Wednesday, 19 January 2011

How Chocolate and Knitted Pants!

It came - the sun shone, the sky was indeed blue and my spirits have lifted because of it. Beautiful, healing January sunshine has been here for the last two days and what a difference it has made. The littlies and I came home from the school run in cheery mood and decided mugs of hot chocolate were called for.

Of course the whole thing turned into a giggle fest once I produced the camera.

I don't think Isabella could physically fit anymore of her face into that mug, though by golly she tried!

Apparently I have an Elvis quiff going on, so Lucy informed me. Hmm, I can sort of see what she means, though I would like to point out this is due to the oils I have been unable to wash out from a Christmas pressie massage I was lucky enough to be given and which I had yesterday afternoon. Seriously, how many hair washes does it take before I stop looking like a grease ball! Oh but it was blissful, surrounded by warm towels, lying on a heated bed and drifting away as my poor muscles were dragged out of their mangled state, a hazard of leaning endlessly over the cutting table and being chained sewing machine.

I am planning a little knitting this evening as a change from sewing, but how I wish a new project was waiting in my basket, not this darned thing.

Ah well, I am pleased to report that progress has slowly happened on the Davey hooded jumper front with the hood being made as part of the back construction thus...

Oh, now I have looked again at the photo I realise it looks as though I am part way through knitting a pair of pants for the poor chap. I would like to point out that this would not work on so many levels and is truly not something I could see myself being able to wholeheartedly endorse. Of course, should you wish to have a go then far be it for me to stand in the path of creativity (and please do forward pics of the finished garment, preferably not being modelled.)

Ok, so a larger picture hasn't helped and you will just have to imagine the hood construction until such time as I actually complete it. The whole thing now looks like it has an additional willy warmer and has lowered the tone of my erstwhile tasteful (!) blog, so I shall swiftly move on and leave this topic I so wish I hadn't started. Lucy has discovered there is no more hot chocolate in her mug and therefore teatime must be calling.

Have you had sun today? x


  1. What a hoot! Love the snowdrop photo and the hot chocolate looks delicious too! Glad you have had some spirit lifting sunshine today and thatnkis for giving us all a laugh!


  2. Oh yes we've had sun, wasn't it glorious and with beautiful sunrise's and sunsets too. No comment on the ' pants' lol.

  3. a wonderful title and a sweet post.

    sun here too today :o)

  4. Oh Pip - head massages and hot chocolate - my ideal treats any day.

    take care,

    Nina x

  5. Oh you have given me a giggle there. I really did think well what is Pip doing knitting pants?! Socks i can understand but pants. I am sure the hooded jumper will look fantastic and there will be nothing pants about it!

    Nothing like a hot chocolate after the school run and a giggle with your cuties! Thanks for such a happy post.

    MBB x

  6. Nice wooly pants there! Sun here too today, it didn't melt the frost but it meant we could takae the children on to the playground for a run around during the first hour of after school club - so welcome after weeks of being cooped up inside!

  7. I did spy some through the classroom window at some point!

  8. Had to wash the windows this morning
    as the sun showed how dirty they were
    although I did think about just pulling the curtains back across and ignoring it but couldn't bear to shut the sun out. Looks like you are knitting a trunk warmer for an elephant. Very glad you have had your spirits lifted expect the massage helped as well as the weather. Karen X

  9. MMMM those mugs of hot chocolate look delicious! Thank you for the amusing post! Your bit about the jumper knitting made me smile - but it looks like you're getting there just keep on going! Helen x

  10. I don't know, the lengths some people will go to just because they haven't washed their hair since Christmas!! The sun finally arrived here yesterday, after an icy start - isn't it uplifting. And I love Daveys pants, oh I do hope he will model them for us!!!!!!

    K x

  11. Bliss Pipany, lovely comfort photos of flowery mugs and cups of hot chocolate. Glad you got a pampering massage, and loved the woollen pants, look forward to seeing the finished hoody....
    Posie x

  12. I think Davy's pants (erm I mean hoodie) will look great!!

    Lovely hot choccie in lovely mugs. We had lots of gentle sun yesterday, so glad it reached you too at last.

    Thanks for the chuckle Pip!