Thursday, 13 January 2011

What I want.

Well, as you can see I am hard at work; orders are being packaged, bookwork is being sorted and designs for the spring range are underway. Hmm, I expect you can tell that is all one big fib. Quite honestly the dire weather is sapping any inspiration and though I actually feel quite excited about all things work (yes, even the inevitable sorting through the paper mountain), I seem to be working on slow-time just now.

What I want is to soak up the bright glow of these tete-a-tete narcissi, the light through the pale lemon petals seeming to deny the fact that there is a veritable downpour outside the window.

I want to snuggle up in the soft folds of my quilt wrapping it around me as I dip into some of my favourite books. I actually read The Long Winter while the snow fell outside and I was curled up warm in my bed. So perfect to read a book that matches the weather. I am now once again reading To Kill a Mocking Bird and remembering just why it is one of my most favourite reads ever.

I want to bury my face in this huge bunch of viburnum and let the strange-yet-pleasant scent tickle my nose and remind me there is life out there even in this wet, wet winter.

I really want to play with these gorgeous fabrics and create... anything! I do so much sewing and yet little of it these days is for us.

I look around and see the need for new cushion covers (ours are shameful in their decrepitude); we desperately need a draught excluder and I so want to recreate one like I made for our daughter Lauren with its little house and embroidered flowers scattered along the length; I really want to begin making a quilt for our bed. And then there is dressmaking. The possibilities are endless.

I have said before that I am a cat-like creature in my love of warmth and comfort. I am drawn always to fire whether of the bonfire variety - all smoke-filled breeze crackling with myriad sparks and that delicious smell of autumn - or this wonderful cosy kind which makes me want the evening to hurry up so I can sit by it once more.

I love the way it draws you closer

and closer, the scorching heat bathing me in a soporific glow, the hypnotic flames climbing up the chimney a drowse and dream the evening away.

As it is, I must get back to work however slowly, but these wants will stay in my mind and cheer the dark day a little.

What is it you want today? x


  1. Hello Pipany! Your beautiful narcissi pictures really lifted my heart when I saw your post today! I probably want and enjoy all the same things as you do, I think! Have a lovely day. Helen x

  2. Brightness would be lovely as it is sooo grey but your little daffodils have gone a long way to help that! :) Thanks!
    Vivienne x

  3. Totally know what you mean about working on slow time, I just don't know where my days are going! I am (slowly) getting everything in order tho - so by next week, I will be fresh and ready to start properly with all the odd bits and bobs sorted out - am easing myself back in gently! Your beautiful sunny flower pictures though do give me hope that spring may hopefully be round the corner when I'm sure we will all be more productive :) have a lovely day xx

  4. Doesn't sound a lot to ask does it?! Love the photos and can almost smell the wonderful perfume of the daffodils. Spring will come and with it the energy and inspiration you seek I am sure.


  5. Lovely photos and blog,the narcissi are really inspiring. I too am dallying, full of ideas and projects, but a little restless and weary. Am hoping to make a start now....
    Posie x

  6. I really want to come and curl up infront of your fire too!

  7. I think I'd like the same as you to be honest. I've got knitting orders to do but to be perfectly honest I'm in a slump . Think I need something exciting to pull me out. Those fabrics are gorgeous .

  8. What do I want today.....wind, to blow across the fields and dry up all the mud, for the sun to come out and the piglets to be able to play in the warmth and the big pigs to bask in its rays again.

    And then like you, the warmth of the open fire and a quilt and good book, with music playing in the background. (Oh and someone to stoke the fire so I don't have to move from my comfy postition.)

    Not much to ask!!

    Sue xx

  9. Hi Pipany,

    I would love to see a little bit of blue sky and some rays of sunlight appear through the clouds. That would make me very happy!!

    Good luck with all those nice tasks ahead.

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. Lovely post as always, pouring down with rain here in our part of the world, endless days of grey...where has the blue sky gone? dev x

  11. An open fire....nothing nicer.

  12. I want the sun to shine as beautifully as those narcissi. Failing that, I'd love to be in your part of the world standing on a clifftop overlooking the sea. Then probably dashing off somewhere for a nice hot cuppa.


  13. what a beautiful post! it's just like a ray of sunshine.

    i followed the link to you from Jenny Arnott's lovely blog.

    so nice to visit your beautiful space here.

    warmest wishes


  14. I have put some little pots of narcissi on the kitchen windowsill to cheer up the wet, grey view but our darling cats keep chewing the leaves off. In need of draught excluders here especially for the front door so I really ought to make one not just admire the gorgeous one you made Lauren. I think slow time is allowed for a while to recharge yourself after the Christmas rush. Karen X

  15. What do I want? Spring:warmth, daffodils, catkins, life unfurling. To go to see my brother tomorrow and to find him able to feed without the tube.
    Fabulous fabrics.
    Grandson had his first birthday before Christmas and still loves his babbit btw! x