Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Just Popping By.

I am missing my blog and want to get back here, but I am rather in the midst of some cheery bunting - 40 metres of the stuff to be precise. Quite a large order. Wonder what it is for? Hmm, maybe I'll ask.

I want to get back to sorting the blog out as it is mid change at the moment but oh, doesn't it eat time away once you start playing with new things? Thank you to my dear friend Diana who helped me find my 'global settings' problem (no, I didn't know I had one either!) and also gifted me some gorgeous sock weight yarn. New things to show then...

...when I get a mo. Be good to see some new pics too wouldn't it? The tulips are up but obviously not out as the image suggests. Another photograph of Coombe to keep things going. Well done to those of you who guessed the last boat picture was of Penryn River.

To be continued x


  1. Hello - I must say the thought of all that bunting makes me smile, I bet it will look gorgeous when its all done.
    Your garden is looking very spring like - it's usually about late march early april before mine looks anything like that (thats the harsh northern climate for you!).
    Love the photos of the estuary too, really calming.

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  2. Hi Pip - Spring looks like it is well on the way down your end.

    Love the bunting - I wonder what it is for?

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. what a fantastic picture of the boat

  4. Gorgeous pictures, Pipany! I so love the bunting - maybe you should ask what it's for as it would be nice to know! Good luck with your blog alterations - though it doesn't need any! Have a great week. Helen x

  5. Pipany, I think I know what you mean about time just now. Days just seem to vanish as I keep going on various shop-related matters, and in the back of my mind I keep wanting to open that sketchbook, or read one of the books that will soon be due back at the library, or write a blog, or see some friends, or, or....

    Best wishes on that huge expanse of bunting and be glad (as I sense you may be) for the order.


  6. Wow that is a long length of bunting, I don't envy you sewing it all together! I actually need to make myself some bunting sometime, I've bought the fabrics and ribbon and it's been on my 'to do' list for months now, just need to find a little 'spare' time:) Have a lovely day in the sunshine (whilst it lasts) xxx