Monday, 17 January 2011

Cold and Comfort

It is wet this morning...again. The endless rain has reduced to soft drizzle blending with the mist which blankets the garden and softens the view from my window. Lamps are lit and the heating is on as comfort is the order of the day. A mug of hot chocolate in a Christmas-pressie mug helps to cheer a little before I start filling orders, but I am beginning to long for those crisp January days we usually have here in Cornwall - you know the ones: crystal light, bright blue sky and zinging yellow gorse in the hedgerows, the sea sparkling, the river reflecting the blue above ... sighs deeply.

Instead we are kept indoors by the cold, wet weather. Dave and I have resumed our ongoing chess tournament, though we haven't played too many games as yet. I love this part of the day when time allows for it to happen: children quietly - hah! - playing, Dave just home from work, a glass of something lovely in both our hands and a match underway. Such a nice end to the work day and a calming beginning to the evening (right up until the Isabella bedtime furore that is).

Slowly, slowly the snowdrops are growing taller, the buds fattening and revealing that pure white I so love when set against the sap green of the markings withing each flower. Such a shame the dark light makes for poor photos isn't it?

A stolen moment which proves it isn't only the younger children who love their cuddles!

What do you do to chase the cold away? x


  1. I know what you mean Pip, after the weekend's fine weather it started raining here last night and hasn't stopped since! I really hope you get some blue-sky days soon.

    I too cheer myself up with a calorie-laden mug of hot choccie & marshmallows mid-morning, and stare out the window at the rain knowing I'm all cosy indoors! I like to plan and day-dream a lot, making sure I have lots of nice things to look forward to.

    I LOVE the picture of your kitties! Jess drapes herself around my shoulders in the evening and purrs in my ear!


  2. I think we may have the morning you long for here, except we're nowhere near the sea. It is almost springlike here and that is enough to cheer me up!
    The photo of your kittens is gorgeous. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. i've been hunting for some snowdrops and haven't been able to find any yet.

    Just off to make a hot choccie xx

  4. Hi Pip,
    It's really awful here today, got soaked doing boring supermarket shop, it's so dull and gloomy, good job for my super bright spotlights in my den. Priceless kitty photo love it!
    Hen x

  5. Pouring here too! A fire lit in the day, rather than evening feels cosy, and gazing at plant catalogues, particularly Sarah Raven's, dreaming of a flowery garden once more helps! And a bit of baking. Wet Januarys are to be muddled through, planning for brighter days, I guess!

  6. You have captured my memories of Cornwall so vividly when you describe the crip cold mornings with the vivid yellow gorse, I do hope you get some good cornish weather soon Pipany. Here we are having monopoly tournaments that last for several nights as youngest has just discovered the wishes.

  7. Weather is the same in Sussex and we haven't been on the beach yet because its just too cold and windy. Playing Ship Ship Sailing with Matthew and Cluedo and watching Miss Marples and eating too much chocolate. Those are two gorgeous cats - perfect picture to cheer us up. Karen X

  8. I'm so envious of your snowdrops. They just do not like being in France and I have never succeeded in growing them.

  9. Hi Pipany,

    I hope those crisp January days will come soon. It's been wet and rainy in Holland for days too, although we had some sunshine yesterday.

    I love to chase the cold January day's away laying on the couch in my spare time reading a good book on gardening :-)!

    Lieve groet & happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. Surprisingly enough it's a blue sky day here in North East England and we are right on the coast too. We've had a bit of sun and fluffy white clouds , still chilly tho and no sign of snowdrops yet.. As for keeping the cold away , hot chocolate from good old Mr Cadbury and hibernating when possible.

  11. This lovely pictorial post helps chase the cold away! Something's needed for the rain though, there's been a downpour going on here for over two hours! x

  12. Hi Pip, I do pretty much the same as you actually. I like Clipper hot choc a bit too much and prefer playing chess with my 10 yr old (rather than his father) as that way I get to win sometimes! Putting the children to bed is my all time least favourite time of day, aaargh! xx

  13. Ohhhhh (happy sigh) such lovely photos today Pipany - I love the quayside one, and the snowdrops - oh, and the cat hug. That is wonderful!

    The weather at this time of year can be so dreary cant it, not to mention that biting cold...spring is not too far away, just hiding around the corner...keep your chin up, here's to blue skies and warm sunshine soon!

    Julia x x x

  14. mmmmmm i am loving all this hot chocolate and snowdrops and cuddly kitties xx