Sunday, 14 September 2008

Tall Ships Regatta

Just some random shots of the Tall Ships Regatta which left from Falmouth Harbour on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. The whole harbour and bay was a mass of boats and ships of every size and we watched it all from Dave's mother's garden which overlooks the bay. The pictures are of dreadful quality I'm afraid and belies the fact that is was a gloriously hot autumn day. I sat in the garden sipping endless cups of tea with my embroidery to hand - just lovely.

and a final one of Isabella trying to see the ducks swimming in our garden by standing on the wicked chair (Tom's way of saying wicker when he was but a babe). Cute.

Happy Sunday all x


  1. Yikes Pip, you've got 16 spam comments. Delete needed, I think. Anyway, you're now making me regret I didn't come over and see the Tall Ships. It was such an unbelievably beautiful day too. You had a prime viewing spot!
    D x

  2. I think I need a little girl to wear gorgeous Liberty print dresses, like Isabella. She is such a cutie.

  3. Hello Pipany,

    We have had some gatherings of tall ships from time to time in our own NY harbor, and it always just amazes me that these vessels did travel great distances. Aren't they majestic?

    Isabella's beauty could launch a thousand ships!


  4. Hi Pipany, Isabella is so cute, love the dress. I have been on a ship this weekend, brilliant. There is something about boats, ships and tall ships that is very special to me...I often wonder why?
    Carol x

  5. Love tall ships. Have just been for 11 days on Royal Clipper (the largest fully rigged ship in the world) - she was built in the year 2000. If you come over to my blog you will find lots of photos (to bore you to death perhaps!)

  6. Hi Pips,

    Isabella looks a sweetie in her gorgeous print dress.

    How lucky to be able to see that wonderful view from window of tall ships, lovely photo's Pipany.


  7. how beautiful is that picture of your sweet babe x
    the pretty, pretty dress and the roundness of her chubby cheek......

    love, love, love the tooth fairy tale in your last post - i think with a special purse like that she will never stop believing :)

    many hugs
    t x

  8. wicked chairs, habby and babbits - its a whole new language - Pipany - we shall simply have to call it!

  9. Wow! What a perfect Sunday view!

    Love the photo of Isabella. You should frame that.

  10. Just love the pictures of the tall ships, what a great day and you have a great blog.

  11. me again just caught up with some of your posts and the bag with the dear little heart is just delightful I love the little girl you have added to it.

  12. Hello and lovely to meet you! What a gorgeous blog you have - I love all your hand sewn goodies, especially the tooth fairy purse. I'm off to have a peruse of your website next!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog too,

    Sophie x

  13. Hi Pipany,

    What a fab view you had of the harbour, oh what I'd do to get a day at the seaside just now, I'm having major withdrawl symptoms!

    The weather up here is just grotty just now, so jam making with the fires lit is a job for tonight I think!

    Enjoy your crab apple collecting, I know exactly how you feel :)

    L xx

  14. How beautiful!And I love the 'wicked' chair.I have tagged you for six quirky things.I hope you decide to do it-admittedly its a tricky one.x

  15. those ships are just so majestic, you can just imagine setting out to sea many years ago.
    lisa x