Friday, 5 September 2008

Pulling teeth!

Good lord, I have done it! I have updated the 'What we are doing' page of my website and it now has two pages - September 1 & September 2 - of bits and bobs; there is our recipe for sloe gin and a piece on drying herbs. As ever, I would like to stress we are not experts here, just a family who enjoy having a go and hoping you will join in.

On the subject of sloe gin, the picture at the top shows one of our very first bottles we made together, dear Mr Davey and I. We haven't opened it yet as it seems such a special bottle and though we have made and consumed many a glass together since the making of this one, I doubt any will ever be quite as romantic to me. I think we will wait till we finally get married (yes, another thing we haven't managed just yet as we want to have our own wedding field which we can turn into an orchard for the children and grandchildren to play and camp in, to enjoy picnics and make new memories...oh ok, I'll stop, but that's what we want!) and take it on our honeymoon.

Back to the website, I have also updated the 'Where we are' page as I hadn't quite got hold of the fact that it still showed our garden in late Spring! Golly, I really do try to keep abreast of it all, but I am so fussy about the site that it takes me forever - how many times can you change the colour of a font before you are happy with it for goodness sake! Still, I think I am pleased with it now...I think...

And I have included this teasle (teazle?) merely because I think it looks amazingly alien-like. Isn't nature wonderful?

Have a lovely day x


  1. Thanks for the sloe gin recipe. I make it every year and always slightly change the ratios of ingredients but I'm never quite happy so this year I'll try yours!

  2. i just love the idea of your field -
    lisa x

  3. Well done Pipany... it all looks gorgeous. Must get onto completing our new site.
    warm wishes,
    ginny x

  4. We love sloe gin too - just the thing for a chilly morning, afternoon or evening. Very few sloes around here this year so we will be using up last year's brew.

  5. I really meant to make sloe gin this year but there are very few sloes. I also had some fabulous damson gin last year which I would recommend!

  6. Hi Pip, thanks so much for sharing the recipe and tips and more. You're very generous. And thanks too for that VERY lovely comment about me you left over at Cupcakes. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Lovely pics. I am intrigued by the idea of making sloe gin, sounds very last century!

  8. Hi Pip.Lovely blogg. How do you sterilise your bottles..or is that a stupid question??

  9. I can only imagine what Sloe Gin tastes like - I don't know anyone here who's ever made it. It sounds mysterious and delicious.
    A wedding field - grand idea - especially the after bit, with the orchard!

  10. My mum makes sloe gin and it's delicious - so warming to sip next to an open fire. We have stacks ripening round here but so difficult to find the time to make them into gin with a tiny person around.

    Your idea of a wedding field is really lovely.

  11. Oooh, I love sloe gin. Had never had it until last year when LBD sent me some of her home-brewed stuff -it was divine and I still slurp at the memory... Love the teasle....jxx

  12. Yum ! Yum !
    I like the new photo's on your website too, very Autumnal. Hope you don't mind but I have blogged you. Pop over and have a look - I sound quite mad reading back my quirks x

  13. Hi Pips,

    I adore sloe gin, my MIL used to make it years ago, kept in huge bottles. We used to have sloes growing in garden to our old house, where there was a wooded area.


  14. We seems to have a dearth of sloes this year - masses of brambles though,

  15. Hello

    I'm on a blog hop - starting with Garden Hopping, jumping to City Views, Country Dreams and landing here - which pleases me because I live in Dorset and already I have found two West Country blogs.

    We have loads of sloes round here and I wish I could find things other than sloe gin to do with them.

    I put elderberries in with blackberries (which clarifies the juice and adds a pleasant tartness) but I don't think sloes would do well there!

    Best wishes . . . I'm hopping on . . . Lucy Corrander, PICTURES JUST PICTURES

  16. Sloe gin is just the best! I made my first batch with my youngest sister last October holidays, we've still got a little left over, but more shall be made this year...!
    On the website front, I know eexactly what you mean! I am fairly fickle when it comes to ours, I like everything to be in working order. Sites with missing images and broken links drive me wild!

    L x

  17. I must pop over for a look at your website !! I still have to update mine yet maybe i will have time now the kidlets are finally back at school !!

    Sara x