Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Help needed please!

Well, here I am late as ever to wish you all a Happy New Year and also to say HELP!! Blogger is telling me I have nomore space to upload images ... any ideas anyone??? xx


  1. Happy New Year, Pipany! So sorry to hear about your message from Blogger - just wish I could offer some advice! Have you tried Googling the problem?? I loved seeing your birdie pictures. I hope you will be back to normal very soon as your blog is so lovely! Helen x

  2. Hi Pip,
    Sorry, no idea, but am sure someone will help. Maybe you need to move to a new home? Virtually, of course!
    Happy New Year, hon, good to have a natter the other day.
    Love Diana x

  3. Sorry to hear you are having problems , have you tried looking on the Blogger Help Forum? You can post questions there too. Love the wagtail pics .

  4. Don't know if this will help

  5. Hi Pipany.

    Well I have no practical advice on the blogger problem. But only good wishes for the coming year to you and your lovely family.

    Hope you can resolve your problem soon. What a pain.

    Take care.

    MBB x

  6. You can buy more space. I did this recently when Blogger told me I'd used my 1 GB allocation up. It wasn't much -less than a fiver for 20 GB.

    Try this link

    HTH :o)