Tuesday, 21 April 2009

More of the week.

Images of the last week part two: hard-boiled eggs eaten on the beach. More special because they are from our own ducks and there is something in me that responds to the sight of the children tucking in so heartily to our own produce, whether it is fruit, veg, eggs or meat. I know where it has come from and what has gone into the making of it. Mind you, I have the same feeling when the woodshed is full and the chutneys are made, shelves glistening with jams and wines bubbling away in the front porch. Their is truly something about this 'providing' that fills a need in me (though I did realise how close to an obsession it can be when I caught myself feeding part of my orange to a perfectly well-fed and not at all hungry baby on the beach at the weekend!)

A drink of elderflower cordial to wash it all down.

A play in the icy sea with friends to work up an appetite for more. My golly, was that sea icy! I managed my first dip of the year, but can't claim it was a swim as i managed little more than ten strokes in all I should think before hypothermia threatened...brrr!

In the garden the apple blossom is almost in full flow. This is from our Bramley and is truly my favourite. Soft white blushed with the palest pink against deeper cerise, the contrast making it stand out beautifully in fornt of our kitchne window.

Buds from the Cornish Aromatic which sits in our lawn arching its branches most prettily over the soft grass and the effect of the two reminding me of a country churchyard. Hmm, not sure others see it that way. Cornish Aromatic has one of the best perfumes of all the apple blossoms I think.

And fully in flower; a more muted colour palette, but beautiful nonetheless. The overall picture this lovely tree creates is reminiscent of weddings somehow at the moment.

Children playing outside after school.

A line of pasta drying in the kitchen while we potter in the garden. (More for comedy effect this one!)

And finally, the reflection in the wildlife pond where I was trying to photograph the newts and failing miserably. they are so gorgeous and we have loads of them. I think they are the palmate newts as opposed to the smooth or crested, but I am boring everyone either way by going on and on about them. I haven't seen any for years and thought they had gone, but this lot seem to be less shy. How though do you get a picture? Ah well, at least it proves the pond is doing what it should and encouraging life in the wild.

That's it for now and well done for reaching the end. Off to turn some nettles into wine now (and no, it's not a miracle!).
Have a good day x


  1. I can see the comedy in pasta hanging, it made me smile!

    Hard boiled eggs always remind me of childhood visits to the beach though they always got sandy. I think that is why I love autumn the best all that harvest and produce from all the hard work I really must try and acheive the same feeling throughout the year as I'm sure it is possible just in different ways.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  2. What a gorgeous, gorgeous post. Please, please, oh pretty please can I have your recipe for nettle wine or one for nettle beer if you have one.

    Thanks Sue xx

  3. "I've got a newt, I call him 'Tiny'."
    "Why do you call him 'Tiny'?"
    "I call him 'Tiny,'because he's minute.

    Sorry about that, but the children might find it amusing!

    Beautiful pictures - even if no newts!

  4. Such beautiful pictures Pipany, especially of the apple blossom. I can identify with that need to provide... I'm sure there must be a connection with having a large family. Comedy pasta... amusing but still impressive!

  5. Our apple blossom here in North Norfolk is only at the tight, dark pink bud stage, though the cherry and plum are covered. Haven't seen our newts either for a year or two, though the frogs are happily still living under slates around the edge of the pond, or in it's murky depths.. which is where the fish have been hiding for over a week now. I am worried about them, suspect the pesky heron visited whilst we were out Easter Monday and has frightened them. We have since netted the pond, though I dislike doing this really. Also plagued with that green slimy stuff... even though we have used a natural algae remover, twice in two months.

  6. Fennie's rhyme in the comments made me laugh - havent heard that before. That picture of the pond is beautiful, almost like a fabric. I once swam in the sea in March but that was about 30 years ago!

  7. Pipany, whenever I am feeling surrounded by tall buildings and noisy vehicles and machinery, I know I can just hop over to your sight and find ... blissful pictures and words that encourage serenity.

    Thank you again! xo

  8. We used to have loads of newts in our pond in Penryn.The pasta look wonderful, how do you make nettle wine, we've plenty here!

  9. Our apple blossom is a long way off being so perfect and pink. I adore hard boiled eggs. Sometimes I make them just for me and always feel a bit spoiled. I do so utterly agree with the pleasure and satisfaction of providing food for your family.

  10. No Turkey Twizzlers then? Lovely photos, Pip, but I really fancy a boiled egg now, with Marmite soldiers. First dip??? Are you quite mad, woman? Very brave!

  11. Pipany, I just had to save your apple blossom pictures. What is it about apple blossom? Such sweet photos of the girls. You are wonderful to manage doing so much!