Monday, 11 May 2009


This weekend was just lovely with a walk yesterday afternoon down through the woods to the place Dave takes the littles (and sometimes the bigs too) camping: Tremayne Quay. This wonderful place is situated on the Lizard peninsula, an area of Cornwall which has a magic of its own with hidden villages, leafy lanes and the most amazing beaches. And of course, it is bluebell time, so everywhere was covered with carpets of blue.

We set off through the gate and made our way at a very brisk pace down the track. Isabella never walks anywhere, but hurtles along at the most precarious rate ever, hence our need to keep up with her.

All the way down through the woods we could hear or see the river keeping us company, its calm waters glittering through the branches

and sometimes glimpsing the tree-lined bank on the opposite side. The river widens the closer to the quay you get, but always, always you are surrounded by that sensual perfume of bluebells.

Gorgeous, dainty, wonderful bluebells.

Past the beautiful boathouse built of granite and slate, and so pretty against the backdrop of trees.

Finally down to the quay itself. You can camp either here on in the woods for free and it is rarely busy as it can only be reached by either walking the long track through the woods carrying all your equipment or by river. This is proper camping with no shops or toilets, no fresh water supply or shower room. It is the best and the children absolutely love it. They spend their days exploring the dense woodland, playing by the water or swimming in the creek, but mostly building fires to read or play games by, or to just listen to the sounds of the river.. Of course, a fire is good for making hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows too, something we continue in our own garden by our campfire.

The view is wonderful

with even a swan or two

and that special feel of water neath gently bending boughs of freshly opened leaves

Then back through the woods once more

looking over rolling hills and patchwork fields.

Is there anything like...

too many...

bluebells? No, I didn't think so either.

I will be doing the giveaway draw at 12 noon as promised and will pop a brief post on to say who won. Still time to enter for those who haven't.
Happy Monday x


  1. Such beautiful photographs and gorgeous bluebells. Thank you for taking us on a walk with you.

  2. Gorgeous bluebells and what a lovely walk. I'm envious of the camping. Nothing will convince Brian that camping is a good idea. I've tried the 'get back to nature' style, the 'big campsite fabulous amenities' style and the 'traditional family campsite' style. Fail. Fail. Fail. Sigh. I love camping.

  3. Thank you for taking us on that lovely bluebell walk. It seemed like a lovely hidden-away place deep in the counryside. The photos of the boys scrambling over gates and watching the swans are delightful.
    Jeanne x

  4. Don't the bluebells just take your breath away? I look forward to them appearing in our local woodland every year. Thankyou for your photos of such a lovely journey x

  5. Gorgeous! I've just had to laugh at your post below, which claims to try and show the grotty bits. Even your grotty bits are downright gorgeous Pip! x

  6. Hi Pipany, what a beautiful walk and gorgeous pictures!
    I love going out for walks as a family with my boys, the older they get the less it seems to be now.
    Thanks for sharing!
    I hope to visit Cornwall very soon, I can’t wait! :0)
    Love Lou xxx

  7. What a lovely place and the bluebells are simply stunning! x

  8. A lovely cheery start to my week Pipany. We don't have as many bluebell woods here, as in England. They are so stunning, and love the photos. I adore the little legs in the wellies. That is the ultimate in camping. Whilst I love glamour, there is also a lot of the pioneer in me. We had some memorable camping hols when the girls were little. I'd love to have the time to take little Muffin away but can only manage days adventures, but they are off to a cabin in France next week which she will love.

  9. Oh, now I am so refreshed. That walk was lots of fun, and we saw so much beauty along the way. xo

  10. I wish there could be a 'scratch and sniff' card for blogs, as I'd love to know what the bluebells smell like!
    What a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

  11. Great post Pipany. And what a lovely walk you all had. I noticed little 'I' was being carried home too much dashing about I suspect. Bet she slept well that night. Gorgeous bluebells they are something else just now aren't they.

  12. Your work and locality are wonderful. Thanks for sharing