Friday, 8 May 2009

Thank you and a Little Reality.

I wasn't going to blog until my giveaway was over, but some habits seem hard to break. I also wanted to thank those of you who have entered so far; the feedback has already been so useful and has helped focus where I am going with products for the future. What I have found interesting is that your comments have very much reflected the orders I have received since I started the business almost 18 months ago - that long? Where did time race go? - with a huge variation in what people listed as favourite items. My orders seem to take in the whole range from bags to bunting to door hangings, and I can honestly say there is no product that has been left un-ordered. This used to worry me a little as I felt I was indulging my own huge range of interests and perhaps not being entirely professional in my approach. Now I think, blow it! If people like a wide variety and I enjoy designing and making a wide variety then where is the problem?

One of the products that seems to be quite popular judging by your lovely comments is the Bright and Breezy bunting (seen above in all its former glory). Hmm...reality check methinks as I have been so busy business-wise that the garden has somewhat taken a back seat lately. Nature is fighting back and the bunting on Davey's writing room, once indeed Bright and Breezy, is now faded and tired, the colours bleached out by so much sun (and so much rain too) and the room itself being surrounded by triffid-like nettles. I love making the bunting and so will be making more very soon, some for our own use and some to replenish the stock running low in my sewing room. I am also thinking of adding a new colourway to the range, an equally bright and cheery - new name maybe? - line of festival flags which are great in the garden or inside for parties...or just because.

While I am finally allowing reality to impinge - darn it - I noticed the duck house so lovingly built by Dave several years ago now is desperately in need of a scrub and repaint. Ducks, as those of you who keep them will know, are messy. They poop copiously (and noisily, sorry to shatter any dreams here) and love to ferret around in earth, particularly soggy earth, flicking it hither and thither in gay abandon. Ours have the use of a vast pond and four ducks diving, splashing, shaking wings dry means there is a lot of mud flying around hence the mess viewed here on their house. Once a pretty forget-me-not blue, it really is rather sad now, so time I wielded a brush once more.

Nettles in the hen pen are almost taller than their house and laugh at me each time I venture near!

There is a prettiness in some of the wildness with ramsons and bluebells viewed through tangles of slightly faded scarlet tulips.

Of course, neglect means there are masses of golden buttercups to gather. Wonder if I like butter?

A quick search reveals prickly, hairy goosegogs - I love them in crumble with golden clotted cream (Cornish of course).

I know this is a tale I have told before, but when I was pregnant with Isabella, Dave sent me 100 bluebell bulbs as she was due in May and I had always wanted a Bluebell Baby. I knew nothing about them and they arrived on day where I was feeling grotty (20 weeks of all day sickness had pretty much wiped me out). Such a lovely, wonderful gift and very much typical of my lovely, wonderful, romantic Dave. Now Isabella is almost three and the bluebells are flowering beautifully all along the bank of the hedge, their evocative scent perfuming the air and that soft haze of blue shimmering against the leaves. I love them.

So perfect.

Well, that was supposed to be a post showing all the grotty bits in an attempt to prove that blogging can sometimes present a slightly unreal view of life, but you know, once I started looking all I really saw was the beauty hiding away. I am quite good at shutting my mind to mess. Notice there are no shots of the house though - apart from this one where it is fairly hidden away and can only be seen peeping through the undergowth!

Thank you again to all those who have entered the giveaway. Lovely to hear from new people and I hope you will return as I love getting everyone's comments and getting to know new people. If anyone hasn't entered but would like to there is still plenty of time. Just leave your comment on the post below. I am changing the draw to Monday 12 noon as I realised that a Sunday evening was a strange time full of homework and uniform washing and baths...groan.

Have a good weekend x


  1. How sweet, even when you do try to do the 'ducks'poo and all' blog it still looks ravishing and contains a lovely, romantic tale!

  2. Hi Pipany, your world looks so idlyic to mine! I'm sat here surronded by paperwork and sewing the washing up from last night still sat waiting to be done, I really shouldn't be on the computer, but sod it my selective veiwing is on!

    Have a lovely day and weekend,

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. mess and ordinariness, pah! you don't know the meaning of the word, miss.

  4. The bluebell story is beautiful. Guess that Little Miss Buttercup must love knowing those flowers were planted to celebrate her mom.


  5. What beautiful Bluebells, scarcely seen here in France.

  6. the bluebell story. My garden is taking over too - I try not to look at it.
    Pip, you are a true inspiration - particularly to a miserable old bag like me....

  7. I'm a sucker for that natural look in the garden, I think there's a huge charm about it, and your garden is beautiful.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  8. I had to laugh at the bit about your ducks.....they are such characters, but such prodigious poo-ers.
    Your garden is lovely, Pip, messy or orderly, it seems a magical place.

  9. lovely lovely... a bluebell baby... how romantic and very special.
    i am off to comment on your last post... hope to see you soon!
    ginny xx

  10. Just realised that I read this earlier, got distracted by your website link and wandered off to fantasy shop again. (It was the bunting. I was trying to work out how much I will need for the Wendy house that hasn't been built yet.) I love the bluebell story too and the lovely ducks. Is it my imagination or are there more nettles and dandelions than ever this year? Mine have so far defeated me.

  11. Our garden is looking a bit messy too. I think they should look a bit untidy. I don't do tidy very well, either in the house or garden.I loved the bluebells, they are looking gorgeous, as does the rest of your garden.


  12. Thank you so much for all your recent comments on my blogs, they have been lovely.
    What a wonderful post you have written, the gift of bluebell bulbs is one of the most precious ...
    I think you've nailed it when you said keep on making things "just because" and keep on making a variety of things that you like making. I always find the things I enjoy making are the things that look the best.
    Take care, have a lovely weekend

  13. When you don't enjoy making something or a variety of somethings' then that is the time to stop, until then merrily sew away.
    'Prodigous Poo-ers' what a wonderful description Pondie! So apt. And as usual Pipany you make everything look positively enchanting. I don't believe the nettles would sting you in this garden. Perhaps get your own back anyway and make soup or compost, or compost the soup when you discover how awful nettle soup tastes (Actually I've never tried it, suspect just tastes of 'green'?)

  14. God I want your husband! (in the nicest possible sense, of course!)

  15. I love the story behind the bluebells. Nice to see you have the English variety - I seem to have inadvertently crossed the Spanish with mine and some look very hybrid indeed, although I do have a particularly lovely one lurking amongst my "iceberg" plant ... photo of which in a previous post.
    I'm not sure that I can wait for the draw on Monday, you may find me browsing on your website at that lovely bunting ...
    Have a great weekend.

  16. Gorgeous "wild" garden - especially the bluebells - I just wish you could bottle and sell "essence of a romantic man" - it would be a winner!!!

  17. Ah bluebells.. I love them too.
    What a gorgeous romantic your Dave is.
    Lovely blog as ever Pipany, all of it scrumptious.

  18. Love it all - bluebells, pooing ducks, the lot. Perhaps Dave could run courses for husbands? my lovely husband doesn't seem to have the romance gene!

  19. just had to say how perfect that picture of your sweet, sweet girl with her buttercup is.....
    * sigh *.........
    t x