Friday, 28 January 2011

What a Grump.

It is Friday, my most favourite day of the week with all the anticipation of lie-ins, a jug of coffee on my dressing table and the children at the end of our bed as we eat buttery toast spread thick with tayberry jam. It is the day of the week I generally spend with a cheery smile never far from my face, yet today I feel disgruntled and out of sorts. Why? I have no idea which makes me feel even more disgruntled and deeply annoyed with myself for spoiling my best day.

All felt wrong from the moment I opened my eyes in the dark of another icy morning: Isabella's school uniform was covered in cholcolate mousse from the night before, the one night I hadn't chased her to change out of it on arriving home from school, and I had forgotten to actually turn the machine on. A quick wash first thing and into the drier which, needless to say, turned itself off for a reason known only to itself, leaving her jumper a sodden mass and me racing to find an alternative.

Oh, for heavens sake I am even boring myself with the dullness of this tale. Suffice it to say, this is pretty much how the day has gone so far and I am grumpy despite the joys of having completed my tax return, the joy much depleted by the nonsense of having left it so late in the first place!

I suspect much of my mood is due to the weather, the cold having returned with a vengeance and the flatness of the light muting all colour from around me. I am cold despite wearing many layers, a condition I am very poor at putting up with. I have drunk too many cups of ground coffee and eaten too many sugary doughnuts in an attempt to chase the grumps away, three having been scoffed this morning alone. I feel vaguely grubby as a result.

I suppose the most obvious reason is that I have a course to go on this weekend which means I will not be around for most of the fun. I am a chronic creature of habit when it comes to my home, jealously guarding our time together and perfectly happy with the doors closed on the world outside (blogland excepted of course). I practically have to be shoe-horned away from the house and am notoriously bad at arranging things with friends, not because I don't love and value them, but because I am so happy in my home that it doesn't enter my head to change things.

I am never bored here, can always find things to do outside of the ordinary houseworkey things and revel in our little, somewhat shabby - ok, very shabby - space. So, perhaps my grumps today are because I am forced away for a few days, leaving Davey to the fun of having the children all to himself, something he loves too. It is strange how many people seem to find this daunting and draft in others when they are alone with children for a few days. Most odd to the both of us really, but I suppose we are all different - how terribly (un)profound Pip!

I think they are planning to make marmalade...without me...sighs deeply in despair.

Ah well, I shall return in the evenings to hear about their days and scoff some toast and marmalade; it may not be with them all at the end of our bed, but it will be fun nonetheless.

Fortunately, these days my grumps never last as I truly have little to be grumpy about and shall give myself a good talking too forethwith.

Normal cheeriness will be resumed on Monday x


  1. There is always next weekend Pip! Hopefully by then brighter skies would have returned and it will be February. Hurrah!!! x

  2. Funny bit like my day! I enjoy today, gym, crafting, see parents/brother and then wine and a takeaway. I've also got a meeting sunday and it kind of hangs over you and spoils the other days. We only have 4 of those a year and they are much closer to home now but I'm like you, I enjoy weekend pottering around. I'll think of you sunday evening, all over and done with.

  3. Pipany, please do show us how that marmalade turned out. You have such a delightful homelife, I can imagine that it's not a treat to leave it behind on a weekend. your family will give you a great welcome back, and that next weekend will be full of joy!


  4. Wishing you a cheery weekend despite being away.

  5. Oh I've been really grumpy today, but it's because I went drinking last night! So no sympathy deserved there then!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. I am sure the marmalade will put a smile on your face, hope the grumps dont last too long for you.
    love the photos on this post though!

  7. I do sympathise, Pipany! Some days just start off like that and then it's hard to be cheery! Also the thought of not having your usual happy family weekend hangs over you. I hope the weekend passes quickly and you'll soon be back to your normal life and happy self. Helen x

  8. Life's like that sometimes - your post is still cheery though Pipany! Today did get to a new level of cold though thanks to the wind chill, even the dog wasn't to venture out on a walk! x

  9. You will be back with your brood soon Pip don't worry. I know what you mean abour your little world, I do love to potter about my house with all the family here :-)

  10. Completely follow you there Pipany. When inane things go wrong and intrude aarrghh. I sympathise with you for being away at least it's not for too long. Like you our weekends are pretty antisocial. We really enjoy it when we have friends here, but don't seek it out either.

    Enjoy your marmalade and evenings.


  11. Hope you're feeling better today Pip... x

  12. I agree, there are some days that start badly and never quite recover. However as I write I'm sure you're having a great time on your course and the best bit about going away is the coming back. I bet you get good welcome!!

  13. Sundays are sacrosanct for me and if I have to go anywhere then I feel all out of sorts. Sundays are my day for not getting dressed if I don't want/need to, not washing hair, wearing no makeup, no housework and basically just chilling out. Gosh, that makes me sound like a total slop..still if the cap fits! dev x

  14. Hope you had a good weekend and that the wrench away from home wasn't too bad. I understand exactly how you feel about leaving home, i absolutely hate it - unless we're all together on an adventure. Hope too that the grumps have gone, I'm sure it's the weather, I was particularly in the doldrums last week (as was the weather!). Enjoy the marmalade

  15. I hope you are feeling better now that it's Monday, though I fear that full mood restoration wont take place until Friday coming when balance may seem more fully restored with a 'proper' weekend ahead (ie at home!)... I think your grump was totally about being away... I am EXACTLY the same! Infact I read your post with a little tear because I thought it was me being weird, always happy to be at home, rarely willing to be out and about unless with P and J .. So I know EXACTLY where you are coming from ! Hope you enjoyed the course anyway xx

  16. Well, we're all entitled to a grump now and again! I hope that this week is better for you, than last - and warmer!

  17. Some days just start out bad and then just get worse dont they? Know exactly how you feel about leaving your home - it has to be a really good reason if not for school run or food!
    Still, its lovely when you come home again - hope the course went well, and you enjoyed that lovely feeling of coming home.