 April 2009


I love spring, don't you? Blossom everywhere, including the Victoria plum which was bought for me on Mother's Day by my son Tom when I was pregnant with Isabella. This is the first year it has flowered and we are very excited.

Soft and dreamy against a mid-blue sky.

Beautiful narcissi scenting the air...

and filling the house with their cheeriness

Sweet violets peek their bonnets toward the sun.

The first scarlet tulips open under the old apple tree and form counterpoints against the earth still waiting for the grass seed to germinate, though this morning I notice that verdant haze just beginning.

The damson is still dancing its dance, though the green shoots now peep through the billowing froth of confetti petals.

Spring...pretty isn't it?

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. Spring is very pretty indeed. I especailly love all the spring blossom.

  2. Sumptuous photos Pipany - the potential prospect of plums is VERY exciting! Are you planning the crumbles already?I would be. Emma x

  3. See! This is exactly what I mean! Look at all that gorgeous blossom and your tulips are flowering already. Mine are just buds yet. I have another three to four weeks to wait. (Taps foot impatiently). At least I can enjoy yours while I wait...

  4. Lovely. I can almost smell the flowers, and feel a little Spring breeze in my hair.

  5. Yes, I am like Preseli Mags - still a couple of weeks away at least from all that blossom, maybe three.
    still I can enjoy yours!

  6. How far ahead you are down in deepest south Pipany. We do have narcissi & daffs and the very first peeks of colour through their closed buds on the tulips but apple & pear or cherry blossom are still weeks away yet.
    Super photos and what a nice day you are having, it is raining here today, yesterday was lovely though.

  7. Please package some of that springtime and send it right on over here! I can almost smell those blossoms.

  8. your blossoms are stunningly pretty, I can almost smell that heady narcissi scent too.
    Hope you have a good plum crop.

  9. Oh yes she is, so very, very pretty!

    Lovely pictures Pipany, hope the sun is shining where you are?

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

    ps. I agree Hugh is 'God' though even better if he was a woman!! The salami is lovely well worth the expense.

  10. very pretty Pipany gorgeous pictures

  11. How do you take such enchanting photographs? You ought to go into business with WW and HS. Blossom not quite out here yet - another week perhaps. Just a few delicate flowers on the plum and of course the flowering currant which I shall leave until Monday so that it doesn't dry out. If you bury most of the twigs and keep them damp they should root easily. And this one has very little smell.

  12. Spring is very pretty - especially in your beautiful photographs.

  13. Thank you for a glimpse of what is to come! Lovely. Sandy

  14. There is nothing as pretty as fruit tree blossoms. They evoke a special feeling of joy.I think it is the purity and detail of the blossoms. I have one pink tulip out to-day. Great pictures, Pipany

  15. Such fresh and vibrant pics Pipany! And I love the door hangings in the post below...your posting frequency has shot up!!

  16. These beautiful things are around all of us but it is only those with the vision to "see" that can capture them in such stunning and gloriously beautiful photographs. Your blog has the most moving and lovely photos of any I've seen on a blog - because you take the time to stand back and appreciate life. And we can all do that too! Many thanks for sharing.