Monday, 10 January 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air.

The weekend is over and with it the fine weather of yesterday, a day where the sun shone with warmth and the sky sang with a glorious blue. We grabbed the moment and sped off to the beach. The breeze was indeed chilly, but oh that sun with its restorative rays. I could bask in them forever.

Isabella as ever filled her wellies with icy water as she waded through rockpools far too deep for her little legs.

The recent stormy weather has taken the sand from over the rocks and thrown it higher up the beach. It seems to have taken the wildlife with it as the pools seemed stangely barren where they normally teem with little creatures of all kinds.

I love this about the beach, the way one day of high winds can transform it into an almost desolate landscape of unforgiving rock only to have it restored to a sandy shoreline more typical of this south coast the next.

One our return Dave discovered this little pot of snowdrops which we bought from a stall on one of our rambles through Coombe last year. A hopeful sign of things to come.

How was your weekend? x


  1. We had glorious sunshine too! Didn't have a lovely beach to go walkabouts on though! I can just smell that sea air now.x

  2. Me too with the glorious sunshine. I used it to go for a run though. Your beach looks beautiful and how lovely to find that little pot of buried treasure. I must have a scout around at my snowdrops and see if there's any signs of life.

  3. Sunny but oh so chilly!
    Lovely to see those snowdrops coming up. :)
    Vivienne x

  4. The sunshine was SO welcome this weekend, our pigs lay basking in it as though to soak up every last moment of it's feeble warmth.

    Even the new born piglets ventured out, although they retreated back to the warm of their straw after 10minutes shivering from head to foot.

    Looks like you had a lovely walk, gorgeous photos.

    Sue xx

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  6. We had sun too , accompanied by snow ,,, lovely to see it though as it made things nice and bright instead of the dismal grey we have been having a lot of lately. Great to see your snowdrops peeping out , signs of Spring yeah

  7. We had a lovely sunny weekend too but its raining hard now and blowing a gale. This morning I found some almost snowdrops and the winter flowering cherry is doing just that.
    Your girls look very happy to be back on the beach. Karen X

  8. What a beautiful place to live. Reminds me of my favourite coastline which is a day trip away from me in Northumbria.

  9. I could almost smell the sea air there Pipany. Lovely times x

  10. Hi Pipany! So happy you came to visit me. Your photos, as usual, are lovely. Such beautiful sunshine!

  11. How lovely to see the sea.
    We had snow on Friday!

  12. I love snowdrops at this time of the year as they give you so much hope of things to come - we always try to do one of the snowdrop walks

  13. Hey Pipany - it feels such a long time since I went down to the beach - probably November if I had to do a quick remember.

    Such lovely pictures and a pure breath of fresh air - daft really as it's practically on our doorstep, but 'oh boy' it's blooming freezing.

    take care and 'Happy New Year' - sorry it's late.

    Nina xxxxx

  14. Thank you for those beautiful coastal pictures, glimpses into rock pools and those little green shoots... I did like the top photo, with the bluish fragment of light on the water..lovely!

    Julia x