Friday, 3 April 2009

Dreamy Days.

One of the things I particularly enjoy about my work is the creating of new designs though, as I have said here before, it can sometimes be frustrating to move on completely from something you have enjoyed using. As a result of this a certain young lady seems to pop up in new guises in the sewing room every once in a while. She has been seen under a cherry tree...

and playing with balloons...

and just the other day I found her sitting on a bench dreaming away the day...hence my new Dreamy Days Door Hanging

She seems to have dropped her bunch of flowers on the bench as she stares into the distance, the world drifting by.

I see she has her best hat on with its little red bow.

This one is now hanging on Lucy's bedroom door, but there are plenty more in the sewing room all waiting for a name to be added before they head off for new homes. If you would like one they can be found here

Hope your day is dreamy too x


  1. I wonder who that could be....
    maybe a little person who was enjoying jumping in the rock pools?? LOvely work, as usual!

  2. She is so pretty, it's no wonder she keeps popping up everywhere. Really lovely

  3. Beautiful.
    It is funny when you read blogs, I think we all wonder how we find the time to make, bake and everything else.
    I have so much to finish on the project side and no time to do it, I get so frustrated sometimes.
    How do you manage to make such beautiful things, get them finished too.
    I love all of your designs so much.
    Carol xxx

  4. Sooo sweet (and quite a contract to my sleepless night!) You are a clever clogs.

  5. Sweet as the strawberry cheesecake I am eating while I read blogs!

  6. Oh she is so lovely such a dreamy kind of friend, my daughter would love her!

    Have a lovely weekend Pipany,

    Nina x

  7. Another lovely creation, Pipany. I don't know how you do it, but suspect it involves being organized and working hard!

  8. Just been playing catch-up on your blog and have been drooling as usual over each entry.

    M and I have been in graveyards recently taking photos. Such peaceful places.

    That Silver Lake book has been in my library this week as I have a family reading the series. I adore them myself.

    Thank you for your blog, it brightens up the world.

  9. Bootiful Pipany. I love her hat, so summery and floppy x