Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A little time alone

Hasn't this been a truly beautiful Autumn so far, made all the more so by the desperate need to see some sunshine after the dire summer. The lanes are almost groaning under the weight of berries and our children seem to have permanantly stained faces from gorging on blackberries. Mr Davey is back late tonight and I have to say it has been really rather lovely looking after my brood alone, but only because it has been for a limited time. I know how hard it is by yourself having done it for far too long before. Still, a change is good and we are all excitd about Daddy's return.

Of course, Lucy-Lu reverted to type, spending the last two nights snuggled up in her mamma's bed in case I should 'feel lonely without Daddy'. So lovely to cuddle up to this warm little bundle squirrelled away under the covers like my very own teddy bear and to see her as she wakes in the morning. Mia Isabella has been vocal in her disgust that Daddy is absent and has been heard to shout 'not 'till workin'' whenever I have tried to explain, her curly head practically shaking with disbelief and a suspicious look in her eye as though I have hidden him away just to annoy her.

The last two evenings I have been completely alone once the two littles were asleep as the older ones have been taking themselves on visits all over the country. This brought its own special pleasure as I have always been very happy in my own company (bit of a joke as it happens about once every ten years, but I really am quite an independent soul) and really enjoyed the chance to do as I want for a while. Unfortunately, this also resulted in me taking this ludicrous photo as I was having a bad leg day and needed to check they were acceptable before I took them out for the day. This is what happens when you are left alone you know...sigh.

Back to saner things ... the fire was lit early, wine close to hand and a pile of sewing close by - bliss. Would have been even better if sheer tiredness didn't always have to spoil things so that by 8 o'clock I am slumped like a ragdoll in the wonderful heat of the crackling fire and close to comatose on one small glass of wine. Hey ho, I did get some sewing completed and actually have the beginnings of a pile of stock to stow away which is so lovely for me to see.

So, looking forward to another evening of the same before my dear chap is home again and life returns to its usual tenor of films and games and much laughter...and I wouldn't swap it for worlds.

Have a beautiful, sunny Wednesday xx

P.S. The apple is a Cornish Aromatic and it tastes gorgeou - just thought you might like to know.
P.P.S. I know I have used the pic of a rosehip before but I love it and it is so beautiful if you click on it to enlarge - kind of lifts the sprits really x


  1. Bad leg day!?!?! With those gorgeous pins! If I had legs like that I'd have them out on display 24/7!

  2. Glad he is back, not always easy being on your own.

  3. Love the rosehip photo, you can just feel the warmth and goodness radiating from it.

    Know what you mean about some time on your own too; it doubles the joy when they come home.

  4. good morning pip:)
    i thought the top pic was familiar... i love it so am very pleased you posted it again.
    my you DO have good legs so you should NEVER worry about that one!
    your descriptions of by the fire and of your snuggly girl who crept into bed with you are just perfect. When R's away usually both girls feel the need to come and 'look after' me and it gets a bit squashy... also my little one is a wriggler!
    Have a lovely day x
    much love

  5. Lovely writing...I can just picture you nestled by the fire with your sewing. And Pip, you have NO worries in the leg department. I suspect most of us reading here will be thinking 'I wish'....I know I am! And the sun is still shining, such bliss.
    D x
    Ps cornish aromatic apples are soooo delicious!

  6. Would love to taste those apples - love regional apples, but get to taste so few different types. I like being on my own too, but not permanently of course, tend to waste my time on the internet though! You have fine legs, for goodness sake - any legs that get one about are good arent they?!

  7. Hi thanks for visiting my blog, there doesn't seem to be many Cornish bloggers!
    I've just been reading through your last few posts, I love the one about the tooth fairy and your door hangers are all gorgeous.

  8. Pipany, your post is so full of autumn warmth, and appreciation for all that is precious.

    Beautiful photos, too. Our farmers green markets here in the city give us a chance to find rare apples ... ones that will never appear in regular supermarkets. Wish they had some of your Cornish variety! Another benefit of the farmers market apples is that you can select smaller apples, much more to my taste that the giants that the supermarkets stock.

    Happy sewing! Happy homecoming to Dave.


  9. the legs look pretty chic from here! and there you were, on the other side, lying about chicken legs. Liar liar pants on fire. Silly old Pip.

  10. Gosh... if that is a bad leg day how fantastic do they look on a good day?

  11. I see what you mean about enlarging the rosehip....WOW....gorgeous.

    Sue xx

  12. Lovely post Pipany ! You are like me - I got my legs out at the weekend when we went racing. There is just something about Autumn, a nice shortish skirt, tights and boots. It's just got to be done eh ?
    I love my own company too and can be a bit of a hermit, it's nice to have some real 'me' time every now and again and a cracking fire, glass of wine and pile of sewing sounds like bliss x

  13. I love the autumn colours across the valley from my house , i think it will be one of the things i miss most when we move !!
    Just wanted to say as well there's nothing at all wrong with your legs !!

    Sara x

  14. It sounds lovely being curled up infront of a warm fire with a glass of wine and some sewing. Hope you enjoyed your few days alone and I'm sure you'll enjoy yur family reunion. Glad the weather has improved down in Cornwall.

  15. Hi Pipany, love the shed in the garden, love the sound of the fire crackling away.

  16. Glad you enjoyed your time alone - don't ever forget how to do that!

  17. What a fabulous post Pip.
    Relax and enjoy by the fire............
    Karon x

  18. I wish my legs were like that instead of having stumpy footballers ( and thats what my mam calls them)!! It's nice sometimes just to have a little time on your own.
    Lisa x

  19. There is something very special about rosehips. A year ago I was picking them from the hedgerows to dry and make rosehip hearts.

    btw-I wish I had those legs!