Friday, 26 September 2008

Bits and Bobs.

Mr Dave is home once more, exhausted by a very gruelling three day course which started at 8am and seemd to end at about 8.30pm. On our last evening of 'girly times' as Lucy referred to it, I had a sudden need to do some cooking with the two littlies. Not sure why as it was a bit late in the day really and I could feel I was not at my most patient, but they were so keen that I bit back any reservations and off we set. Aprons were donned and utensils placed to the ready. Lucy decided to make
herself a cheese and vegetable pasty (not purists here I'm afraid) for her lunch at school the next day.

Isabella 'helped' me to make one for Daddy - she rolled that pastry and added the necessary carrot peelings, bits of cheese and frankly anything else she could get her chubby paws on, the resulting squiggles of pastry being added to the top of the pasty as a decoration. "Mine is 'L' for Lucy," announced Lucy-Lu. "Mine is a El-Phant!" bellowed Isabella, a tone of shocked surprise running through her voice at our incredible dimness!

No pictures of the finished article I am sorry to say as I was a little up to my ears in things by the time they had cooked, but they were truly delicious as was the blackberry and apple pie we also made from the last of our Coxs and berries from the garden. Other things occupying my time this week have been equally enjoyable. Yesterday I sat in the garden working on a pile - 18 backs and 6 fronts to be precise - of doorhangings. Lovely to embroider in the hot Autumn sunshine. The picture above shows just a little of the heap.

I have also been cutting out an increasting stack of fabric squares as I want to make Isabella and Lucy quilts for Christmas, though I am not experienced at this in the least. I made one which I was rather pleased with for Lauren's 21st birthday earlier this year and am now carried away by my success. Isabella's will be the first as it will be for her cot and therefore not so large. I never seem able to photgraph these fabrics well.

And lastly, here's a further peek at some of my Christmas range which is also coming along nicely. I have used some materials which speak to me of the sea and Cornwall in their colours and textures for these. More another time.

Phew, well that's it for today.

Have a lovely weekend everyone xx


  1. Wow - I'm really impressed, how many hours sleep do you get a night, I'd have to work 24/7 to get all of that done and I don't have littlies anymore! Although I must admit teenagers are nearly as bad.
    I'm sure Isabella and Lucy will love their quilts, just right for sitting on or snuggling up in on Christmas day to play with gifts.

  2. What a tantalising glimpse of your 'Christmas range'. What are they going to be?

    And where do you find time to fit everything in???

  3. Hi Pip,
    how funny ... we did late cooking yesterday when i too wasn't at my most patient either but all went well and we had fairy cakes to ice this morning. I so wish you could come up too with Diana... one day soon i know we shall meet.
    Great pile of sewing there... i am sitting typing this at the sunny window in the studio ~ such a lovely bright day. Enjoy your weekend and i will email you soon to answer your email.
    lost of love
    ginny x

  4. Truly Pip you are a saint... just goes to show my Ma was right about me not being patient enough with my girls when they were little. You've been very busy too. Sheesh! I must get on with something.

  5. Yes, Pipany, I am beginning to think that your days have many more than 24 hours! Every one of your many, many projects are lovely.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  6. Well, that is very sweet of evryone, but I am so not a saint and remember that I don't blog about the endless days of achieving very little! x

  7. Hi Pipany, I'd love to make Boo a quilt but wouldn't know where to start - any tips ?

    Ooh, can't wait to see the Xmas range, I'm intrigued m'dear. Can you give us just an ickle hint ?

  8. Would have loved to see Isabella up to her ears in flour!

  9. I am jumping here from Jude in Crete...
    Your children are adorable and love seeing them elbow deep in flour...And Yes, an El--PHANT! Indeed! She knows what she is doing!
    Your quilts will be adorable. Soft. Well loved. Sweet fabrics.
    I have no clue what a "Christmas range" is so hope you will tell more to this dense American. And will the door hangings be a long line of these or just one per door to say what is happening inside the room?
    I like all the fabrics and designs.
    Your children will thank you when they are grown for all these fun memories.

  10. A foody swap for your. Here's one my kids loved to make, it's sticky to mix but great fun and you can eat one before dying a happy eater!!!
    yummy yummy. You can't beat cooking with the kids, so much fun

  11. I'm sure you will have a lovely weekend now that Mr Dave is home, maybe you'll even take a little break from sewing!
    Looking forward to seeing the Christmas range unvieled, we all love Christmas don't we?

  12. So cute making their own pasties, cheese and veg sounds good to me! But did daddy eat his?
    Good luck with the quilts the first one I started to make was a cactus basket with 13 pieces in each block and 56 blocks all by hand,9 years later and I still haven't finished it!

  13. Oooh your Christmassy things look lovely (as do all your creations!) I need some inspiration for my sisters' presents so I'll be back soon to discover more. I'm very impressed by your quilt project. I can only sew very simple things like cushion covers!

    What a busy lady you are! Good for you. Hope the weather stays balmy for you. Must be nice to enjoy your beautiful surroundings with not so many visitors about.

  14. What a lovely lovely blog Pipany.

    I was only thinking about you other day and guessing you must have started for Christmas. I must admit I don't envy you. It will be the 1st year for about 7 that I won't be crafting!

    Lovely that the girls are involved and will catch up with your little shop and maybe do some shopping soon!

    Take care

  15. Gorgeous photos, Pipany. I can't wait until Declan wants to bake with Nana!
    I loved the photo of your 'fronts and backs' and so admire/envy your energy. The Christmas line looks intriguing.

  16. Sounds like that Christmas pile is coming on, well done!


  17. What lovely photos pipany. I do know just what you mean in your earlier blogs about being alone as well. it can be great especially if you know it is a rate thing!

  18. Whoops, I meant a rare thing. That is what comes of typing without my glasses on!

  19. That would be fun to have children and let them bake, I bet they had fun.