Monday, 21 February 2011

A Need For ...

Still fighting the lurgy here, though I am feeling so much better than when I last posted. Thank you lovely people for the get well wishes; so very appreciated and comforting when you are feeling yukky - hmm, didn't recover my poetic use of language just yet then.

Being so ill has made me look for comfort in all around me and the somewhat dark, grey days we have been experiencing have added to this need. I finally cut open our tiny Munchkin squash to see whether there was anything to be had from within its hard shell.

It is one we grew in a pot outside the girls' bedroom and though only measuring about four inches across it had a little flesh to add to a rich stew. Comfort food indeed.

All the children have succumbed to poorliness in differing measure, all feeling snuffly, all a little chesty, but nothing keeps a good cook down and Lucy invaded the kitchen yesterday to knock up a batch of flapjacks. How easy things become when you are merely sitting in the background ready to offer help when asked, but no longer needing to actually 'do' every step for them.

Oh, go away Mamma! Get back to your knitting.

Though today is just pouring rain from the skies in a manner that suggests God's bath is overflowing somewhat, I managed to take myself outside on the drier days to see what has emerged. Hurrah! The first buds of bright zingy forsythia are bursting forth, the ridiculously over-the-top yellow threatening to hurt my eyes should the sun ever appear and strike the petals with its rays of light. A true sign that spring is well on its way I think.

I take my coffee and sit on the step, the first time I have done so this year without a coat.

Next to me the daphne also shows an unfurling floret. This is one of my most favourite plants (from a list of thousands); its sweet scent is so typical of many of the late winter/ealy spring flowering plants: fresh, almost citrusy, light & so daintily delicate, yet one tiny sprig is able to scent an entire garden and will tickle your nose when carried on a soft spring breeze. If you have never encountered it I advise you to search one out posthaste - just walk around sniffing the air and you will be led in its direction should one be close by.

On the courtyard the pots of tulips are racing away and I uncover a few buds fattening ready to bloom in a few weeks. I think they are red, though I can't really remember as they were blind last year and so the thrill of discovery is there.

But on a day like today we are all huddled indoors. It is a day for planning and plotting in our garden book, a day for noting what is missing at this time of year, sketching and scribbling notes so that we will remember to do something about the empty patches which are a little depressing just outside the kitchen window. I think planting more snowdrops and sunshine yellow crocus would help things along.

And once the orders are completed I think a little more knitting will be necessary for the rest of the day. I feel a need to huddle by the fire while the rain does its worst, maybe play a sedate game of Mah Jong - hah, that's a contradiction in terms - and let the last of the lurgy hopefully melt far away.

Sound good?

What are you up to? x

P.S. Still not sure about the larger pics - what do you think? x


  1. Your posts always make me wish I could pop round for a cuppa with you - your home and garden seem sowelcoming and cosy. I like the pics large or small and the colour in those first too had me reaching for the sunglasses! Lovely post Pipany and I do hope you will all soon be 1oo% again and that the sun will come out for you. Dull here today too.


  2. Sitting by the fire and knitting always sounds good to me! :)
    I think our weather sounds much better than your today.
    Vivienne x

  3. Pipany, it's good to hear that you're feeling better. How wonderful to have that excellent young cook on hand!

    I love the description of God's overflowing bathtub.

    Picture size...I like them both. When you show us a photo with lots and lots of details, the larger size really gives us readers a better chance to see everything.

    Best wishes.

  4. Oh, Pipany! Spring HAS come to you, indeed. I'm sure that life isn't perfect and that you're cold was, in reality, not very romantic but I do feel like I've been reading a favorite book when I come around! (and, er, sorry about being absent for so long! It's been so busy since school started, last September.) Anyway, enjoy the earth and growing things for me - we're still frozen solid! Also, Mr. Daveys sweater is GREAT - he looks very handsome in it! =] And, your daughter is like a fresh ocean breeze - so lovely!

    Hope your cold is completely forgotten, soon!

    Love, Katy xo

  5. Hi Pipany,

    What a happy post this is. Seeing all that colour in your garden makes me smile. It must be mild in Cornwall. I wish we could already sit outside without a coat, but it was +2 degrees yesterday, brrrr! Glad you are feeling better!

    Take care! Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. I love the fact (and I know I've said this before) that your blog shows me what will happen in my garden in two weeks time.

    The bigger pictures are great - I looked back over previous blogs and I vote for the larger size.

  7. Definitely a day for indoors playing games and knitting and good that its half term and we don't have to go anywhere. I love your photos whatever size. We have a Daphne in the garden given when my eldest son was born and I love its scent. Hope you all chase the last of your bug away quickly. Karen X

  8. Hi Pip, I'm down with the lurgy too so completley sumpathise. Nothing very comforting in my food cupboards sadly though. Might make some soup.

    Love your garden sketch and your pretty spotty mug. Spring's not far off is it. Buy yourself a bunch of daffs I say, they'll brighten you up no end.

    Love the larger pictures btw,
    Take care and stay snug.

  9. Hi Pip,

    Hope that lurgy has slunk off to a dark corner somewhere.

    I love your pictures they are gorgeous and think they lend well to the large size. I do use the large size on my blog but have wondered weather I should. (more due to my picture taking abilities or rather the lack of them).

    Knitting by the fire sounds very comforting and cosy!

    MBB x

  10. Such beautiful pictures Pip and I love your spotty mug - cornishware?

    Hope you're feeling better soon. There is nothing worse then the lurgy to make you feel yuk!

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  11. I empathise with the illness thing - although for my children half term has been and gone, we are all still full of the sniffles and tummy bugs. Knitting curled up on the sofa is definitely the way to go!

  12. sorry you are not still in fighting form - it has been the same here but your post was so full of hope i was really cheered up!

  13. I always love your pictures what ever size they are, Pipany! Hope you are feeling much better again now. Sitting quietly knitting is a good cure, I think! Have a great weekend. Helen x