Friday, 21 January 2011

A Bit of News!

I was recently awarded the Stylish Blogger award by the lovely Jenny Arnott - yes, she of the gorgeous embroidered textiles - and though I don't usually do awards because I am notoriously bad at thinking of anything to say, I will give this one a go because I have never been called 'stylish' before!

I have to tell you seven things about myself, so apologies if I have made these facts known before, but here goes. The photos are old ones too as I haven't left the sewing table to take any new for a few days. Shoddy really, but do keep going to the end as there is one fact none of you will have known - ooh, the suspense!

1. I have a love of fire. This can be the crackling of logs in our pretty Arts & Crafts fireplace, watched with a glass of wine in my hand and pleasant dreams drifting through my head or it can be in the form of a massive bonfire in the campfire we built in our garden. I love the smell, the sound, the warmth...everything about it and can be somewhat dangerous if left to build the fire as I get a little carried away. This seems to be something I inherited from my Dad who would walk a long way to see a barn burn down! Eldest son Tom is similarly afflicted too. I would like to point out we don't actually start such fires, merely are drawn by them.

I am one of seven girls and have seven children myself ranging in age from almost 28 to 4 years, have given birth five times (work that one out) and have been lucky enough to be present at the births of two friends' children where I was the first after the midwife for cuddles. I also have masses of nephews and nieces, godchildren plus ducks and hens. Oh, almost forgot the cats.

3. I love Cornwall with a deep and lasting passion. I love its soft and gentle south coast as much as I yearn for the wild and elemental reaches of its north coast were I grew up. I love its meandering rivers and hidden coves, the wild moorland of Jamaica Inn fame, the woodlands where streams and gullys trickle and which are bordered by bright fields of daffodils. I love its history of mining and the harshness of the reality this brought both to the lives of the Cornish and the landscape it scarred, the engine houses and chimney stacks still prevalent almost everywhere you look. Quite simply I love it all.

4. (Struggling already here). I like a challenge and seem to start quite major projects when I have a baby. For example, I did a degree in English Literature and Media Studies when Lucy was a baby and I also had three other children. I also started my business when Isabella was less than a year old. Neither of these do I recommend doing as a path to an easy life!

5. I am totally hopeless at just sitting and always have to be doing something. I usually have knitting or sewing to hand, a book or a magazine to read and have to be positively forced to go to bed if poorly. I am also rubbish at asking for help as I just get on with things so it doesn't occur to me. Hmm, fiercely independent may be a good way to describe me though I am getting better and will actually ask Dave for help on occasion. At Christmas he was a dab hand at stuffing Christmas hearts and cutting out. Come to that, most of the children helped out too!

5. I have read all twelve of the Poldark novels by Winston Graham and feel as though I know the characters intimately. Forget the TV programmes and give these wonderful novels a go. Graham truly writes with a beautifully poetic style, underwriting key events in a manner that allows the reader to place his/her own imagination in the scene which always allows for a much deeper imagery. They are beautiful, wistful and just wonderful books.

6. I have a fabric fetish which gets fed by friends and family. Fortunately, I do actually use it in dressmaking projects such as this dress for Isabella and numerous other guises. I love sewing for us and wish I could find more time for it, though I am lucky that my work means I get to work with threads and designs and fabrics.

7. And I have saved the best (and quite possibly the only interesting one of the seven) till last:

our lovely daughter Matzen is having a baby girl and she is due at the end of May! I shall be Granny Pip at the grand old age of 47 and I can't wait!

So, there you have it. Have a wonderful weekend x


  1. Well deserved award I'd say! Love your photos and interesting tidbits of information. Can't imaine how you manage to cram so much into one lifetime and fancy being a granny at 47 I was barely a mother at that age!!

    Most enjoyable as always and your photos are stunning especially the bluebell one!


  2. Congrats all round. For your well-deserved award, all your hard work, your lovely children AND being the youngest Granny in town! Well, nearly!!

  3. Ahh, thank you both. I am really very excited!

  4. Lovely post and photo's as ever Pip.

    Congratulations to being a Nanna soon! I am sure that little one will be have lots of lovely cuddles coming into such a big and loving family as your own.

    MBB x

  5. granny pip... how simply wonderful
    love to you all
    t x

  6. Well done on the award and soon to be joining the Granny club. It's brilliant - and hard work!!

  7. Congratulations Pip, that's wonderful news. You shall be able to enter glamorous granny now!!!
    Hen x

  8. What a wonderful post! Congratulations :)

  9. Ooooooh Pip that is good news 'granny Pip' it kind of has a ring to it.

    And what a beautiful list and pictures.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

  10. Congratulations on the 'soon to be a granny' news. I loved reading your list. Like you, I've read all the Poldark novels and loved them all. I'm also a fan of Daphne Du Maurier and her stories about Cornwall. Frenchman's Creek is one of my favourite books....and walks.


  11. Oh my, what fabulous news, not only are you a stylish blogger but a future glamourous grannie too. I've never heard the name Matzen before, that's so pretty!

    Kate x

  12. Lovely...congratulation! being a grandma is fab, only been doing it for 7 months but I love it..I also love love love the Poldark them, have them and will def read them again..several times..
    Take care

  13. Loved those facts, wow I wish I had the energy for 7 children, I am shattered with just 3 (mind you little sweetpea still doesn't sleep through often) :-( How fab to be at someone elses birth experience too - amazing. Congrats on soon becoming a grandparent, oohh I can't wait until I am but may have to wait a while longer as the oldest is only 10 :-)

  14. Congratulations to you and your daughter, that is wonderful news:) you are thoroughly deserving of your award and it is lovely to learn a bit more about your hectic life! have a great weekend, jenny xxx

  15. Matzen is a beautiful name. Congratulations for your wonderful news!

  16. Congrats Pip, wonderful news about Matzen, and impending Granny-dom!! (and the stylish blogger award!)


  17. Congratulations on the award and the lovely news that you'll soon have a grandbaby!! I loved your list, what a big family you have! The photos are beautiful, as always, very you - and very stylish! Have a lovely weekend. Helen x

  18. Pipany, congratulations to you and Matzen. I so enjoy your posts and am looking forward lots of Cornish beauty this year!


  19. Congratulations! That is very exciting news indeed!!
    I too am a HUGE fan of the Poldark books and even confess to having joined the fan club many years ago. They were obsessed with the TV version instead (and especially Robin Ellis), and didn't refer to the books at all, so I left very shortly after!
    Cathy XX

  20. Congratulations on the wonderful news. I have never heard of the name Matzen before, it is very pretty. Is a local name?

  21. Have really enjoyed reading 7 things about you Pipany - with accompanying pics. Congratulations on your good news. x

  22. Love the way you write about Cornwall--your descriptions are wonderful.--Kathleen (in Canada)

  23. Many congratulations granny Pip! You are much to young to be a granny!!!x

  24. Pip - a Granny! How absolutely wonderful. And of course you've won a stylish blog award, it's ravishing!

  25. Ooh fabby news Pipany, or should I say Granny Pip to be, what a lovely lovely ending to a fabulous list. You capture Cornwall so beautifully, I haven't been there for a good few years, but your blogs remind me of all of the things I love about Cornwall.