Monday, 18 May 2009

A birthday weekend.

Isabella was three years old on Saturday, so the weekned consisted mostly of baking, cake and balloons.

Present opening took place with everyone piled onto our bed as usual and even big brother Tom arrived ludicrously early so as not to miss out. Note the 'Dr Feelgood' name tag from her doctor's set which we thought was hilarious. (The Duplo arrived the day before, Jane!).

Elias made fresh pasta for dinner with a delicious spinach pesto sauce. He really is great at making it using the pasta machine and can do the whole process on his own now, which is pretty cool for a twelve year old I think.

Food for the party on Sunday was started in the morning with Lucy kneading the dough for the pizzas and helping to make cheese and salami palmiers (flaky pastry bites which are best warm), pizza sauce, egg sandwhiches with lovely fresh eggs from our own hens, and more.

I decorated my lemon cake with lots of pretty spring flowers.

Mr Davey made scones, tortilla and the gorgeous chocolate birthday cake as tradition dictates. Jugs of beautiful aquilegia, campion and buttercups from the garden were placed throughout the house. I think we made enough!

I hung a net of balloons over the table and once the candles were blown out on the cake, we released them. Such an easy thing to do, but it looks so lovely. Shame I forgot to get a photo! Here's Isabella all excited about her cake and that gorgeous chap holding her is my lovely Sam (second eldest son!) who arrived back from New Zealand as a surprise about 7.45am that very morning after a 44 hour journey and little sleep. Isabella took one look at him, said in a sorrowful voice, "Sam I lost you," and raced to hug sweet! He's back for about a week, then off to Belgium to stay with his sister for a bit, so I am making the most of him.

Other than Isabella's birthday and Dave & I endlessly reminiscing about when she was born, the weekend had me sewing like a dervish to finish up the next batch of orders, and poor Dave also working his socks off as he has Ofsted visitng his school this week - just to add to an already overflowing workload. Hmm, sometimes life throws a dozen balls in one go and the result is sleepless nights. Soon be half term and a brief respite from all the stress...for a bit. At least someone was able to sleep!

So, Happy Birthday my gorgeous, feisty, stubborn, very cute and absolutely precious Isabella. We love you our little growing-up-girl'. x

(P.S. forgot to say on a totally practical note that today is the last day for the Lauren Tote Bag offer, so click on the link if you would like to order one.)


  1. Ah she does look older doesnt she? Well a big girl now she's three! The cake and whole table looked lovely Pipany. And what a sweet thing to say '.... I lost you!' Ahh. Your blog definitely has the 'Waltons' feel good factor!

  2. Happy Birthday to your lovely Isabella. The birthday tea looked wonderfu.


  3. Sounds like a wonderful day and what a lovely surprise to have Tom back. Still got those lovely ringlets I see. I'd spoil her rotten!

  4. Happy birthday Isabella! What a wonderful day with your lovely family. The "I lost you" comment brought a tear to my eye... how delightful!

  5. what handsome children you have Pipany and what a mouthwatering birthday spread.
    happy birthday Isabella ... 3 is a very important age.
    look forward to meeting you all soon.

  6. What a lovely third birthday! I loved the "Sam I lost you" comment. So sweet. I'm glad to hear your family has a tradition of Dad chocolate cake making. Mr Brian makes a mean chocolate cake too.

  7. What a wonderful time and a homecoming too!!
    Special times?

  8. What a lovely homemade must all be very proud of it....and if each other! x

  9. Sounds like there were so many birthday treats! Best being Sam! Sometimes I think time flies too fast. Bog Boy was three on Friday and it really only seems like yesterday that he was born - do you think we ever really beleive that they grow up or does it happen when we aren't looking?

  10. Happy Birthday Isabella!!

    Gorgeous cake and table setting!!

  11. happy birthday Isabella , looks like you had a wonderful day. Love the " I lost you "
    lisa x

  12. beautiful, Pipany, esp that picutre with Sam and Isabella - and that delicious feast, of course. An enchanting post as ever this one

  13. Gorgeous family Pipany. You must be so proud of them all. Clever Elias making pasta - pretty cool for anyone really never mind 12 year old boys. A chef in the making? Pretty, pretty Isabella is an absolute poppet.

  14. What a lovely family you've got Pipany and Dave. It warms my heart to see genuine family celebrations with your lovely birthday tea table of home made treats and family fun. If only all children could experience this. I always think of Isabella as my special PC baby.Children have a way of expressing themselves which is so unique.I love it.

  15. Oh Pipany, how beautiful and how lovely. You must be over the moon to have your 'Sam' back if only for a week!

    And before I forget 'Happy Birthday' to your beautiful little Isabella all that tea looks delicious.

    Have a lovely week and take care,

    Nina x

  16. Best wishes to the gorgeous birthday girl. What a fun birthday she had. Isabella looks and sounds like everything a little miss should be.
    You are a lovely family all credit you you Pipany.

  17. What a fabulous family celebration! Best wishes to all of you fabulous cooks and gardeners and photographers and world travelers and writers and embroiderers ... and general merry-makers. xo

  18. That birthday tea looks delicious - how lovely to have everyone together sharing that special day.

  19. A delightful child, you are blessed.

  20. Happy Birthday little sweetie x
    The cakes look scrumptious indeed.
    A happy day all round me thinks !


  21. Happpy birthday lovely girl
    twiggy x

  22. Happy Birthday to a gorgeous little girl - what a fiesta she had! I love the balloon idea and will be stealing it one day soon.

  23. wonderful post and wonderful day. You are blessed.
    Karon x

  24. So sweet! Isabella is just gorgeous, and you can really see her sparky little personality! I've now got a vision of you surrounded by at least twenty children! More kept on being mentioned as your post progressed! That table of food looks delicious, makes me feel hungry even though I've just eaten. You look like you've got a wonderful happy home Pipany, so warm and loving.
    Love vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  25. you have a beautiful family, shame they have to grow up so fast! Wonderful times :D

  26. Bless! Big birthday wishes to Isabella...and what a wonderful weekend you all had. See you sooooon!!

  27. Happy Birthday Isabella, it sounds like you had a wonderful day. What an amazing birthday feast you had too1

  28. Oh many happy returns to the birthday girl! (don't you look fresh faced in that first photo!)

    I love the birthday table and especially that very pretty cake, what a simple and very special idea.

    How fab to have your Sam back too, your little girl looks so thrilled to see him. Have a happy week.

    P.s Forgot to say, hoping to get to Cornwall again in the not too distant future. I'd love to catch up with you Pip, that would be just great. I'll keep you posted!

  29. Happy belated birthday Isabella. It all looked so lovely, and sounded like a wonderful day. You have such talented children Pipany, pasta makers and travellers alike. No wonder you are so proud of your family.
    Bertie x

  30. I read this yesterday at work in my lunch hour and really enjoyed it but could not leave a comment. What a lovely birthday celebration you had; all so beautiful, including Isabella. I wish her very many happy returns.