Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Working of Origami & Socks.

I am back once more and the grumps have left me. Thank you so much for your kind understanding in the face of such a misery post! So, what have we been up to? No marmalade was made in my absence - hurrah! Maybe this weekend will see the jars filling the shelves once more. Instead Davey and the children made chocolate and banana muffins with thick chunks of chocolate studded in each mouthful.

They also had a Chinese themed day in honour of the Chinese New Year. Events included making lanterns using origami techniques

A piano and er, an animal I think

and a seal (!!!)

They also made sweet and sour pork and a castle, though not necessarily in that order. The table and floor were covered in a myriad of glitter which I feel is always the sign of fun being had.

I was ensconced in a room with views over Watergate Bay where a group of us watched the surfers and jade green waves drifting toward us, the scene belying teh icyness of the weather which had turned the salt water streams winding towards the sea to frozen images of themselves. Even the cliffs had icicles and typically I had forgotten my camera.

Is it not very beautiful?

And as for me, I am desperate to show you this little intricate piece of knitting.

It is the beginnings of a sock and though my photographs do it no justice making the yarn look chunky when it is in fact fine, and harshly coloured where it is a beautiful, subtle blend of hand painted colours, jewel greens blended with soft lilacs and hints of sulphur yellow, I hope you can nonetheless see the intricacy of the stitching just a little.

The pattern is called the Marie Antoinette Sock and has a lacework patterning of tiny 'bees' around the top and a bee-like design working its way along the calf. It is designed by knitwear designer Ann Hanson and will take me quite a long time between other projects to work on. I am so enjoying working something that requires this level of concentration again as many years have passed since I knitted lacework coverlets and matinee jackets for my babies it seems.

Yes, this will be a challenge, the chart needing me to free my mind in a way that most other knitting I tackle these days does not require. I shall work on this when I need to be distracted and simpler things when I need to let the thoughts drift aimlessly with the moving of the needles. Something for any mood...perfect. And of course, I shall share the progress, though I suspect updates may be slow! In the meantime I am most excited as I have finally completed the knitting of Mr Davey's Hammerhead pullover and am beginning the making up...finally...fourteen balls of wool later...sigh.

Pictures hopefully later this week. I just hope it fits!

Well, I must get on with my work while thinking thoughts of Davey who has gone for lunch at Clarence House with Camilla. Yes, honestly!

Bye for now x


  1. Oh tell us more about the lunch when 'Mr Davey' returns!! The socks look beautiful Pipany, I love all of the colours in the wool too. Gorgeous beach photos. We are snuggling up as there is a storm brewing wishes.

  2. What beauty there is in your seaside photos. I can almost hear the sea!

    The socks are going to be fabulous. Like you, I also find working on an intricate pattern can be very relaxing, taking my mind from turbulent thoughts.

    And, yes, Pipany, please do give a report on that lunch. Maybe Mr Davey revealed the chocolate muffin recipe to Camilla! xo

  3. Your little part of the world just looks gorgeous, one day I might even get down there, fingers crossed. Good luck with the socks , you are braver than me x

  4. I hope he talked Camilla through the creation of an origami seal!!

  5. Hello Pipany - I loved all your photos - especially the seaside ones. Your knitting is amazing - lacy is sooo hard to do, and I love the 'bees'.
    Btw, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - we haven't booked our seaside cottage yet, are still perusing, but it MIGHT be Cornwall!!! Have a lovely rest of the week/weekend. Helen x

  6. Are you sure Dave hasn't gone to Lower Loxley to meet Camilla???
    I hear on the Archers today Camilla is due!!!!!

  7. Wow your Davey knows some people in high places! Hope he had an enjoyable visit.

    I love your intricate knitting. The colours are very lovely soft and relaxing. I do admire your ability to be able to knit such things.

    Glad there was fun and cake this past weekend! And that your grumps have now taken their leave of you.

    MBB x

  8. The socks look difficult to me-I'm not that confident a knitter! Thank you for the photos of the sea. just what I needed.

  9. Glad you are feeling happier - I had the grumps too with no internet for a few days. The wool looks so pretty and is going to make beautiful socks.
    Hope Davey enjoyed himself in London - bet he will be glad to be home though. Karen X

  10. I hope Davey enjoyed his lunch! The photos of the sea are so dreamy and beautiful. It is blowing a gale here today and not at all serene like your photos! I like the colour of the sock wool. It is nice to have a project that requires skill and concentration sometimes. I don't challenge myself nearly enough.x

  11. Thanks for the visit - love the photos of the sea - will pop in again soon XX have a great weekend

  12. Thank you for such beautiful cheering photos, the beach looks wonderful and is a perfect antidote to this grey morning. My mouth is watering at the thought of those chocolate and banana muffins... Have a lovely weekend!

  13. love the socks - looking forward to the jumper modelling!!!!!!