Saturday, 26 February 2011

A Taste of Things to Come.

You know how some half term holidays are gone before you can look round? You know, that waking up each morning and finding the day has disappeared with no-one getting properly dressed; no child wearing clothes that are remotely clean enough to be seen out with on the rare occasion they actually do dress after much tiresome nagging. Nothing achieved other than the endless handing out of nourishment for fear they (I) should fade away.

This holiday has been different, each day evolving into a time of making and doing. Projects have been finished and new ones started. The problem is, I can't actually show you much of what has taken place until after the weekend, merely give you little tantalising glimpses instead.

The above projects are Mr Davey's. He has been knitting up a storm and turned out three - yes, three completed items of knitwear in as many days.

One of them is for Isabella who has been in desperate need of a new hat as her two other ones have looked rather like tea cosies perched upon her head, both having a tendency to slide up over her manic curls as they escape from her ponytail during a hectic day at school.

Did I ever mention my baby girl is now at school full-time? Probably not as it has taken me a little while to accept this fact, much as I revel in the extra time I can now spend on developing the business.

Ah well, at least I know her pretty head will be kept warm in the playground by the soft Crofter wool hat Daddy has knitted her.

We have also undertaken a family sewing project, though again I can't actually reveal it just yet. Here's a taster

or two

and maybe just...

one more!

So after that rather unenlightening post, I will leave you with the one thing I can show you, Miss Isabella wearing her new hat whilst playing with a bowl of water and her toys at the kitchen sink. Doesn't that face say it all?

See you Monday x


  1. This is such a deliciously crafty post! I love all the photos - the knitting is gorgeous, what a great knitter Mr D is! And the glimpses of such pretty fabrics and embroidery for your secret sewing project are sooo tantalizing! Have a wonderful weekend of crafts and family time, Pipany!
    Helen x

  2. You and Mr Davey are a very talented team! Very intriguing to see glimpses of the works you have in progress! Thank you for your lovely comments Pip and enjoy the rest of the weekend. x

  3. Pipany fantastic to have Mr Davey knitting and sewing, good for him. Loved the photos of the knitting, it looks so soft...

  4. glad to see Mr Davey knitting again - so much done in 3 days - glad you have enjoyed half term

  5. Lovely post, what an industrious family you are!!! The colours of the wool in the first pic are almost edible and fit well with the the title 'A Taste of Things to Come.' Have a good week. x

  6. Oh to have a partner that knits, mine just digs lots of holes and builds things! I can't wait to see what you are keeping a secret. Have a lovely last few days of half term. Dev x

  7. Love all the little tasters, can't wait for the big reveal. Everything looks so lovely. :)
    What a great knitter Mr Davey is!!
    Vivienne x

  8. Pipany, I know you remember that a certain Queen Isabella launched many ships. I'd venture that your Isabella with the marvelous eyes could give that Spanish Queen a run for her money.

    Best wishes to you. Love the closeup photos.

    I know you must be very, very busy, so please do try to get some rest whenever you can. xo