Thursday, 11 September 2008

A Toothy Tale.

Little Lucy lost another tooth. Now for many parents this does not present any particular problem. For me, however, it is quite a different story. You see, Lucy-Lu writes a note - well, a letter of ever-increasing length actually - to the tooth fairy chatting about this and that, the drama surrounding said tooth and whether or not she has been a good girl since the last dental saga.

This gives me a headache on a number of points:
1. Have I confused her somehow and is this why she thinks Good Behaviour is part of the deal?

2. She expects a reply hand-written by the fairy who incidentally happens to be called Lilly.

3. Lucy is now 10 and knows sure as skippy there is no Tooth Fairy - stop with the shocked expression please as I do guilt far too well to take on board the ruination of bloggers' innocent dreams! The letter writing consists of her asking me endlessly whether I think the fairy will have improved her neatness of hand (I write a reply with my left hand which renders it almost illegible) whilst looking at me with that 'hmm, let's see how well you answer this then or are you going to mess up by letting slip at last that she doesn't exist' expression.

Trust me, when you wake from your deepest slumber with a feeling that you have left something major undone and then have to fish about under the pillow of sleeping child who has made sure there is every chance you will waken her by placing blinking miniscule tooth firmly under her head, it is very tempting to disabuse said child of any notions of fairyness, toothyness and any other ness that may spring to mind.
However, instead I decided to make this...

a Tooth Fairy purse in order that I may have something larger than Lucy's teeny tooth to find and place the required response into - the response by the way is usually written on blue card. Why? Haven't a clue! Anyway, this little purse has made it all so much easier and Lucy is so pleased with it that she didn't even give me the knowing 'look', just one of pure pleasure that her dearest Mamma should have spent her time embroidering flowers just for her.

And she really doesn't need to know that I would rather do that than housework any day...does she? The purse now is available on my website for all those in a similar predicament with many more trips from the Tooth Fairy to contemplate.

Bye for now x


  1. Things are so much simpler with boys - they just look forward to the money!

    And my youngest is 10 and knows perfectly well that there is no such thing as the tooth fairy.

  2. What a lovely idea? Do you retain the fallen dental items? I'm not sure whether we do or not, but I dimly recall having to recompense in Euros once when a tooth fell out in France. For some reason, this aroused suspicion...

  3. hi Pip x
    both Alice and i follow very similar traditions as you. All fairies have names, all write little notes and leave a shiny coin for each lost tooth. Our eldests are 10 now too and mine knows all but still wants to believe in the magic which is lovely.(she likes the money too)!

    The purse is sweet and definately more enjoyable to spend time doing than domestic tasks... i take it the housework is happening today? i may even get the hoover out... a little overdue believe me.
    have a lovely day,
    with love
    ginny x

  4. heehee Thought it was just my daughter that took the Tooth Fairy 'thing' to extremes. She writes to her regularly, even when she hasn't lost a tooth. It seems she is confusing 'her' tooth fairy (there are lots of them you know, and all their names begin with 'T' - ours is Tara), with Father Christmas as she keep asking her for things.
    She also leaves stuff out for her. Before we went on holiday she left a Barbie table and 2 chairs, a complete place setting including cutlery, a Sindy jug of Ribena and a tiny piece of bread with chocolate spread on it. She has also left Barbie fairy dresses and handbags for Tara, although she never takes them. She leaves notes written in glittery ink rolled into a scroll. The last time that a tooth was lost kiddie wanted not a coin but a realistic doll of Tara, so I sat til gone midnight stitching a teen, tiny fairy - about 3" high. The things we do...
    I'd better not show her your purse or she'll want one of those. They are gorgeous. And it is so lovely to keep the magic alive.

  5. That is so pretty. And a lovely story too. Amy has a silver bell with her teeth in it. I wait for the day when she discovers it.

    CJ xx

  6. Hi Pipany, You are funny. love the toothfairy pocket. Love the material, stitching and button. Love the photo. Love how you said you wrote in left handedness, thats so funny.

  7. What a lovely thing! I like the combination of innocence and knowing in Lucy's response too.

  8. That does all sound quite sweet, if a little time consuming. H6 hasn't written anything to the tooth fairy yet, but it might only be a matter of time! Lovely little purse too. I did actually make one for H6 (not as attractive as yours) which she immediately lost, and then put the blame on the fairy. Hmmm.

  9. I love this, I'm all for a bit of magic, it makes the world go round!!
    D x

  10. that is so sweet - sounds like you have the same problem i did with my daughter - she just didn't want to let go of her childhood :0)
    she is 13 now and how i wish i could go back to fairies and santa and the easter bunny!!!

  11. Totally charming, Pipany.

    I think that the tooth fairy in your house has got a lovely muse in your daughter Lucy. She is a sweet daughter who has caught the creative force that envelops your home.



  12. A most brilliant idea! Lucy sounds like a very creative and clever girl!

  13. Excellent! Do you do a boy's version? H is currently with two wobbly canines, presumably two more to go. When his first tooth came out I put some silver 'fairy dust' (actually a loose silvery eyeshadow powder) on his windowsill and on the coin, and since then he has believed. He's getting suspicious but there is still the trace of fairy dust in the grain of the oak of his bed - you can't argue with the evidence!

  14. What a brilliant original present Pipany, you are clever. x

  15. Hi Pips,

    What a lovely idea to make a Tooth Fairy Purse, and I especially adore the material and stitching, you are soo talented.

    Ah, remember the days when my children were small, tooths hidden under pillow, and of course a silver shiny sixpence would be in place of it, put there by my loving hands.


  16. That little bag is gorgeous. Sadly my youngest has lost most of her baby teeth so we won't be able to use the bag, but it's a wonderful idea.